Announcing Poshmark’s First Site-Wide Sale!

Poshmark's first site-wide sale

We’re celebrating the upcoming holiday season by kicking off our first Site-Wide Sale. Join us (and half a million closets nationwide) today through December 1 for a sale of epic proportions.

Bonus: Throughout the Site-Wide Sale, Poshmark will be matching select Price Drops with 1-hour shipping promotions to help you sell big this season. (Minimum final price must be $10.)


Sellers, use this schedule to plan your price drops! Buyers, be on the lookout for unique deals every day on our favorite things.

Sunday, Nov 23: Tops

Monday, Nov 24: Jewelry & Accessories

Tuesday, Nov 25: Dresses & Skirts

Wednesday, Nov 26: Gift Worthy Items

Thursday, Nov 27: Luxury

Friday, Nov 28: Cold-Weather Essentials

Saturday, Nov 29: Party-Ready Styles

Sunday, Nov 30: Girly Essentials

Monday, Dec 1: Clutches & Wallets

5 thoughts on “Announcing Poshmark’s First Site-Wide Sale!

  1. I know this answer must be right in front of me, but I am new and can not figure out HOW to lower our items to reflect they are part of a sale. I was excited to see the “site-wide sale” today, and looked high and low to figure out HOW to reflect a reduction on the couple tops I have posted, and couldn’t figure it out. And, do we edit the description with something letting potential buyers know we’ve reduced it? Sorry….I’m Old AND BLONDE lolll.

    1. Hi Ava!

      Reductions are made by each individual seller within their own closet. Once you lower the price of an item, anyone who has “liked” your item will have a chance for reduced shipping fees. You can definitely feel free to update the description letting Poshers know you are participating in the sale.

      Happy Poshing!

  2. i love the line up!! Have you considered a denim day?! I sure do miss the Miss Me parties! Sure they had mixed reviews but must have brought in good revenue to sellers and Poshmark?! Please reconsider!

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