Posh Q&A: Outfit Bundling with @jamieezy

We’re happy to have Jamie a.k.a. @Jamieezy on the blog today sharing some strategies on an innovative selling tactic. Jamie has been on Poshmark since November 2012, but started focusing on selling over the past year. We love her closet and her eye for style, especially how she puts together some on point outfit bundles!

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What inspired you to create outfit bundles? I started listing my “Suggested Bundles” in May this year to help buyers make the most out of their purchases from my closet. Though my Poshmark closet was growing, a slow selling week and an ever-increasing “Posh pile” of items I had listed in my closet inspired the idea. I knew I had to come up with something different to show buyers that a lot of the pieces I had for sale in my closet could actually be paired together to make a complete outfit. While I have no professional experience as a stylist, sometimes as a photographer, I have to style a set or help subjects pick out outfits, so it made sense to apply that to my Poshmark closet. Plus, since almost all of the items in my closet were things I had worn or planned to wear, I had a pretty good idea of how to pair items.

What has the response been since you’ve offered pre-bundled items? So far, the responses to my “Suggested Bundles” have been really positive. A lot of people have even asked me if they could do the same in their closet, which is pretty cool. I’m extremely grateful for all the positive feedback and that other people on Poshmark actually think it’s a good idea too because I was worried at first that it wouldn’t work out. The pre-bundled items don’t necessarily sell faster or more often, but I think it’s definitely given some of my buyers ideas on how to style individual items, which they end up purchasing.

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Do you have any tips for other sellers wanting to offer outfit bundles? From what I’ve learned while creating bundles, one tip I can share with other sellers that might want to offer outfit bundles is to try out the outfits before listing. Sometimes after staring at my Poshmark closet, I’ll come up with an outfit in my head that I think will look amazing, but turns out not working out at all (pretty much what I go through every morning when I get ready too). If you have trouble coming up with bundles, it helps to keep your own style in mind as a starting point. Another tip I think is important—and I think this goes for all listings—is to make sure the covershot clearly shows the outfit you are listing as a bundle. If it’s hard to lay the outfit out in a way that shows the outfit clearly or in a way that looks good, make sure you add as much information as you can in the description about the items that are part of the bundle; otherwise, you’ll get a lot of questions about what is actually for sale.

What are some other seller strategies that have worked for you? I think, for me—and this might be my photographer side speaking—the most common seller strategy that has really worked is having a clean covershot using good lighting. If it seems really simple, that’s because it is, but it probably has the biggest impact on getting your listings noticed by buyers. When I first started adding listings to my Poshmark, my photos weren’t the best because I was just trying to take quick shots of each item. So one weekend, I decided to completely re-vamp my Poshmark closet by re-shooting everything. In the end, the result was a noticeable increase in both followers and sales. Another strategy that has worked really well: sharing! It definitely takes some time, but if you have a few minutes each day to share your own listings as well as a few listings from other closets, you’ll notice more people checking out your Poshmark closet.

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Anything else you wanted to add about selling tips, bundling or your Poshmark experience? It’s going to sound so cliché, but as with anything in life, hard work, honesty and positivity go a long way. To make the most out of your Poshmark experience, it’s going to take some time and effort to create a closet that you’ll be happy with and one that buyers will want to purchase from. Also, it’s important to be honest with your buyers and to make each interaction or transaction a positive one. There really is such a palpable community on Poshmark and the good vibes that everyone—for the most part—within the community shares with each other makes it a cool thing to be part of.

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  1. Great post! I did something similar–creating outfit suggestions–but I didn’t actually make a listing. I should try that after Christmas. I also need to re-shoot my closet. Thanks for the tips! ~@kerriet

  2. Great tips! I did something similar, but didn’t actually make a listing for the items. Maybe I need to list them as a bundle. I also need to go back and reshoot my closet. Thanks for the post! ~ @kerriet

  3. I started making suggested bundles of outfits and accessories shortly after I started Poshmark in January. My username is read247.

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