Influencer Spotlight: Olia of Love, Olia

We’re so happy to be chatting with Olia, the oh-so-stylish blogger behind Love, Olia who is also  one of our hosts for tomorrow night’s Bold and Beautiful Posh Party. We love her elegant, yet effortless looks and wanted to know her secrets. So follow along to learn all about her personal style and join her in the app at 7pm PST on Thursday to shop her curated collection in the Host Picks Showroom!

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Where do you find outfit inspiration? Pinterest, other blogs and lots of fashion magazines!

You have said that your European influence has carried over into style. How would you describe your personal style and how has it evolved over time? Growing up it was always about being classy. I feel that I’ve incorporated those aspects into my personal style and I’ve always strived for that kind of European elegance that just gets heads turning. As I have gotten older my style has definitely evolved to meet my age, body and trends. I’m very aware of what works for me and what doesn’t and that probably comes from my evolving with fashion!

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What wardrobe pieces could you not live without? Maxi skirts — I am obsessed! I live in Southern California and they are the perfect signature look for me. Very breezy, elegant and can be dressed up or down.

How do you incorporate beauty into your overall signature style? I’m a licensed Esthetician so skin care is a big priority of mine. I feel like if you have good skin then everything falls right into place.

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As the host of tomorrow night’s Posh Party, what elements are key to a bold and beautiful look? That perfect outfit is never complete without the accessories that go with it. Sometimes those can make ALL the difference.

What items can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? Classic and timeless pieces like a key blazer or a showstopper dress!

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  1. Olia, you are so right on all your comments.. Great accessories make an outfit stand out even more and you can never take good enough care of your skin 💕😌 thanks for all your fashion expertise not only in clothing but in ourselves as well 😊💕

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