Friday Five: Hello Seattle & In-App Tracking

1. Seattle’s got style! This week, Team Posh took to the Evergreen State to host a community meet-up. It was a fun night of gabbing over cocktails, taking photos and bonding over a love of all things Poshmark. Check out the photos on our Facebook album.


2. Behind the scenes, the team worked feverishly to add an in-app tracking feature. Now it’s even easier to compulsively check on the arrival of your PoshStyle finds! Stay tuned to learn more…


3. This week, our Founder and CEO Manish Chandra took to the stage as a featured panelist at Source14. Poshmark was well represented at the event that explores the growing world of all things mobile.


4. When we’re not shopping, we’re inspiration hunting on Pinterest. Add it to the list of our long list of guilty pleasures. Join in the fun and follow us!


5. We’re tickled pink with the news of a Jem and the Holograms movie. The latest development? They’ve announced the cast and the countdown for the premiere of our favorite ’80s cartoon begins!


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