Closet Feature: @randilyn


We have fallen in love with everything ethereal, relaxed and outdoor festival-chic these days. What’s not to love about distressed fabrics, flowy lines and laid-back glam? Randi gives us an array of pieces that we already want to mix and match for ourselves, but check out her closet for yourself and see if you can leave with just one piece. Happy Shopping! 

1. Feather Necklace – $10 retail $0
2. Zara Suede Short Boots – $38 retail $0

3. 7FAM Cut-Off Embellished Shorts – $50 retail $0
4. Free People Layered Tutu Dress – $60 retail $148
5. Hudson Bleached Zipper Jeans – $85 retail $325
6. Kate Spade ‘Daisy Chain’ Drop Earrings – $38 retail $75 
7. Lucky Brand Leather Cross Body – $60 retail $148
8. 7FAM Buckle Sandal – $60 retail $198

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