#ClosetCrush: @aimfru

010614_closet crush_aimfru

Staying warm has never been so chic! It’s not hard to see why Amy, a.k.a. @aimfru, is our latest #ClosetCrush. From North Face vests to moto jackets to show-stopping heels, your wardrobe is sure to get an upgrade when you shop hers.

  1. Orange North Face Vest $110 (Retail $150)
  2. Shaggy Jacket $55 (Retail $350)
  3. Lole Charcoal Gray Metallic Vest $105 (Retail $225)
  4. Pink and Gray Moto Jacket $40 (Retail $225)
  5. Theory Moto Jacket $150 (Retail $455)
  6. Kelsi Dagger Heels $50 (Retail $325)
  7. Cream Faux Fur Vest $80 (Retail $220)
  8. Calvin Klein Wedges $125 (Retail $350)

2 thoughts on “#ClosetCrush: @aimfru

  1. Hi, I am new to Poshmark and have been invited to a few parties, which look great, and I am excited to attend my first one. I have looked through the Poshmark site and don’t understand how I share my listings at a party. I only a few listings up right now, but that will change in the next day or two. I have read all the useful tips, but still don’t understand how I pick and choose and add and item to a Posh Party. Can you give me some advise? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks so much for your help.

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