PoshFest 2014: 5 Conference Essentials to Pack

Can you believe PoshFest is just 9 days away? We can and are excited to see everyone in San Francisco! With a weekend full of panels, hands-on workshops, socializing and, of course, Posh Partying, we want you to be prepared to take your Poshing to the next level. With the help of PoshFest 2013 attendee Sheila here are our top five items to bring along with you.

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Sheila, right, with fellow Posher Cindy a.k.a. @cindyciara, at PoshFest 2013.

1. Business Cards

This is the place to meet people, so cards are essential to make sure connections carry beyond the weekend. “PoshFest is not only celebrating with our PFFs but it is also an opportunity to network and make connections,” Sheila says. “It is the easiest way to give your details out and have more time to chat in person.”

2. Chargers

Phones are the gateway to Poshing, don’t be caught with a dead battery! While there are charging facilities available at PoshFest, they will be in high demand. Consider a portable charger, a case with an extra battery built in, or at the very least, bring a spare cord with you.

3. Voice Recorder

With your phone’s juice at a premium and so much good information, consider bringing an additional voice recorder with you. “If you have killer shorthand talent, lucky you!” Sheila says. “But, if you’re like me then a portable voice recorder will be helpful so you can transcribe the sessions afterwards and not miss important learning points.”

4. Statement Style Pieces

Networking and taking online friendships to IRL can make the even the most extroverted Poshers nervous. Wear something you love that says something about your style and makes you comfortable, but also that makes a statement to help with small talk. “A statement piece is the perfect ice-breaker,” Sheila says. “Start a conversation about your amazing shoes, bags, jewelry or fabulous dress!”

5. Favorite #PoshFinds

No Poshmark event would be complete without packing your favorite #PoshFinds. As Sheila says, “There’s no better place to show them off than at the ultimate Poshmark love-fest!”

Let’s get ready to have fun and connect!

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