Friday Five: Denver Darlings

1. Denver darlings, we had such an amazing time in Denver at our first ever Posh Party in Colorado! The fashion fervor is alive in the Mile High City, and we definitely won’t forget how fun it was to party with our Mountain West girls. Until next time!


2. If you enjoy lounging by the pool while reading fashion mags, you might have noticed us in the most recent copy of Seventeen! We’re so happy to be featured in a magazine that we know and love. So, if you ever browse by a newsstand this month, check us out in Seventeen.

3. Every Wednesday Poshmark is joining StyleCaster’s Twitter chat on fashion, #stylechat. We love talking about industry, fashion news, and our favorite trends with all our fellow fashionistas, and we’re inviting you to join us next Wednesday. For more info, stop by StyleCaster’s #stylechat page!


4. At PMHQ, we make it our business to follow style icons, even bite-sized ones. When we first saw pictures of Alexander Wang’s baby niece in her stylish rags, we absolutely melted. Now, on Instagram, Alonso Mateo is stealing our hearts with his undeniable swag and his #ootds. Check him out!


5. How do you spend your summer weekends? We dream of hanging out poolside, sipping fruity drinks, and spending afternoons picnicking with our puppies. Let us know in the comments below, and have a fabulous weekend!


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