What Boxes Can Be Used to Ship Poshmark Sales

As you may know, Poshmark uses Priority Mail shipping labels for all Poshmark orders. But what boxes can you use to ship? We’re here to clear that up for you!

Priority Mail Boxes

USPS offers a line of FREE boxes and envelopes for Priority Mail customers. This packaging can be picked up at many Post Offices, but keep in mind that at some locations they may be kept behind the counter so you’ll have to ask for them. Don’t have time to go to the post office? No sweat! You can order supplies for free on USPS.com or on their free mobile app.


Your Own Packaging

If you have your own boxes or padded envelopes lying around, you are, of course, welcome to use them to ship your sales. We do caution that you are careful to cover or remove any old shipping labels, barcodes or addresses so that your package is properly delivered.

What Not to Use

USPS offers a variety of free packages for it’s different mail services. If you are using the boxes they provide, be sure you are not shipping in the boxes that are labeled ‘Express,’ ‘Flat Rate,’ or ‘Regional Rate’ as they will causes delivery delays and/or additional shipping fees.

As always, if you have questions about shipping or anything else, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re happy to help!

27 thoughts on “What Boxes Can Be Used to Ship Poshmark Sales

    1. Hi Ashley, shopping the USPS website by the Priority Mail category does require some scrolling to see the ones that don’t have Flat Rate options, but they are there. When shopping by the Boxes menu option, you can see more Priority Mail non Flat Rate options as well. We’ve updated the link to this category to make it easier.

    2. I’ve actually used those envelopes that you’re talking about and so have my friends. So far it works and my post office is okay with it.

    1. Hi Nicolette, Not fully knowing what kind of box this is, please note that you can use any sturdy box as long as past shipping information has been covered and the item is securely packaged to as not to be damaged upon arrival.

  1. Hi, Can I ship the shoe with the original shoe box? I would just wrap it in the brown shipping paper. Would that be ok?

    1. Hi Claire, shoe boxes aren’t always the sturdiest. Also, if the box was included as part of the sale, it might not arrive in the best condition. Please make sure to securely package the shoes and box so it will be protected en route.

    1. Hi Eh, we only advise that sturdy, well-packed boxes be used. Please ensure the contents are protected and can withstand the journey to the buyer. Also, if the shoe box was part of the purchase, it would be best to use another box.

    1. Hi Jessica, please ensure that the shoes are well protected in the box. It should also be sturdy enough to withstand the shipping process. Also, if the box was a selling point of the purchase, do your best to protect it.

  2. Box says priority mail but in the bottom coner it says medium flat rate box, is thus still a good box to use?

  3. Thanks for clearing up some of my confusion.

    I went yesterday and the woman told me I had to pay $2 for an envelope to ship in. But doesn’t the customer buy shipping? So I should get that Priority Mail box, shouldn’t I?

    1. Hi Niki, the buyer pays for shipping and you should receive the Priority Mail shipping label in the email confirmation. Affix this label securely to a box. You can request free shipping boxes from the USPS, but please make sure they’re Priority Mail and not Priority Mail Flat Rate. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ilse, If it was sent in a flat rate box, it may go through just fine, but if the wrong item was sent to the wrong buyer, that is another issue. At any rate, please reach out to support@poshmark.com and describe your situation to see how it might be resolved.

      1. If you’re using a flat rate box, will they still charge a fee (if so, how much) even if the package is 5lbs and under?

      2. Hi Julie, please do not use a flat rate box as this is a different class of mail than Priority Mail. When you make a sale, Poshmark will send you an email with the shipping label as an attachment and you don’t have to worry about paying for shipping.

    1. Hi Trish, USPS Priority Mail offers several size boxes that might fit a shoebox. Or you can also see what other boxes you may have at home. Please ensure that they are carefully packaged so that they arrive safely to the buyer.

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