Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Be a Positive Posher

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One of the reasons we love Poshmark so much is its community. At PMHQ, we enjoy being active and spreading the PoshLove with our fellow fashionistas. The community is what you make it, so that’s why we wanted to share some tips to ensure a positive and happy experience for all Poshers.

1. Communicate With Courtesy

Interacting with all users in a respectful manner, maintaining common courtesies when leaving comments, and keeping a kind and tolerant tone creates a supportive forum for all users.

2. Spread Positivity

The love you spread will get returned. Share each others listings, leave love notes and compliments, communicate openly, and follow all guidelines. The more encouraging feedback, the more likely you are to build relationships with lifelong stylemates.

3. Put Your Best Face Forward

Always keep in mind you are a brand ambassador, and consider yourself an extension of your closet. Remaining flexible and considerate means more positive transactions and happy buying experiences.

4. Keep Calm and Contact Support

We understand issues with transactions can arise. When issues with a transaction or conversations escalate, support is always here to help! Please be sure to remain level headed and understanding, and contact support@poshmark.com immediately for assistance.

5. Patience is Power

When waiting for your package to ship or funds to be released, please remember to remain patient and aware of potential delays. When awaiting a response from a fellow user, please allow ample time to respond and keep it cool and composed.

One thought on “Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Be a Positive Posher

  1. This is so true! I have noticed a lot of sellers on Poshmark become extremely rude when someone makes an offer that is too low or asks to trade. Instead of being rude, I kindly ask the person if they are able to come in price, or that I don’t trade, but would love it if they made an offer! I have made so many sales that way. A little kindness goes a long way.

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