New Feature Alert: Rate Your Purchase


We are excited to announce our latest Poshmark feature: Rate Your Purchase! With this new tool, we’re empowering sellers to build trust and be recognized for providing an exemplary, five-star shopping experience for their buyers.

So, what exactly is Rate Your Purchase?
This new feature allows buyers to rate their purchase experience with 1 to 5 stars. If the rating is four stars or less, buyers can suggest up to six ways the seller could improve: item description, item cleanliness, packaging, ship time, seller responsiveness or other.

When can a buyer rate a purchase?
Buyers have up to 30 days to rate their purchase after the order is accepted. The Rate Your Purchase page can be accessed from the order details page. Note: if a return case was opened regarding the purchase, buyers are no longer able to rate the purchase.

How can a buyer rate a purchase?
After a buyer accepts an order, they will automatically see the Rate Your Purchase page. If the order was auto-accepted three days after delivery, the buyer can choose to Rate Your Purchase from the order details page.

How are ratings displayed?
Ratings information is displayed privately in My Closet Stats. Sellers and buyers can also see their individual ratings details under My Purchases and My Sales. We do not have any future plans to display an average rating score for a closet publicly to the community.

How are ratings communicated to buyers and sellers?
Buyers receive an email and Newsfeed reminder one day after an order is auto-accepted. Sellers receive a push notification and Newsfeed alert when they receive a rating.

Can a buyer edit a rating?
Yes, buyers can edit a rating within 30 days of leaving the initial rating. We’ve found buyers sometimes accidentally leave a lower rating, mix up purchases or change their mind after resolving a concern with their seller.

Can a seller appeal a rating?
No, sellers can’t appeal ratings. We expect the Poshmark community will almost always be fair and helpful when leaving ratings. However, there may be times when a seller feels a specific rating is unfair. Their average rating will reflect the great experience they deliver to buyers.

We are excited about this new feature as we know it will shine a bright light on the amazing purchase experience all of our Poshers deliver every day.

Happy Poshing!

42 thoughts on “New Feature Alert: Rate Your Purchase

  1. As a buyer I find it unfortunate that there is no way to see if a seller has had negative ratings. It was my third purchase with Poshmark and Ive always had great service, and check to see if there are love notes. This purchase, The seller did not have any love notes and I tried to look for a rating but could not find any. Unfortunately I was out of town and my wife received the order and said the shoes looked fine, so I accepted the order, but she did not inspect them thoroughly. When I arrived home I saw that there was glue all over the suede and still separation on the midsoles. I contacted the seller with no response. After waiting a few days I edited my review and checked to see if the negative review was on there profile to warn others of their fraudulent pictures and description. So how do we know if sellers are scamming people ???

  2. I have received an inaccurate rating that should not be allowed. It’s 2022 and this policy needs to change. Customers are not always right and Sellers should be given an opportunity to respond, PERIOD! Saying you trust buyers will be fair is to say you don’t trust sellers to be the same when you refuse to allow us to respond. I can not possibly know if something will fit someone. Saying I wear a size 12 and seller should have said it runs small cause I always wear size 12 then give a 1 star rating is bologna. It’s buyers remorse which should not be allowed. eBay, Etsy and even Google allows sellers to respond. Buyers can ask questions. Same buyer says item is beautiful but it doesn’t fit me so 1 star for you. How does this make sense!!! Please do the RIGHT thing PM and don’t give ridiculous ppl a platform to leave false ratings. I should at least be able to dispute the rating for an administrator to review the reason provided and remove it. How hard is that to be just to both buyers and sellers????? Change this unfair practice. It’s bad business PM! Oh and I don’t care about averages, I care about what is right. Honesty!

    1. Totally agree! Unfair ratings should be able to be removed as in many platforms upon review. It is not seller’s responsibility if the item does not fit, it is the buyer’s! Especially if all the measurements provided in the listing by the seller.
      This system needs to change and yes, it is 2022, bot 2014 when you created this post.

  3. Well, I just received my first 2-star rating after receiving 5-star ratings on every item I’ve sold since last December (over 50 items). The comment left, “Cute, but smells like it’s been stored with mothballs!” I contacted the buyer and offered a full refund including shipping, as everything that leaves my smoke-free, scent-free home is inspected carefully. I have never purchased or used mothballs in my life. The only explanation I have is that the smell may be from my moving into a newly renovated apartment, although, the paint has been dry for over a month and no other buyers have mentioned a smell. I’m really bummed about this. I work really hard to maintain a stellar, 5-star closet. The “love notes” I’ve received are excellent. I wish Poshmark would consider the chance to remove negative comments like this, especially from “top rated sellers”. The item is new, beautiful and was packaged beautifully. Ugh, I hate this! Still in love with Poshmark, so I guess my 5-star run has been tripped up by this.

  4. How do I find the sellers rating? I made a purchase from a seller who never shipped. Then checked her listings only to see that she NEVER ships. I can’t leave a review because when I told her I was going to report her, she cancelled my order. How do I leave a bad review so others can see that she is a flake? And how do I see others ratings so I know who to stay away from?

    1. Hi Melissa, as of now our ratings are private. That is, unless, you’ve reviewed a purchase as five stars and left a comment, which is a Love Note that is displayed on yours and the seller’s about page under Love Notes. If you are experiencing an issue, please reach out to

      1. I did…too bad so sad is pretty much the response I got. My order got cancelled and I got my money back so there is nothing else that can be done…Support does not really seem to care. I just feel bad for others who might see her listings and think she is a legit seller…pay her…then find out (like I did) that she lies and says she shipped or trouble with the post office or trouble with a different sale or whatever the excuse she is using that day happens to be. I think buyers should be able to know who they are dealing with or at least if there are sellers like this, who clearly are not legit, they should be kicked off the site. Maybe when Poshmark decides to let buyers know who they are buying from I will come back. For now, I will stay where I can see a sellers satisfaction rating. It’s worth the extra few bucks to know up front.

  5. I just received my second rating on postmark and I don’t agree. Buyer said I could hAve described item better but I described and photographed item exactly ad is. I am new to postmark buly think this policy not allowing me to comment back is unfair. I not sure if I should continue on postmark. At least on eBay which after 12 years have never received a bad rating. Well if I did, I could have replied. Not sure I feel comfortable with the buyer. I would like to rate her honesty

  6. Hi, I received a 4 star rating from a buyer with *could improve-item description. I have no idea how I can improve. The item was described to the T, with accurate pictures, and they didn’t ask any questions. Also, once an item sells there should be a private (but monitored by Poshmark) way to message between seller and buyer. I think this would help both parties.

  7. I am new to this site, just a few days. I only joined to purchase a particular item and ended up buying several. I got very nervous after noticing how sellers have unsold items still listed to sell, yet it’s clear that they are no longer active due to the lack of activity shown by seller. If the last update they made to their account was say…November, and they haven’t responded to any buyers comments. Wouldn’t you notice the bright red flag that screams “something just isn’t right here”. Why do unsold items from November still show up with the option to buy. You can’t just have an item listed here to sell forever.

    This made me quite nervous, I didn’t know if I would get my items or not. Only one seller contacted me to thank me and provide shipping details. The other three sellers never communicated, therefore I messaged them and all but one contacted me back. The particular item I really wanted was cancelled soon after I commented on the item. I asked the seller why she cancelled. No response, instead, I received an email from Poshmark, advising that the order was cancelled due to seller no longer having the item.

    Really? You gotta be kidding me. This is bad business, it is very unprofessional, inconsiderate, and just plain rude.

    To begin with, this seller should have
    a) Only posted items they actually have (DUH)
    b) Taken the listing down or mark it “not for sale”, and
    c) Contacted me personally, and not hide behind Poshmark to handle her poor customer service.

    And Poshmark really needs to hold their sellers more accountable when they act in a way that is clearly wrong. I have sold items on Ebay, so I know how this works, and so far I see more bad than good on here. Changes need to be made. Changes that protect the seller and buyer.

    I am sure there are great sellers on here, I have bought from a few, but there are a lot of things on this site that need improving if everyone, sellers and buyers alike, hope to gain anything. For starters, please take down the for sale listings from 2008. Also, when a seller cancels a sale, the sold item needs to be taken down and marked canceled, due to sellers irresponsibility (not really). Or just simply take it down all together. Because it really irks me to see the item that I bought come up as things I might be interested in and I click and it says sold…to me. And I have yet to receive my money back.

    I really just had to get this off my chest. Thanks

    1. Hi Cheryl, Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. We always appreciate input from the Poshmark community. Rest assured that you can cancel any purchase after 7 days without shipment and you will receive a full refund. We will also be sure take all of your points into consideration as we continue to grow and evolve the Poshmark platform. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to

  8. I would like a rating for buyers like Etsy. I recently had a complication with sending two wrong packages to two buyers. The first buyer sent the correct package, but never received hers in return. I appreciate Poshmark helping me refund the buyer, but I wish I could rate instead of commenting on an item to notify the buyer. I would like to let other sellers know that if they accidentally ship the wrong item to her, she’ll probably keep both and she was unresponsive to comments despite being active daily. Now I know to be careful when wrapping my items, but I wish there was something more I could have done.
    I also wish there was a mini about me section on profiles. I know a lot of sellers don’t want to trade, so that can be described instead of buyers constantly asking.

    Thank you Poshmark. I have had no other problems. Love the app and fast responses from support. 🙂

  9. I’ve had nothing but 5 star ratings, and today I get a 2 star rating because the size 8.5 shoes I listed as size 8.5 didn’t fit the buyer so she said my “item description” wasn’t accurate. Poshmark tells me I have to accept the good with the bad and it will all work out, but it frustrates me, because I take extreme care in my descriptions, answering questions, and carefully packaging my items. Now every time I look at my closet stats I have to see “item descriptions” listed under my closet stats as “buyer mentioned area for improvement” and I want to scream.

      1. You don’t need to worry about ratings negatively impacting you in any way. This ratings system is private, and therefore meaningless. Buyers can’t see if you have low ratings so you can absolutely get away with being the worst seller ever and experience no negative repercussions. Poshmark was designed to protect bad sellers.

  10. As a buyer it is ridiculous to me that we are not able to see ratings for the seller before we purchase!!!! If you own an honest closet than there’s nothing to hide!

  11. This is a bad system. I received a 1 star for a brand new shirt all because she’s too short and claimed I “lied” about it being a shirt and that it’s really a dress. The original retail store website even listed it as a top! Avg person of say 5’4 vs a person that’s like 5 will think different of a say, boyfriend shirt.
    Buyer was incredibly rude for giving me a 1 star and with this pointless rating system, there’s nothing sellers can do to protect themselves. Why can’t we leave a return-rating??

    1. I agree…the system should allow seller to “respond” to both good and unfair rating. I also think it might be good to “lock” the rating to be no lower than 3 stars if the items were “received” by the buyer with no legitiment complaints. The buyer then can decide whether not to leave a rating or be forced to be “honest” about the item received. Also, comments should be mandatory if “other” is ticked so that sellers know how to “improve.”

      1. Exactly. I was left a 4 star rating under “other” and all they wrote was “could improve”. Could improve what? How can I improve if I don’t know what it is? To top it all off, this was my first sale. Yay.

  12. I agree with some of the ladies here. Some buyers seem to enjoy taking advantage of the rating system by giving sellers low ratings without reason. That happened to me twice. The first one gave specific reasons which were all false:
    Speed of delivery– item received in 2 days
    Cleanliness –item is brand new
    Time seller responsiveness — I ALWAYS make it a point to keep the communication going from the time of purchase till it’s shipped and update them by tracking the package until delivered. This person NEVER responded until I questioned her comments. I still have the screen shots for proof. After I questioned it, she deleted the comments and kept the 4 star rating (which is not a big deal).
    The second person gave me a 3 star rating (my lowest so far) , and for comment — could improve: other. When asked where I could improve, her answer was, “No where your good with this site, they don’t let you just not pick a category so I said other:).” (*Errors aren’t mine). A few minutes after giving me her rating, she listed the item that she bought from me in her closet for almost double the amount . AND she also used MY pictures without my permission. How do I know they’re mine? It has my name on all of them. I lowered my price for her (from $28 to $24), relisted the item so that she could take advantage of the CCO shipping discount where she saved $1, and she resells the item (NWT Nike shorts) for $40. She has since thwn deopped the price to $35 and changed the pictures using her own, however, the evidence is in my closet and it’s permanent.
    Yes, I’m not happy that sellers are stuck with whatever ratings they get. I know that the ratings are private, however, they do matter. Thanks to those people, my overall rating has gone down from almost perfect. Personally, it makes me feel like I have failed in some ways for reasons unknown to me. I strive hard to make my customers happy. I joined Poshmark because I am now a stay home mom (due to medical disability). It keeps me busy. I am now close to considering closing my closet not only for this reason but some Poshmark “rules” that people obviously have broken (and continue to break) but nothing’s being done to stop them.

  13. The rating system is POORLY designed and implemented. What’s the point of a rating system that ONLY shows positive feedback? SEVERAL times I have been shocked with the arrival of misrepresented, fake, damaged or stained items. I spent over $100 on a Coach purse and the seller just threw it in a box and mailed it — NO wrapping whatsoever.

    I don’t think it’s fair that we can’t see the seller’s ratings in their entirety. I work hard and put lots of time into my listings to be sure to show all flaws, features and describe the items I’m selling with utmost care and I DO NOT appreciate it when someone doesn’t do the same and I could have easily avoided purchasing from them had I been able to view their REAL reviews.

    There is no accountability in this — why would the seller work hard to make sure she/he has a good rating if the BAD rating doesn’t even show!?

    I don’t understand the logic behind this — or rather the lack thereof.

    1. I agree completely, Viska. I have had two transactions cancelled for the reason “other” – that should not be an option, first of all. Give an actual reason why you cancelled. And I should get to rate a seller that cancels to let other buys know this seller is not always reliable. My items are still showing up as “sold” by those sellers, which looks good for them. But those items weren’t really sold, and I should get to warn other buyers.

  14. I just received a three star rating (which ruined all of my perfect 5-star reviews) because THE POST OFFICE a took eight days to deliver the package. The buyers pay for 2-day priority mail. I can see the buyer being upset, but why is the seller punished for something that is totally out of their control? I am meticulous when packaging, getting the item sent the same day, and selling quality items at very reasonable prices. I do resent a poor rating for something that was not my fault. There should be a comment column for sellers to explain when they receive a poor rating, especially when the seller did everything right!

    1. I agree there should be a section for the seller to comment as to why they were given such and such rating. I recently sent out a brand new authentic coach bag with tags still on. It was packaged perfectly and the the buyer received in exactly 2 days.. I was given a 4 star rating with a comment that said “looks great, love it” but not in love notes section. I’m sure I’m being anal but it bothers me, like why not 5 stars!?!…

      1. I agree, we should be able to respond to the buyer to reconcile the issue. I think my buyer was young and she lived outside the Continental United States. She may not have been aware of our postal system. After reading through some of these comments, some say potential buyers do not see the rating/reviews. Is this true?

  15. I too like the rating system. It’s a personal thing. I take great pride and pain in giving as much information as possible about my item, sending a card with it , and packaging it so it will stay dry. Occasionally I fall short but for the most part I’m descriptive. Most of my items have received a 5 star rating but I’ve received two 4 star, a case reviewed a one that gave no rating, at least for now; she still has a few days. But, I would like some feedback from the buyer as to why they weren’t happy with the item. If nothing else some input especially if it’s below a certain rating. I’m sure some may not care but I do. For the record the case review went in my favor but there was still an unhappy buyer.

  16. Hello. I was curious as to how I could review a sellers eating on poshmark before making a purchase and found this information. As I read it, it mentions no current plans to display seller rating to the community. I was wondering why not? Like other selling/buying platforms, it would be nice to see other buyer experiences to help gain trust. Also it would be nice to have a warning if items are small to size, not exactly as pictured, poor customer service, etc. I understand the ratings currently are private and are for seller self improvement… But what about for buyers? From my experience so far on Posh Mark, the ladies seem to be very fair and honest. Bashing a seller for no reason would be meaningless if all their other ratings were positive. Just curious. Thanks. -Sublime Fashionista

  17. Leaving it up to buyers to correct their own errors on completely reviewing the listing before they buy or reviewing and experience is something that needs to be addressed. That leaves the seller wide open for all sorts of things, especially on issues they have such as wrong color when it was noted in the listing etc. Once My buyer said she thought it was a grey item when it was made very clear it was black. So the seller gets stuck with a low feedback score for something they actually had right. And I did point that out to my buyer, no response. Shouldn’t policies and customer service be here not only to protect the buyer but the seller too? That what poshmark is based on, selling. There needs to be a real protocol, Not just a generic response when we contact customer service saying the buyer can basically do whatever they choose. Just a thought. Have a happy holiday!🌻

    1. I agree with you it should be to protect both parties. I am new to poshmark and I got a rating of 4 stars on my 4 th item sold the rest were 5 stars. But it kind of felt bad I got a 4 just because it did not fit the buyer saying that yes I had the right size on the listing, same on the dress bought. But that I could of given a warning about it being a size smaller than what the dress said. I had just put up the dress for sale and with no questions asked just bought it. I always ask if they have any questions. And my items that I know are a size smaller I do mention on the listing. So I do think it is unfair and poshmark should fix that.

  18. I mistakenly gave my last purchase a four star rating instead of a five star rating. One star must have been inadvertently erased by me before I sent it. I feel really bad because the sender reay deserved a 5 star and I was unable to change it!

  19. I don’t think this new future is fair to the seller when buyers are not guarded against leaving low rating (below 3) without justification. I have a buyer who didn’t asked any question before and after purchasing and “accepted” the item as soon as it was delivered. The “other” area for improve of checked and gave me a 2 star rating when I’ve not gotten anything lower than a 5. This future is providing the buyers a channel of expressing their “spite”–no justifiable complaint, but simply don’t like how the item looks or fits them, so can’t return. I hope improvement on this future can be implemented to not only protect the buyers interest but as well as the sellers. Perhaps allowing the seller to rate the buyers?

    1. Hi. I was very interested in your comment. Does it make any difference to you that the ratings are not displayed to the public and no one else sees the rating but you? I’m very curious. Your comment seemed upset about a previous bad experience, but no one sees it but you. Inquiring mind wants to know. (Not being sarcastic, I’m actually very curious). Thanks. – Sublime Fashionista

      1. Hi, to me it’s more a matter of principle. Not sure if it were you or someone else mentioned this–this rating system opens the sellers up for all sorts of disgrountled buyers who wants to leave a low rating just because. But, I like this rating system being private in the senses that I can improve based on individual selling experiences as we are want different things. So, “I” know when a rating is provided regardless of the level of rating, and that’s enough for me! 🙂 I also do not want buyers to judge my items and professionalism based on the rating for the reasons stated above. Hope this satisfies your curiosity!

    2. Just had this happen to me and cannot agree more. Unfair to sellers. Thank you for sharing. I will be contacting Posh about my feedback.

  20. I accidentally left a rating that was unfair because I didn’t see that it was for needs improvement. I would like a manner of editing my rating for I am the purchaser not the buyer. Could you work on this for future ratings. Thank you

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