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Happy Monday! The Posh Party Line-Up is up and we’re excited to shop with our PFFs. This week we have Rosalie (@teachchic on Instagram) and Jessica from Domesticated Me as style influencer party hosts. Get curated picks when you shop along with them at 7pm PST on Tuesday during the in-app Posh Party. They’ve also stopped by to give us the inside scoop of what they’ll be sharing to the parties.

Work Week Chic, Tuesday, November 25


Rosalie | @teachchic 

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? I’ll definitely be looking for transitional work pieces that can be worn both to work, converted to casual weekend wear, or quickly adjusted for a spontaneous Happy Hour outing. Since we’re heading into the middle of fall with winter right at our heels, I’ll be looking for warm jewel toned blouses, blazers, and pants. I already have my eye on some faux leather leggings that would look great with a pair of stacked boots and a slim fitting blazer.

What are your favorite Work Week Chic pieces and trends? For someone who has always loved structured blazers, I’m looking for a staple blazer that can be worn a million different ways. The key to looking chic at work in my opinion is to buy pieces that look tailored for your body and to be able to layer it with your favorite comfortable tee or tank. I’m definitely expecting to share the not so typical blouse, fur vest, and boots that’ll keep a working gal comfortable and chic. Current trends that I’ll be looking to share will include blanket scarves, booties, and pretty much any wine colored accessory.

Give us a sneak peek of what you’ll be sharing:

1. Michael Kors Faux Fur Vest 
. Emerald Zara Blazer 
3. Brown Frye Boots
4. BCBG Generation Wrap Dress 


Name | @jessicayflores

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? Expect to see classic pieces with details that make you stand out. Some people believe the work place is not where you want to showcase your personal style. I am not one of those people! There are plenty of work-appropriate ways to use fashion to not only show your personality, but to also feel empowered and ready for what your workday will bring.

What are your favorite [party theme] pieces and trends? I love classic work pieces with bold embellishments. For example, white button-down shirts with jeweled collars, sheath dresses with leather details, boxy work bags in bright colors, etc.

Give us a sneak peek of what you’ll be sharing!

1. Zara Blazer
2. Kate Spade Bag
3. Embellished Blouse
4. Geometric Print Pencil Skirt 

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