New Seller Tools: “My Closet Stats” & “Not for Sale”

With our latest release of the app, we introduced two new tools to empower sellers on Poshmark take even more control of their closets, merchandise, and interactions with potential buyers: “My Closet Stats” and “Not for Sale” listing status.

1. “My Closet Stats”: My Closet stats gives you important information about your closet, your sales history, and the experience you are delivering to your buyers. This page and the information included on it is private (for your eyes only!) and meant to help you continue to succeed. To get to your closet stats, click on your profile tab at the bottom right of the app > click on “My Closet Stats.”

We’d love to hear your feedback on this tool, Posh sellers! Please click through to this PM Editor listing and let us know what other information about your closet you’d find helpful for selling more on Poshmark.


Examples of the type of information you’ll find in “My Closet Stats”:

  • Available listings: The total number of unsold listings available for sale in your closet. Closets with a great number of “Available Listings” are more likely to sell an item to a buyer (we recommend having at least 10 available listings in your closet).
  • Self-Shares: The total number of times you have shared a listing from your closet in the last 30 days. Sharing your listings to your followers and to parties will increase the number of potential buyers viewing the listing and your closet.
  • Listings Sold: The total number of listings you have sold in your closet. (Special kudos if you’re one of the top 10% sellers on Poshmark – keep it up!).
  • Total Earned: The total amount of money you have made through your sold listings on Poshmark, less Poshmark fees.
  • Days to Ship: The average time you have thus far taken to ship your orders to buyers. We calculate the time between when the order was placed and when your package was accepted by the US Postal Service. The faster you ship an order to a buyer, the faster she can start enjoying her purchase! If you delay shipping an order to a buyer, you may harm her purchase experience and reduce the chance she shops your closet again.

2. “Not for Sale” Listings: You now have a clear way to tell buyers which listings are no longer available in your closet. This includes items sold in bundles, reserved listings, notes, or purchases that you just want to share with other Poshers (#PoshFinds!). Listings that are marked “Not for Sale” don’t have a blue “Buy Now” button, but others will still be able to see, like, share, and comment on them.


To mark a listing as “Not for Sale”: click the “Edit” icon on the listing details page > select “Mark as Not for Sale.”

To make one of these listings available for purchase: click the “Edit” icon on the listing details page > select “Mark as Available.”

Note: Poshmark’s minimum listing price is $3. Listings with a $0, $1, or $2 listing price are automatically set to “Not for Sale” listing status and won’t have a “Buy Now” button. For more info, please check out our FAQs here.

8 thoughts on “New Seller Tools: “My Closet Stats” & “Not for Sale”

  1. The edit button only lets me edit my listing. There is no menu to choose from. My app is up to date and this is really annoying me.

  2. My comment is in regards to closet stats and star ratings… I am quite confused as to the rating system POSH uses for this. I have approx 120 5 star ratings if not more and maybe for 4 star ratings and a couple that are 3. Yet my stars never go above 4.7 on my ratings I have been watching this fir 3 months … I work very hard to get 5 stars. In the last 3 months every star rating I have received is a 5 star rating and yet my rating stat hasn’t changed at all???? This doesn’t appear to working correctly. Just an FYI it is a bit de motivating and I am not sure Osh realizes that something isn’t working right

  3. Regarding the days to ship stat in my closet, I just became an active posher and have only sold 3 items so far. 1 of those items sold on a Saturday so I could not ship until Monday when post office is open. The 2nd item is sold, sold on a Saturday and Monday was a post office holiday, so I could not ship until Tuesday! I think it should be built into the app to not count post office holidays or closed days such as Sunday, it should count business days. I feel offended by the inaccuracies of my days to ship status. I am trying to start off with a good reputation, thanks! I’m enjoying posting!! 🙂

    1. Great post, Pamela. I’ve newly joined and glad that you shared this info. I hope PM made an update since then to fix this issue.

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