Friday Five: ABC Baltimore, Posh Packages, and More!

1. Hello, Baltimore! If you were watching the ABC News in Baltimore this week, you might have noticed a guest appearance by Poshmark in the evening news! Lots of love for Poshmark user and darling, Jackie, for lighting up the screen.


2. Tumblr darlings, we’re only a little bit away from 1,500 followers. We want to take this time to thank our community for making us feel so loved… and heard! Help us get to 1,500 by following us and spreading that love through reposts.


3. At PMHQ, we’re all about working hard and playing hard. Balance is so important to us that we make sure we have enough time for all our passions, Posh and otherwise. Check out this Refinery 29 article on how to schedule a balanced life in our busy, busy world. 


4. If you’re having some Poshmark success, send us pictures of your fabulous packaging by hashtagging poshpackages (#poshpackages) and we would love to feature some of them on our Instagram! They are just too cute to stay hidden on your phone!


5. Make weekend plans with us! Style is a 24/7 love affair, and so is Poshmark! Join us for our weekend parties with our oh-so-stylish hosts, Evelyne and Jillian.


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