Price Drop Notifications: FAQs

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We know your interest was piqued when we last mentioned Price Drop Notifications. Now we’re back with some FAQs to help you make the most of one our latest features. Plus, we’re celebrating this fab new feature with a special shipping discount promotion!


How are Price Drops and shipping discount eligibility communicated to potential buyers? When a seller drops the price of a listing by 10% or more, Poshmark will notify every user who has liked the item directly in their Poshmark newsfeed. Please note the following details:

  • This only applies to items that have a final minimum price of at least $10.
  • The listing must be at least 10% lower than the lowest historical price of that listing.

We will also send them a push notification and an email to the address associated with their account.

How do I turn on my notifications so I don’t miss out on the price drop?

  1. Click on the bottom right tab in the app
  2. Click on “Notifications”
  3. Turn on “Party Invite” setting to get notified through a push
  4. Turn on “Price Drops” setting to get notified through an email

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How are shipping discounts associated with the Price Drop Notification feature determined? Our system randomly selects which price-dropped listings receive the current shipping promotion. We are unable to give you a specific shipping discount for your listing.

I was offered a shipping discount on an item, but when I go to purchase it, the shipping price is back to normal. What’s the deal? Our current Price Drop shipping promotion lasts for one hour to six hours from the time the seller drops the price. If you try and purchase the listing after the one-six hour time period, the shipping rate goes back to normal. To ensure you don’t miss out, turn on your email and/or push notification settings in the app.

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I’m a seller. Why is this feature beneficial for me? Drop the price to encourage potential buyers who have liked the item to hit the “Buy” button right away. Get inspired by this Posher, who made 47 sales in 24 hours thanks to the Price Drop Notification feature!

How often are Price Drop notifications sent? A notification is sent for every price drop that occurs.

I don’t see my question answered. Help! No problem! Shoot us an email and we’ll help you:

38 thoughts on “Price Drop Notifications: FAQs

  1. When a posher liked an item and then made a purchase of the item, then do they still get notified when I make a price drop?

    1. Hi Amanda, Price Drop Notifications and any resulting shipping promotions don’t work with bundle orders made through the bundle feature. There are significant savings, however, when sellers offer bundle discounts and on the single shipping price for multiple items.

  2. Hi i dropped my price down to 33% making it $10 but the shipping cost is still $4.99. Is there a way that either you guys or I can change that?? I ask because someone wants to purchase this item but with the lower shipping rate that its supposed to have.

    1. Hi Krystal, price drop discounts are not guaranteed. They also need to be reduced by 10% or more of the lowest historical price of the item. If you feel that there has been an error, please reach out to and someone can help you directly.

  3. The price of an item I liked just dropped by 50% and I want to buy but shipping is full price. It hasn’t been an hour yet. What do I do and can you adjust the shipping?

    1. Hi Alex, perhaps the seller had adjusted the listing back to full price. After the hour is up, the promotional discount no longer applies. You can always make an offer an an item if you’d like to negotiate the price.

  4. Is there any way to have free shipping on an item if a buyer requests it? I have a girl interested in buying one of my items but she asked for free shipping. I don’t know what to tell her or what to do.

    1. Hi Leighann, Poshmark is only able to adjust the shipping rates. Sometimes shipping fees are reduced on qualifying price drops or during special promotional periods. The seller can consider reducing the price by $5 to essentially cover the shipping fee.

  5. So Price drop notifications are only sent out once a week? I dropped the price of two items yesterday and notifications went out. I dropped the price of two different items today and no notifications went out . Do I have to wait seven days or just until the beginning of next week?

    1. Hi Jenny, we’ve updated this as price drop notifications are now sent as they occur. Please ensure that your items were dropped by 10% less the lowest historical price. If you need help to know the lowest historical price, please reach out to

  6. So if I don’t want to lower my price lower than the historical lowest price should I just relist the item? I like for buyers to be able to get shipping discounts but I don’t like having to go lower every time.

  7. Hello is the closer clear out price of 0.99 selective? I tried lowering the price of an item by more than 10% from the historical high and it only lowered it to 3.99 and the value was more than $10.

  8. I’m having issues with dropping my latest historical prices by 10% or more on items during clear out days and just in general. I don’t see any price drop notifications or discount shipping applied. I have seen other buyers able to give $1.99 shipping discount when its not on clear out days. Why are my prices not being dropped? Why am I not seeing discount shipping? And how are you able to apply $1.99 shipping discount to seller not on clear out days? I’ve sent an email yesterday and never got a reply. I’m losing sales. What’s the problem?

    1. Hello, you should get an email confirmation when an item receives discounted shipping based on price drops. No further action is needed on your part and discounts are only available for the hour after the price was dropped. If you’re still having issues, please email and someone can help you directly.

  9. I know of sellers who are able to offer $.99 shipping on ALL orders, not just price drops and during closet clear out. Buyers don’t even have to like the item for reduced shipping. How is this possible? Do these people have some connection to Poshmark or are they employees? I know SU’s and regular hosts who do not have this option, so why are some people able to offer the cheaper price?

    1. Hello, some sellers offer savings on their own. For example, they might give an additional $4 discount to a buyer. Only Poshmark is able to adjust the shipping rates during promotional periods and there are no special arrangements around shipping discounts between Poshmark and its sellers.

  10. Buyers are not getting notification on price drops , nor am I reclining emails when I do drop price . I know this because I had a friend of mine liked a item etc
    Also all my notification setting say yes to receive all notifications ? Please advise ?

  11. Hello. 🙂

    After I mark an item down for discounted shipping (Blitz), do I leave the price that way or change it back after the hour for discounted shipping is over ?

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