Posh Stories: Making BFFs on Poshmark!


Valentine’s Day is taking over the internet with candy hearts, pink faux-fur jackets and lace, but this week we’d love to spotlight PoshLove – a kind of sisterhood that you can only find on Poshmark.

Posh Friends Forever, or as we like to call it ‘PFFs” – Alexandra and Lori – met each other on the app and built a friendship of a lifetime miles and miles away. For today’s post, we asked them a few questions about PoshLove and how to build true friendships on Poshmark.



Why are relationships on Poshmark important?

Building positive relationships is one of the most important factors in being successful in the app. I would say that the majority of my success in sales and in finding a great deal is a direct result of always treating other women with respect and really understanding what they’re wanting in an item. Being social in the app has resulted in several best friends and countless positive encounters. A positive relationship follows you all over the platform and people look forward to working with you when they know you really care and are passionate about what you’re buying and selling.What are tips to starting and maintaining friendships with the Poshmark community? 

One of the best ways to make friends on Poshmark is to familiarize yourself with Poshers who have similar style! It’s also great to learn about what size they wear in case you find an item that can’t be passed up! My Posh friends (including Lori and many of the girls at PMHQ) love to tag me in fab finds and I do the same for them!

Social media: helpful or hurtful to building relationships?

I am a strong advocate of a social media presence in general and networking with fellow Poshers is an amazing way to stay connected and learn more about each other! Seeing #PoshStyle on Instagram makes me excited to list and buy more as well. Poshmark is all about community, and social media makes the community that much more fun!



What are tips to starting and maintaining friendships with the Poshmark community?

1. Reach out to others. Compliment a user if you like their photos, closet, personal style, etc. Friendships can develop over shared love for a certain designer/brand or particular style.

2. Support each other. This can be done through sharing each other’s listings, encouraging each other and by sharing great fashion finds. If you see something that reminds you of a certain user, tell them about it.
3. Maintain a presence within the app and with other users. The more time you spend getting to know someone and participating in the app, the better are your chances for maintaining a friendship.What’s your favorite thing about connecting with women on Poshmark?

I love so much about Poshmark! We support each other, keep each other updated on sample sales and other fashion related events and share amazing fashion finds from closets across the country all within the app. On top of all those things, I recently reconnected with a childhood friend who now lives halfway around the world. We were able to find each other – thanks to Poshmark. Not only is it an app for buying and selling fashion, it’s also a social media platform as well. It is truly genius!

Any favorite memories from how you and Alexandra started talking

Alexandra and I have very similar fashion tastes. We both kept noticing that we “liked” all the same things. We’d share great fashion finds with each other and specific items for one another. Next thing you know, we’re purchasing matching Burberry button-ups!

If you can’t get enough of their sisterhood of style, join them as they host the Total Trendsetter Posh Party tonight!

2 thoughts on “Posh Stories: Making BFFs on Poshmark!

  1. Hi yes just want to say I’ve met one of the greatest people I know, she is just the best, I’m not the same without her!
    For some reason posh put a block on my account, I’m not sure what happened, can you guys please help!
    I’m at yagurlova1

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