What to Pack: Posh Party Edition!

Headed to Vegas and don’t have a clue what to pack? Let us be your guide to all things fashionable for PoshFest!

It wouldn’t a Poshmark event without a Posh Party, and we’re throwing our biggest one yet at PoshFest! This is the opportunity to get glitzed and glamoured in an outfit that makes you feel absolutely and stylishly you. We suggest that you pack:

1. A dress or outfit that makes you feel oh-so-Posh!

2. Darling heels or shoes that pops with each step

3. A clutch or purse that you can use to carry all your contact cards (from the friends you’ll be making)

4. A little bling to make you sparkle

5. The perfect lipstick to accessorize your gorgeous face!

Want to keep this inspiration with you where ever you shop? Feel free to PIN this outfit board to your Pinterest and follow ours for even more style inspiration!

If you want to join us in Vegas for PoshFest 2013, it’s still not too late to buy your ticket and dance the night away – Poshmark style! Check out our Eventbrite page for more information and tickets.

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