Friday Five: PoshFest, Press and Getting Chatty

1. Have you started packing for PoshFest 2014 yet? Since we made the official announcement on Monday, we can’t help but pick out our outfits in advance. We’re just that excited! First thing on our list? This amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim bag in the Posh-perfect shade. So, who is joining us?

2. Our Founder and CEO Manish Chandra took to to talk about how fashion is a big part of the booming sharing economy. 

“American women put about $1 trillion worth of fashion into their closets every three years and almost a third of that is never worn. Enter the closet-sharing economy. Closet-sharing is arguably the fastest growing sector of the sharing economy and quickly changing the way Americans shop.”

3. Poshmark was also recently featured on NBC Baltimore. Even newscasters need a closet refresh, too!

4. Wednesdays at noon PST is a fun time when we get chatty with StyleCaster’s #stylechat on Twitter. This week we gabbed about personal style tips, palazzo pants and sass-tastic graphic tees

5. Want to know a little secret? Teamposhmark is on a certain app. We’ll give you a hint:


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