Posh Tip: Package in Style Without Breaking the Bank

It’s no secret that packing your Poshmark sale is a very important consideration, especially if you’re seeking that 5-star rating! But we also know it can be quite an investment to stock up all the cards, tissue and accessories needed to make your #PoshPackage really special.

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This week, our Posh Tip comes from community member @bschuler who has shared five ways to beautifully package your sales by repurposing items you already have on hand.

Tissue Paper

Keep tissue from gifts or other packages to decorate future sales. Insider tip? “If you want to use colored tissue on lighter clothing,” Brenda says, “wrap it in white tissue first and then colored. I even tape scraps of tissue that I cut on pieces that are too long and tape around another item wrapped in a coordinating color.”

Gift Bags

An easy way to package is to put a clothing item into a nice gift bag you have on hand from another occasion with a bit of tissue paper then place inside of the shipping box. “Gift shops sometimes give away free bags so don’t toss them, they are perfect for this,” Brenda says.

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Greeting Cards

Reuse greeting cards you receive by cutting off and discarding the portion with the writing. Then, write your own message on the reverse side. Brenda says: “I’ll trim the edges or use scalloped-edge scissors so it doesn’t have raw edges on one side. I also use cards to cut out things such as cupcakes from birthday cards and stick them on cardstock for a cute hang tag.”

Ribbon & String

Hold on to any length of cord, pretty rope, strips of fabric or even yarn to tie up packages. “I once purchased balls of yarn at a rummage sale for $0.25 cents apiece and it lasted forever,” Brenda said. “If you sew or know anyone who does, ask for scraps to use to tie around items.”

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Pretty Paper Scraps

Embellish your packaging with scraps of pretty scrapbook or craft paper. “If you scrapbook, use your scraps to wrap around a package like you would ribbon,” Brenda said. “You can also cut out flowers, hearts, and other shapes to tape onto a package or make hangtags. You can also make your own envelopes out of scrapbook paper for jewelry items.”

What tips do you have for putting together a great #PoshPackage? Share in the comments!

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  1. Great tips! I also love to shop at the 99cent store for tissue paper and cards! I also reuse the plastic bags that come with some of my online shopping from major retailers. This protects the clothing from possible weather and tissue paper(if it gets wet). Happy Poshing! @sixivy

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