Friday Five: App-licious!

1. Ticket – check! Hotel – check! Cute outfits – double check! We hope that you are so excited for PoshFest 2013 that you’ve nabbed your Early Bird ticket and taken advantage of the discounted hotel rate. Just in case you haven’t – or need more information on PoshFest – check out our Events page!

Needing the extra $$ for Vegas? Lots of Posh ladies are selling their closets for PoshFest! So make use of those forgotten boots in the back of your closet and buy an Early Bird ticket before the price increases in 10 days!

2. While you’re enjoying your noontime coffee, upgrade your Poshmark app and enjoy the fun new features that will make your shopping and selling experience even more fabulous! If you’re curious what goodies we have in store for you, take a peek at our blog post on our App upgrade!


3. Pssst! Have you received your Posh Love Day yet? We are so smitten with our community that we want to show you some love… with a special discount – given on your own Love Day! Want more details on Posh Love Days? Check out our blog post with all the details!


4. We’re insta-lovin’ all our followers on Instagram. We reached 15k on Instagram this week, and it’s all thanks to you! Help us get to 20k and continue inspiring us to bring you the latest in style and sparkle! If you want glitz, glamour and more, follow us on Instagram!

Our #POSHSTYLE Instagram Giveaway continues for another week! It’s not too late to enter for a chance to win $50 in Posh Credits, so keep those hashtags comin’! For more information on how to enter, take a peek at our blog post!


5. On Friday (TGIF!), we’re especially inspired by little sound bites of wisdom that we find on our Pinterest. For this weekend, we’re going to enjoy the end-of-summer sun and remind ourself to always: 


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