Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Avoid Shipping Mishaps

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1. Process All Orders Individually

Handle all orders separately to avoid swapped orders. We know Poshers are awesome sellers and multitaskers, but things can get confusing when handling multiple orders. Packaging orders one-by-one will ensure all packages go to the correct buyers.

2. Reference Order Emails

  • Check the date on the sale confirmation email to verify the label is for the correct order
  • Make sure the item referenced on the email is correct
  • Print and confirm the label information matches the email

3. Confirm All Items Are Included

  • If the order is a bundle, make sure all items are packaged by referring to the conversation in the listing.
  • Does the item come with accessories? Make sure all listed belts, original packaging, duster bags, additional bracelet links, authenticity cards, etc. are included.

4. Verify Items Are Correctly Packaged

To avoid hitting your buyer with additional fees and “Return to Sender” issues, be sure to ask yourself:

  • Is the item in the correct Priority Mail or standard box? (Please refer to our Posh Guide for more details.)
  • Is the item the correct weight? Be sure the item matches the weight listed on the label.

5. Cross Check Before Sealing

Do a quick once over inspection before sealing your package and make sure the correct label is affixed securely. If everything is a-OK, you’re good to ship!

9 thoughts on “Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Avoid Shipping Mishaps

  1. i have a buyer who got 2 things from my closet. should i pack them together? or separately since she didn’t click on the bundle button? please help!

  2. hello, I’m a little confused on what USPS priority box to use for shipping. the boxes say ‘priority mail’ but then also ‘flat rate’ is on it too. which I thought was the wrong thing to do. so I’m a little lost on what box to use when they all say that?

    1. Hi Mercedes, Please use just the “Priority Mail” packages, not those with “flat rate” on them. That’s a different classification of mail according to the USPS.

  3. Hey poshmark i mixed up two packages and these girls recieved one anothers orders, how do they ship it one another. I made a mostake but still wanna eventually recieve my funds.

  4. Hello could you please tell me if PoshMark is having issues with postage label being sent to sellers via email. Had 2 sales can’t ship due to no label. Request twice.

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