Friday Five: SF Posh Party, YouTube Videos, and More

1. This last Wednesday we had another amazing live Posh Party in San Francisco. It was all thanks to our hometown Poshmark community of stylish ladies, energizing industry folks, and sensational bloggers. We’re already daydreaming of the next one!


2. Have you ever been asked “What is Poshmark?” You can send over our  new video “What is Poshmark?” on our YouTube channel to anyone whose ever been curious about us! Our lovely user, Rosalie, did such a spectacular job on screen. Click through the image to watch it!


3. Goodbye spring trends, hello summer prints! As the weather is warming up, we’re loving bold and beautiful style for the summer. Check out our Pinterest page for wild prints and more summer fashions!


4. At PMHQ, we work hard… and laugh hard, too! We especially love viral videos on YouTube during our mini snack breaks! Here’s one that we’re loving at the moment—can you say adorable?!


5. Spend the weekend with us and shop our amazing weekend parties! Just because the work week is over doesn’t mean great fashion isn’t being listed for sale! Join us on your phone or our party page on the web!


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