Posh Q&A: Price Drop Strategy with Ediza

Today we’re chatting with Ediza of Healthy Girl Fashion about her closet-selling strategies. Utilizing the new Price Drop Notification feature, she made 47 sales in 24 hours! Plus, tonight she’s hosting our Boho Babe Posh Party at 7pm PST, so be sure to tag her in your related listings and shop her host picks!


Hi Ediza! How long have you been on Poshmark and what led you to the app? 

I’ve been an active Posher for a little over a year now. I initially downloaded the app and didn’t know what I was doing. After I had a garage sale where I was selling my designer denim for $10 and no one wanted to buy it, my friend suggested that I should start utilizing the Poshmark app and for sure they would sell, and she even said I could probably get more. So I did, and I sold all my jeans for a little over $10 and I was instantly hooked. That’s when I started selling not only my clothes but items for other family members as well.

How much have you made through Poshmark?

A little over $6,000, but I wasn’t as active in my closet as before. Since I’ve been devoting more of my time into my closet, I’ve been able to increase my sales. The bulk of my earnings were literally within the last 6 months.

What strategies have proven most successful in getting your items sold?

I share a lot, whether it’s my closet or through the feed. I also follow members who are active and follow the Poshmark guidelines. I believe that if you are consistently sharing your own closet at least 3 to 4 times a day you are giving people a look into your closet, which will boost interest as well as boost your sales.

What is your approach to pricing, both setting initial prices and adjusting them?

It really depends. If I purchase an item to resell, then I have to stay within my own guidelines so that I don’t go negative on a sale. If the item does not belong to me, then any offer will be passed along to the owner of that piece. I know some people purposefully place their items a bit higher so that when people ask the famous question “What’s your lowest?” they are able to accommodate that request. Right now I am at a time where I can be really flexible with my inventory since I am really trying to downsize. I’ve taken off up to $20 on bundles or been able to lower the amount to offset the shipping cost for the buyer, but it is usually what I believe is fair for the buyer as well as fair for myself as the seller.

How has the price drop feature affected your sales? 

The price drop feature has changed by sales immensely. There was a period where I wasn’t getting any sales for about a week and it seemed really dry at the time. I remember that it was a Thursday and on a whim I thought I should just lower half my closet anywhere from $5-$35 each item, whatever I could afford. Then orders started pouring in, one right after another. People were bundling like crazy, and I was non-stop all night! Within 24 hours I had sold 47 items in my closet and my packages were sky high. It was one of the greatest Poshmark sales that I’ve had and it was great! Now I wait till Thursday or Friday to lower my closet since it’s one of the busiest times of the week for shopping.

I love the new feature; now if I decide to have a sale, I don’t need to make a listing to show I’m having a sale and hope people see it. If I lower an item, there will be people who are actually interested in the item, getting a notification so the likeliness of it selling it is way higher!

What advice would you give to other sellers?

Lower your items on Thursday or Friday, since that’s when people get paid. Share your little heart out, and don’t forget to share your closet, it’s your way of marketing yourself. Lastly, make sure to answer your buyers questions in a timely manner. I’ve lost a few sales just by not answering questions right away.

Anything else you have to share about your Poshmark experience?

Well I went to PoshFest last year which was a BLAST so of course this year I will be attending as well. I have never in my life felt so attached to something that I originally thought I wouldn’t be noticed among its users. Right now, other users in my Los Angeles region know me and even some of the staff at PMHQ which is an incredible feeling! The Poshmark community is so wonderful, it really sends out such a positive message of women supporting other women, which is why I started my blog HealthyGirlFashion.com to help support other poshers as they are getting acquainted with the app. The team is so unbelievably approachable and they are the sweetest, genuine people, bar none. What’s even better is that the CEO Manish will make time for each and every Posher to talk to them, listen to their needs, and pose for pictures with each and every girl. I am very pleased with the app and all the changes and the opportunities that Poshmark gives to its users and can’t wait to continue further as the company grows. Furthermore, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank team Poshmark for featuring me on their blog and the honor of hosting this upcoming Posh Party. All their hard work and efforts they put together to bring the community closer, to involve users, and to create wonderful events is really remarkable.

19 thoughts on “Posh Q&A: Price Drop Strategy with Ediza

  1. Hey! I think Poshmark is awesome and I am just getting started. I’m have read all the info but still feel like I’m unsure of what I am doing. I have only 8 purses in my closet now but I have about 200 items I need to sell its just finding time w 2 jobs and 3 kids to sell them!! Lol! How many should I put on at a time? How do I share my closet? Can you give me any tips that can help me??

    1. Hi Angel, we recommend setting aside time to list as much as you can for the best chances of items selling. You can share your listings to parties and to your followers within the app, as well as to your social media channels. Happy Poshing!

  2. Nice Article. I do have a question related to the price drops. If I drop the price of something and it does not sell that round for the poshmark advertised closet clear out sales or prices drops on free shipping or discounted shipping, in order for that item to be eligible again in the future should I then raise the price back up and then drop it again next time there is a sale? Always ways to improve ones knowledge on all this poshmark I say. 🙂

    1. Hi Rea, Pricing is up to you and different strategies work for different sellers. We recommend trying different strategies and seeing what works for you. Happy Poshing!

  3. Hi, I’m Farley new to this I’m still trying to figure everythING out . Now when someone buys from you how will you get the label ? Will it get sent to me ?by email ? Please explain

      1. Thank you, next question… how can I share my closet with other friends to where they automatically go to my closet ? Do I created my own poshmark website ?

  4. if you told someone youll drop the price so they get reduced shipping and someone else buys it and theyre upset what do u do ?

    1. Hi Jessica, it can be tricky regarding timing and price drops. For this it would be best to use our Make An Offer feature to settle on a good price, or otherwise work out the quick timing of when the seller can purchase. You can cancel the sale, but they not qualify for reduced shipping rates depending on timing.

    1. Hi Lulu, go to your closet (top right corner) or a specific item (sharing button below the photos) and see all the ways you can share: in the app and to various social accounts.

  5. I’ve been buying on Posh for well over a year . Recently I would say maybe, four months . I’ve decided selling my closet . I was in retail management for well over 13 years . The reason I point that out is because , Posh is amazing customer service “.. So , kudos on that . But also, I’ve meet an amazing group of lovely women . Funny , intelligent, and a great sense of fashion “flare “”. .. Boy , it’s addicting .. So , just glad that I stumbling across this myself . I love online business. I own a hair salon and actually considering selling “!! Lol

  6. Hi there,

    How do you bundle items? Can you help me with this?

    Thanks so much and Congrats on all the good sales.

    Sue @missinfishin

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