5 Photo Tips for Capturing Tricky Materials

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Trying to list an awesome item, but having a tough time photographing it perfectly? Some of the best clothing and accessories are sometimes the most difficult to capture. Don’t fret! We have you covered with snapshot solutions for your covershot troubles. Below are some common items that can be tricky to photograph and a few skillful ways to get the perfect shot.

1. Patent Leather and Reflective Materials

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You know it’s all about good lighting to get the perfect shot, but what happens when the item is shiny? Metals and patent leather can often times pose a problem for photographing. The key to these shots is to avoid using flash. We definitely recommend taking photos during the daytime in natural light to avoid any glare.

2. Sequins and Glitter

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Capturing true iridescence is important with sequins and glitter. Be sure to take photos closer up to show craftsmanship details and use natural lighting. Taking photos outside in partial shade or near a window can also be helpful in diffusing harsh, direct sunlight. We again recommend avoiding flash as sparkly items are also reflective!

3. The Color Black

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Capturing the true color of a black item can be tricky. More contrast can lose the details of your item, while too much brightness can fade out the color. The best way to capture true black is to take the photos outdoors in even light against a lighter backdrop. Even natural light will help highlight all the details and represent true color. A well-lit room with a swivel neck lamp to maneuver light may also help with indoor photos.

4. Pants

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Photographing pants in their entirety can be tough in square photo formats. Aerial views can be used by taking photos standing on a chair or higher level surface, and pointing the camera downward at the item. Hanging items on a wall and taking a more distant shot is also effective. There are also great photo editing apps such as InstaSize which will convert any regular size photos to fit into square photo format.

5. Texture

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Items with great texture and detail can get lost. We recommend laying the item on a flat plain surface in a basic contrasting color. Close-up photos from different angles can help show the details and material, along with photos of the item in its entirety.

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