Friday Five: Trep Life, Campus Style & Poshaholics


1. Poshmark is the latest reality star! Not quite, but we were recently featured in Inc. Magazine’s mini-series, Trep Life. In addition to an in-depth article, the video follows Co-Founders Manish Chandra and Tracy Sun and provides a glimpse behind the curtain of PMHQ.


2. PoshFest is on and we hope you’ll join us for a stylishly fun weekend of inspiration and empowerment with Team Posh and your PFFs (that is, Posh Friends Forever). Register today!


3. Heading to back to campus and looking to up your fashion game? Look no further than Poshmark! The recent BuzzFeed article selects items from Poshmark that match personal style to their equivalent university type.


4. The weekend is a great time to do a wardrobe refresh and list items to your Poshmark closet. We all know how important a great Covershot is, so don’t forget to follow our Covershot Inspo Pinterest board that’s full of modeling and styling inspiration to help your items stand out and get sold.


5. When we say, “Happy Poshing!”, we mean it! Look at the happiness-inducing PoshFinds that were recently delivered to PMHQ. We don’t just work here, we shop here, too!

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