Friday Five: Glimpse Conference, Viral Videos, and More!

1. At the Glimpse Conference this past week, our Founder & CEO, Manish Chandra did a dazzling job speaking on the Shopping Discovery Panel. The Glimpse Conference attendees loved so many of his insights that Twitter was buzzing all about it (as were we!).


2. Our happy Pinterest boards are in need of some of your lovin’, Posh community! If you are craving style trends for the summer, new beauty palettes, or even an inspiration board with only shoes, shoes, shoes, follow our Pinterest boards! Help us get to 2000 followers (we’re so close!) and keep spreading that undeniable Posh love.


3. This Posh user is spending her weekend, chillin’ in the best fashion … Poshmarking, keeping hydrated, and gaming! Goes to show you our users are beautiful, fit, and oh so fun! How are you spending your weekend? Share your weekend plans on Instagram! Also, while you’re Instagramming away this weekend, join us for our weekend parties galore!


4. Viral videos! We can’t get enough of them, and they are definitely a staple to our workday wonderland. For today’s video pick, we combined our love for viral videos and our not-so-guilty pleasure, reality shows, in one Jimmy Kimmel short for your Friday work break! 


5. From all of us at PMHQ to you, our Posh community, we want to wish you a happy Friday!


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