Posh Tip: Creating a Second Listing for an Item

We have a little mantra when it comes to listings: the more, the better! And sometimes, four photos just aren’t enough when it comes to showcasing that awesome handbag or fab pair of shoes that you’ve got listed in your closet.

Here’s an easy solution: Create another listing specifically for additional photos of your item. A second listing can be helpful to highlight any additional details that you’d like buyers to take note of. Whether it’s to show extra angles of a dress or some minor wear to a handbag, a second—or third—listing can give your buyer all the info she needs before she hits that “Buy” button. Just follow the steps below and get to listing!

1. Create a new listing for the additional photos. Take clear, detailed shots and make sure to title the listing appropriately!


2. Mark the item as “Not for Sale.”


3. Direct buyers to the additional listing and tag them in the comments!


Happy Poshing!

2 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Creating a Second Listing for an Item

  1. Do you recommend making this listing “Not For Sale”? Or would you manage offers from both the Main Listing and Additional Listing?

    1. Hi TP, it’s up to you. Most mark these as Not For Sale, directing them to your closet for the item for purchase. If you make both for sale, ensure you’re clear in the listing that there’s only one item for sale. Once it’s sold, be sure to mark the other as Not For Sale ASAP.

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