PMHQ Style: How to Style a Jersey T-Shirt

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Team Posh has some serious style. So, when we all decided to rock our custom-made Poshmark 2.0 jersey tees at PMHQ in celebration of the oh-so-exciting PoshMatch, we got our camera ready to snap some unique and fun looks around the office.

We love how each person took the shirt and infused their own personal style into crafting an outfit around it. Check out what each of these PoshLadies’ said when taking on styling this graphic tee.

Kate | @katef

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I’m not a big fan of tight clothing, so I made sure to size up my tee. Most of the time, wearing a size large feels way more natural to me than wearing a small. Distressed denim was a no-brainer to keep the look casual and cool, just the way I like it!

Maria | @maria

082814_pmhq style_maria_small

I’m a sucker for leather pieces and loved the idea of dressing down my new leather skirt with the Poshmark T-shirt and my white sneakers to complete a sporty, yet fall fashion-appropriate look.

Amanda | @fashionableeme

082814_pmhq style_amanda_small

My personal style involves a ton of color, so it was only natural for me to add the brightest color in my closet to make this T-shirt pop, Poshmark style!

Lyann | @lyann

082814_pmhq style_lyann_small

Being that I practically live in pumps, I felt that I wanted to give the tee a more feminine touch by dressing it up!

Wincy | @wincymonster

082814_pmhq style_wincy_small

I wanted to add a sprinkle of fun and a dash of theater to our fab 2.0 shirts, so I grabbed some hoops and a headscarf to put a different spin on things.

Courtney | @courtneychan

082814_pmhq style_courtney_smallI live in leather jackets so I paired the tee with my go-to moto jacket and added a couple pops of color with a red lip and navy lace-up heels to make the outfit more visually interesting.

Now we want to know: What is your favorite way to style a jersey t-shirt?

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