Closet Clear-Out Week is On!


What’s better than scoring a deal on your favorite brands on Poshmark? Scoring lots and lots of deals, of course! From now through the end of September, we are rallying everyone to join us in Closet Clear-Out Week. This event will help you clear out your Posh closet to not only make room for new merchandise, but to fill your wallet!

You know what this also means? Expect to find even more incredible, unheard of deals on the brands and styles you love. So go ahead, snap up those Tory Burch riding boots and the rag & bone leather pants – you’re not going to find a better deal anywhere else! Hurry and head to the app to shop the “Just In” section of your favorite brands and “like” away to ensure you’re notified when the item drops in price!

But that’s not all.

To sweeten the deals even more, Poshmark is guaranteeing hour-long shipping discounts on ALL items that have their prices dropped by 10% or more! (Minimum final price must be at least $10 to qualify.)

Let’s recap. Just how do you get in on the Closet Clear-Out Week action?

  1. Head to your Posh closet and drop the price of your items by 10% or more
  2. Be sure to “like” items in order to be notified of a dropped price
  3. Act fast when the price drops to take advantage of the hour-long shipping discount!

Happy Poshing!

092314_closet clear out_faqs

What are Price Drop Notifications? For a full run-down of one of our newest features, click here.

How often will Poshmark send Price Drop Notifications during Closet Clear-Out Week? So as not to overwhelm our users, Price Drop Notifications are still set to go out once a week per dropped price as usual. Also, the notification only sends if the new price is at least 10% lower than the historical lowest listed price. You can also tag those who liked the item in a comment to alert them of the dropped price and shipping discount.

Is it required to drop my prices? While we’re encouraging everyone to participate, it is not mandatory for sellers to change their prices during this promotion.

How can I know if my notifications are on? In the app, click on your closet tab and scroll to find “Notifications.” Turn on the “Party Invite” setting to get notified through a push and turn on “Price Drops” setting to get notified through an email.

How long are the shipping discounts valid? Discounts on specific listings are valid for one hour after the seller has reduced the price by 10% or more. Poshmark is only guaranteeing these discounts on ALL price reductions with minimum final price of $10+ through September 30th.

52 thoughts on “Closet Clear-Out Week is On!

  1. HI,
    I’m new to poshmark. Could you talk me thru how to lower my prices 10%?!
    Do I just go to each item and edit, the price area to what 10% will be , or do I write 10% off somewhere?
    thanks 🙂

  2. I created a bundle for someone, then dropped the price significantly lower so they could receive the discount. Usually I get an email notifying me that a notification will go out but nothing showed up. Will she still get the discount?

  3. I’m a little confused about ‘price drop notifications only go out once a week’ – can someone give me an example? If you reduce the price of an item two times in one week then a second notice won’t go out?

    Also it would be great to have the ‘historically lowest price’ show when editing a listing, sometimes you forget when you’ve altered the price on something and then lower it later to find that the shipping discount doesn’t apply 🙁

    1. Hi Melissa, you are correct about the Price Drop Notifications only going out once a week, even if the price has been dropped more than once during that week. Will pass along your feedback on the feature to our team. Thanks!

  4. I have lowered my prices more than 10% and some of my prices are not quite $10. Does that mean those that are NOT $10 do not qualify for the closet clearance?

    1. Hi Denise, only items with a listing price $10 or more will qualify for the shipping discount. Otherwise, the shipping will be the standard $4.99 flat rate.

  5. I bought an item, the price dropped I saw the notification that the shipping will be lowered. BUT when I purchased the item within 41 minutes of the notification, the shipping price was never lowered by Poshmark. Sumpin’ ain’t workin’ here, folks. Jus’ sayin’ …

  6. I didn’t get the discounted shipping price when the price dropped from $20 to $18 for the Toms I just bought =\

  7. I liked an item the seller dropped the price. It was marked $20 to $13 that is more than 10% and I wasn’t notifed and didn’t get any special shipping price when I purchased.

  8. Finally made 3 small sales because of this feature!! I LOVE it!! Thanks PM!! This was a great idea!!! 🙂

  9. Just a recommendation; poshmark may want to consider adding a feature that allows closet owners to click a button and automatically lower prices 10% for a preset timeframe and then have the prices reset automatically. I think more would participate if this automated option was offered.

    1. Yasss! I totally agree. Everyone should be cable of deducting 10% manually. But I screwed my customers out of discounted shipping three times yesterday because I miscalculated my reduction by $1. 🙊

  10. Please consider increasing the time required after the price is lowered to receive the shipping discount. One hour is truly not enough! Some people are at work, busy, etc. and giving a single hour to get the shipping discount will leave a lot of people behind. There are certainly times when I haven’t even looked at my phone for an hour or two, and I’m sure I’m not alone there. I would suggest 3 hours, to be fair – especially considering the fact that people all over the country live in different time zones. For example, I have a lot of buyers from California – so if I lower the price at a certain time of day, they could still be asleep, busy at work, etc., and would miss the discount and thus be less inclined to purchase.

    Additionally, I would suggest increasing the time to receive the shipping discount even further for those more expensive items – say, over $100 or so. Usually with those purchases, people need some time to think about whether they really can spend that money (might need to talk to their parents, husband, etc.). 24 hours would be appropriate for these purchases.


  11. Thank you so much posh friends! Huge success in my closet! Postman picked up 19 boxes from my house yesterday🎉🎉🎉 Closet clean up is a fabulous idea!!! One Happy posh princess here!!! THANK YOU😍

  12. Thanks Poshmark within seconds of participanting in Closet Clear-Out Week I made a Sale !!
    Thanks Poshmark !!!

  13. Love that people who liked the item get a lower shipping price. Great idea. I was thinking maybe showing the item dropped in price and the lower shipping in the feed where everyone and have a chance to buy would be great too! Of course people who like the item have first still get notified. Thanks. Just a thought. What do you think??

  14. I reduced some items from my closet and now I’m on my way to the post office to deliver five orders 😊👏. I will be reducing most of my listings for faster sales.
    Good luck Poshers 😊

  15. Made a sale as soon as I dropped my price by 10%. Thanks, Poshmark! I hope I keep selling. Good luck to everyone!

  16. Not really working for me either. Still seems to happen randomly. Any other criteria factored in besides the 10% reduction and $10 price minimum?

  17. Hi! I just tested this, I marked something down by 20% that had been previously marked down (like what was previously asked)… No alert was sent…. Was over a week since last reduction.

  18. Question: I already dropped all of my prices a few weeks ago for a sale but brought the prices back up once my sale was over. If I drop the prices back down again for this closet clear out will my customers still get the price drop notification or is it a 1 time thing?

      1. SHOULD is the key word. I was never notified of the item I was interested in and instead had to pay full shipping today. This is actually the 2nd time this has happened to me. Once part of the closet clear out and a month or so ago on an item that I bought that the girl lowered so I could get the 1 hour shipping discount and didn’t get it. So frustrating!!

      2. Hi Kristen, the notifications go out when the new price is 10% lower than the historically lowest price, which could have been why there was not a notification. The shipping discounts are not guaranteed outside of the current Closet Clear-Out Week promotion.

    1. I lowered a few prices, then took a buttload of Better pictures and really friendlied up the descriptions. I got 10% more followers and shares. (At least). Most action in weeks even at 3a.m.
      Can’t wait to see what the final exchange rate of shared omgs and so cutes is in USD! This is so fun. Plus my feet don’t hurt and no wasted money on giant pretzels! Who hoo!

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