Posh Tip: Bring on the Bundles

Bundle can be a magical word in the Poshmark community. For buyers, it’s an opportunity to buy a little more for a little less. For sellers, it’s a chance to move more merchandise and, in turn, increase earnings. But what and when should you bundle? (Hint: everything and often!) Read on to see three times you can get your bundle on.

111314_posh tip_bundle stylemate

Cutomize Bundles For Your Stylemate

When a Posher falls in love with multiple things in your closet, you’ve just found a new Stylemate! Make your buyer’s day and set up a bundle for them by creating a new listing with a price and description that reflects your agreed upon deal for multiple items. Pro tip: Many Poshers offer a small discount on bundles.

111314_posh tip_bundle multiples

Offer Bundles of Multiples

We’ve all done it: loved something so much that you bought it in every color. But when you’re ready to give someone new a chance to love those pieces, what do you do? Try creating a listing with these multiples at a discounted price. Pro tip: You can always offer to sell off individual items if someone is only interested in one color.

111314_posh tip_bundle outfit

Style a Complete Look to Sell

Have two or more items that are so good together that it seems they were made to be worn with one another? Do your buyers a favor and, on top of the individual listings, create a premade bundle listing with the entire outfit to save you both a little time. Pro tip: Utilize these listings to give your potential buyers styling ideas and buy more!

When bundling, keep our weight limit in mind. The default shipping label on Poshmark covers a package up to 5 lbs. If your package weighs more, you can upgrade your label directly in the app. Now what are you waiting for? Get to bundling!

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