Top 5 Moments from PoshFest 2014

It’s hard to believe that PoshFest 2014 has come to an end. Time flies by when you’re living it up with your PFFs! We want to relive the memories – and share them with those who weren’t able to attend – by recapping five of the best moments from the weekend. Be sure to check out all the fun photos over on Facebook!

1. Getting swagalicious

111314_poshfest_swag bag

2. Learning to Level Up Our Closet Game

111314_poshfest_level up

3. Getting Inspired by Tina Sharkey

111314_poshfest_tina sharkey

4. Seeing Our PFFs and Making New Ones

111314_poshfest_photo booth

5. Dancing the night away at the Posh Party

111314_poshfest_dancing 2

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