5 Ways to Be A Stellar Seller

With our recent updates, including the new blog, exciting new features and an all-new version of the app, Poshmark continues to be all about empowering people to sell fashion and accessories. Today we’re collecting some of our favorite Posh Tip posts to help get those listings sold!

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1. Get Social

One you list an item, let people know by sharing them with your Poshmark followers and to the in-app Posh Parties that take place three times daily. Also, connect to your social network and share your listings outside of the app. If you’re a blogger, don’t forget to install our handy Closet Widget!

2. Utilize Price Drop Notifications

With our new Price Drop Notifications feature, you can reach out to Poshers who have liked your item and entice them to click “buy it now.” It even helped one seller make 47 sales in 24 hours!

3. Entice With Great Photos

If a photo is worth 1,000 words, a great Covershot could be worth a lot more! Making the extra effort to ensure great lighting and composition could mean making more on your item. After all, there’s a reason why photo styling is a burgeoning profession – it works!

4. Maintain a Full Closet

Shoppers are looking not only for variety, but for a seller they can trust. Find those pre-loved items in great condition and get them listed! Plus, a closet with 10 or more listings earns more.

5. Provide a 5-Star Experience

Buying from fellow Poshers and not large companies is part of what makes Poshmark such a great place to shop. When you take time to ensure a great experience – by accurately describing an item, being responsive and sending sales off in style – you’ll receive positive seller ratings and repeat customers!

Have tips of your own to share? Leave them in the comments!

5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Be A Stellar Seller

  1. One Of The Best Things I Have Enjoyed So Much About POSH, Beyond The Selling Expirence, Is Finding Things That I Have Not Seen In Years, Or Have Once Owned, Myself And Say “Wow, I Rememeber That!”.

    I Totally Agree, With Buying With “Fellow Poshers”.

    I Have Found That Since Being On POSH, That I Tend To Search For Things On The Site,

    Before Anywhere Else, Becuase I Would Rather Give “The Sale” To A Posh Seller.

    My Selling Tip Would Be To Talking To Other Posh Sellers And Buyers. Look For What Good Advice They Have To Offer.

    It Not Only Helps With Your Closet, It Also Gives You A Chance To Meet And Make New Friends. I Have Met Some Wonderfulful Ladies, Through POSH, Which Is Also Another Great Feature POSH Offers.

  2. Hello, I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you!! You made me a suggested user and my followers increased by thousands in days, this increased my sales. You added the “price drop notifications” and this not only increased my sales even more but also has made me a very happy shopper. I love Poshmark (and I’m looking pretty sharp lately too!) thank you!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Torri, for your note. We are thrilled that you’re finding so much success in selling your closet on Poshmark. Here’s to many more sales!

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