Announcing Poshmark’s First Site-Wide Sale!

Poshmark's first site-wide sale

We’re celebrating the upcoming holiday season by kicking off our first Site-Wide Sale. Join us (and half a million closets nationwide) today through December 1 for a sale of epic proportions.

Bonus: Throughout the Site-Wide Sale, Poshmark will be matching select Price Drops with 1-hour shipping promotions to help you sell big this season. (Minimum final price must be $10.)


Sellers, use this schedule to plan your price drops! Buyers, be on the lookout for unique deals every day on our favorite things.

Sunday, Nov 23: Tops

Monday, Nov 24: Jewelry & Accessories

Tuesday, Nov 25: Dresses & Skirts

Wednesday, Nov 26: Gift Worthy Items

Thursday, Nov 27: Luxury

Friday, Nov 28: Cold-Weather Essentials

Saturday, Nov 29: Party-Ready Styles

Sunday, Nov 30: Girly Essentials

Monday, Dec 1: Clutches & Wallets

5 thoughts on “Announcing Poshmark’s First Site-Wide Sale!

  1. i love the line up!! Have you considered a denim day?! I sure do miss the Miss Me parties! Sure they had mixed reviews but must have brought in good revenue to sellers and Poshmark?! Please reconsider!

  2. I know this answer must be right in front of me, but I am new and can not figure out HOW to lower our items to reflect they are part of a sale. I was excited to see the “site-wide sale” today, and looked high and low to figure out HOW to reflect a reduction on the couple tops I have posted, and couldn’t figure it out. And, do we edit the description with something letting potential buyers know we’ve reduced it? Sorry….I’m Old AND BLONDE lolll.

    • Hi Ava!

      Reductions are made by each individual seller within their own closet. Once you lower the price of an item, anyone who has “liked” your item will have a chance for reduced shipping fees. You can definitely feel free to update the description letting Poshers know you are participating in the sale.

      Happy Poshing!

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