Friday Five: Oh So Posh!

1. Want to have a girls getaway in Vegas with your Posh BFF? Take advantage of the early bird rate and the discounted hotel package available now for PoshFest 2013!

We want you to join us for our two-day fashion festival celebrating style, empowerment and – of course – you! For more details, visit our Events page.

2. What happens when you take a Poshmark purchase you love and add Instagram to it? Posh style! We’re absolutely loving the entries for this week’s #POSHSTYLE Giveaway. Let’s keep this style parade going and continue to tag your favorite Posh-styled purchases with “#POSHSTYLE”!

3. Posh Love Days are here! Since we appreciate all the love we get from our community every day, we want to dedicate a special day for you to receive a little gift from us! Are you excited for your Posh Love Day?

If you’re still wondering what Posh Love Days are, take a peek at our blog post about it!


4. Poshmark takes Texas! We’re visiting Dallas and Houston for an end-of-summer Texas Tour, and we can’t wait to Posh Party – Lone Star style – on the 14th and 15th! For more details, check out our blog post.


5. We’re always getting inspired by our favorite designers, and we want to share our favorite sound bites from them! For choosing your weekend outfits, remember:


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