App Update: Introducing ‘Make An Offer’


You know that Chanel handbag you’ve been lusting over? How about those Louboutins? The items you love could be yours in a matter of seconds for a price that you will love, thanks to the latest and highly requested way to communicate and shop on Poshmark: Make An Offer!

Make An Offer allows buyers and sellers to privately negotiate a price for a listing in an easy, streamlined way. Offers are binding – which means it’s a guaranteed sale if the offer is accepted  – facilitating serious and fair negotiations. And did we mention that it’s fast? In a matter of a few clicks, a buyer and seller can agree on a price for that coveted handbag or pair of designer shoes.

How it works:

MakeAnOffer_blog_step 1

MakeAnOffer_blog_step 2

MakeAnOffer_blog_step 3

Let’s break it down: Make An Offer is…

  • private way to negotiate
  • Binding and guarantees a sale if offer is accepted
  • Extremely fast and easy

Sellers! Learn to make the most of this new offer with Make An Offer tips an FAQs.

28 thoughts on “App Update: Introducing ‘Make An Offer’

    1. Hi CC, If you’re trying to create a listing, please note that this can only be done on our mobile apps. As for uploading a profile picture, on web or mobile, you can go to your closet and click “edit profile.” From there, you’ll see the option to change your profile picture. If you need more help, please reach out to

  1. I counter offered an offer then someone wanted the item as a part of their bundle, so I did it and sold the item. However the counteroffer is still in place and I’m not sure how to cancel it.

      1. Hi- I am somewhat in same position! I counter-offered, but now that offer had only been “received” and another buyer us interested. Do I have to actually wait the full 24 hours or is the offer “binding” thanks in advance. – Marianna

      2. Hi Marianna, offers and counteroffers can be cancelled unless accepted. Interested buyers can still purchase during a pending offer or counteroffer. Hope that helps!

      3. Hi, I have actually bought ON TOP of my own offer when I realized that the asking price was great…and no offer is binding until accepted, which is why you can get multiple offers. I had four on one listing, so I had to choose. Good luck!

  2. i accept an offer and print the label package the item. my balance say pending are complete once the buyer accept your order. how do know if they pay for the goods so i can ship the item i do not want to ship until i know poshmark got payment. will someone reply to this soon pls thx

    1. I love Poshmart. I have bought so many things, I decided to open a closet. I have had very little success . Not sure what I am doing wrong. I believe I try to give too much detail about the item. I have many pictures ready,but I am not sure how much detail is needed. Also, can I sell anything besides clothes, like, table linens, dishes? I also spend tons of time researching the original price? Is that really important? Please help. I have sold one shirt.

      1. Hi Marie, we recommend providing relevant details that a buyer would need to know before purchasing the item. Often, these are brand, item type, size, measurements, color, fabric, fit notes, etc. We’re a marketplace for women’s fashion only at this time. Please see our FAQs if you have any further questions:

      1. I am brand new, and I keep getting lost. I too have Android platform and I see “Poshmark” then I will see “PoshMatch” is that the same thing? Did it used to be one, then changed? I can’t find Poshmatch to download it…Helllp

      2. Hi Ava, PoshMatch is a new version of Poshmark. No need to download anything else. You can enjoy all the new features when you have the most current version of the app.

  3. When I look at the offer on my iPad the window for counteroffer doesn’t pop up. I tried accessing it on my safari app through the poshmark website and it still wouldn’t pop up. Help!

    1. Hi Deserie, you can install the app to your iPhone and iPad from the Apple Store or to your Android device through Google Play. The Make An Offer feature is in the latest version of these apps, so you can update through the respective app stores. If you need more help, please reach out to

  4. Hi, this does not yet appear to made available to Android users. Is there any word as to when this might be something that is available for my platform? Kudos on adding this…it makes the process so much more streamlined, less awkward and public. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jen! It should be available on Android very soon – as in sometime today. Make sure you have the latest version of the app and check back.

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