Posh Tip: Increase Your Followers, Increase Your Sales

Poshmark connects people from across the country (and now Canada!). The more followers you have, the higher the chances are that you will sell items from your closet. That’s why growing your following count is important. Here are some of our simple tips on how you can grow your Poshmark network:

 1. Search to find others like you

Use Poshmark’s search functionality and ‘My Size’ feature to find listings that are exactly your size. When you spot something you like, click through and check out the rest of the closet. You’ll come across plenty of people with a similar style who will also love to shop your closet, so follow and begin engaging with them!



2. Share the #PoshLove

Come across something that you like and you think others will like as well? Share it! Trust us when we say that the shares you help spread will get returned, which can result in new followers and sales!



3. Be active in Posh Parties

Make your presence known during a time when a high number of women are on Poshmark at the same time by joining, sharing, and engaging in Posh Parties! Everyone, not just your followers, can view your items and those you share in a Posh Party, so use this as an opportunity to recruit new closet followers. Just remember to stay in-theme when listing and sharing to the parties!


4. Recruit your real world friends to join Poshmark

Encourage your friends to join Poshmark so they can list their own items, follow you, and shop your closet! Your closet name is your invite code.



5. Take advantage of social media

Make Poshmark a part of your regular social media routine to help build viral buzz for your Poshmark closet and activity. Added a new listing? See a pair of shoes you think one of your social media friends would like? Shipping out sales with extra-cute packaging? Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to spread the word and connect.


58 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Increase Your Followers, Increase Your Sales

  1. How do you find your post when you post on parties?
    Also, why can’t I post certain things ex: make up…. When I see other people posting the same name brand?

  2. Hello I am selling jewelry and phone accessories but I can not much sell here.I follow poshers , I share my listing followers and posh parties too.but I can not sell. I see many sellers have good jewelleries sell. So my question is they are advertising there jewelry product? Any one help to me. ( my closet name is eiziwear)

  3. I deletedy close before and now I made a new one, the problem that I am having Now is that I’m receiving so many followers but no likes or comments ony products. I’ve followed the tips but I think it’s strange.

      1. Hi Asia, Poshmark is a social app that’s about women’s fashion. So you can expect to gain more followers over time. It’s one way to get exposure for your closet. These don’t always translate into comments or likes. As for advice to get more interactions on your items, keep sharing to your followers and to parties and ensure you have good photos and item descriptions to help your items get discovered. Good luck!

    1. I say sharing other peoples stuff does nothing for sales, I used to share a ton then I stopped to se if it would affect my sales and it didn’t!! I say list every day is the real key & and good titles

  4. I join Postmark in May 2015.. I have to say I am doing fantastic. The folks I have been selling too have been so understanding and amazing. So far I have had repeat buyers. So again thank you all. I look forward to another fantastic month.. Love Poshmark

  5. I really love POSH and how great the people are especially love how active things are at POSH

  6. Hi, I’ve been very happy with Posh and my sales are very good. As a SU, I’ve been mentoring and welcoming newer Poshers. Is there any way Poshmark could start sending the weekly blog out as an online newsletter to everyone? That way, all essential info & updates isn’t missed by us. So many people still don’t know you have a blog. I think it would be a great idea 🙂

    1. Hi Dorothy, thanks for the feedback! We’re always looking to help new and longtime Poshers alike to make the most of their Poshmark experience.

  7. Hi, I am a new Posher as well. I am excited this is something that I always wanted to do. I am having problems with the Twitter and tumblr how to sign up for it. And I want to be clear on the following. It seems like it started and stopped. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Lucretia, you would need to create separate Twitter and Tumblr accounts in order to be able to share your items on those platforms. They are not required to use Poshmark, just a fun extra. If you need more help, please reach out to support@poshmark.com and someone will be happy to assist you.

  8. Hi I’m a newbie at poshmark..and I’m just wondering how long will it for you to have your first sales.?thank you.
    Very excited

  9. Hi, I am new to Poshmark and just learning the ropes. Enchantedthread is the name of my closet. My daughter got me started and has been a big help, I am looking forward to my first sale! Thank you for posting tips on all the topics, I find them very helpful and informative. I have had a customer ask me if I offer expedited shipping, is there an option for that?

  10. I’m a new posher and looking to make my first sales ! Please try and help, nearly and lol of my things and lure brand new and name brand (: my posh name is shopping101234

  11. Ok but here is a Question. I have been following everyone I can and I have 11k that I am following but how I get people to follow me? I play all the follow games and I have ran out of ideas. Please help. Thank you!!💕

  12. im really enjoying Posh, have made a great friend on here, however I’m disappointed ,I figured out to do some research before purchasing , a lot of what I’ve already purchased has been on sale on the original sites & I’ve ended up paying more here, I will keep Poshing , I’ll just continue to research my purchases better ! Especially when buying make up, it’s almost always trial / sample sizes ! Live,learn & Posh on !!!!

    1. I just joined and saw thid same thing your talking about!! Ive worked in stores that get new items at discount(marshalls, Ross, TjMaxx) i hope thes ladies know if their caught they will be charged with multiple charges!! I had a manager that was buying clothes to sell on ebay.. He was caught, fired, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Just a kind warning to anybody doing this!!

      1. i am confused by your comment. Was he charged bc he was an employee? People participate in retail arbitrage all the time on Amazon. I have sold clothes on posh mark that were final sale and I couldn’t return.

      2. Yes i to am confused…..he would of been charged for being an employee NOT for being a bargain shopper who then goes and sells in their closet to make a few bucks….pretty sure thats the name of the game ! Otherwise no money would EVER be made!!!!. And different store have different prices ALL the time!!! Its the buyers job to make sure they are getting the best deal….☆

  13. I dont know how to bundle! Can someone give me tips on how to bundle? Also, i have no “offer” option available to post on my listings. Is there something i am missing?

    1. Bundling is when a buyer wants two or more of your items. If someone says they want to bundle “item 1″ and”item 2” You make a separate listing for them to purchase including the items they want. This way they get multiple items but only pay once for shipping. A lot of girls give a discount on bundle. I do 15-20% the total cost but thats up to you. Hope this helps💖

    1. Follow follow follow! The more people you follow, the more people how follow you, the more people who see your listings. Also SHARE! You can virtually go into any poshers closet and share, and they will return the favor!

  14. My issue is the weather. I live in Connecticut. The weather has snowed almost everyday. We get delays, closings, I have 3 kids. So i don’t always get my packsging out as fast as as I want them to . I am usually very good about about same day delivery and next day. I apologize to my buyers. That is the snow, ice keeping me a a day or two behind. I warms up promise when it finally up I will deliver that day or next day

    1. The weather has caused issues for many of us at different time times since we are from all over the country and there’s such a broad range of climates across our nation. I live in the country in Oklahoma where the road is red clay in many areas between my house and the post office and when it rains enough(which isn’t a whole lot) to wet certain sections of the road, I don’t like to risk driving to town and possibly getting stuck or going into a ditch so I will schedule a pickup with usps online fir the next day and it’s always free for Poshmark items!

    1. I love it so much fun and easy. The people our great and understand when I touch base with them about the delivery and what is going on. So again my deepest apologies for items not coming as fast as they should. I will work in that. Thanks for your support and patients. I am new to site. I just started about a month ago

    2. Hi guys so I’ve been on here a while . It took a long time to make my first sale it’s not always easy and my first purchase was in such bad damage it was unusable. I didn’t know that for damaged good you could file complaint. That being said I sadly gained 30 lbs very rapidly and have to sell everything I own almost to not only buy new things that fit but also because my car broke down I’m widowed w two children so I use any and all money to pay bills but occasionally I buy on here too. I price things as in relation to there supply if limited edition they are priced higher some go even higher. Sometimes I trade but usually only because I think I want something. Trades are fine w posh but you cannot get your money back so do your research on sellers. All in all I’m able to pay down debts w this and sell off clothing that may never sadly fit again 💔 I’m very happy w this site and the people remember clear flattering photos are best it helps if you post a nice selfie although I prefer anonymous. But I thank you posh and everyone on here don’t worry sales will come if stressed take a break and just wait for sales and follow posh ambassador and anyone you like they might not follow back but it’s their loss and sometimes they are selling dollar tree items anyway lol. Don’t forget it is not a communist country we are retailers and capitalistic except for my used clothing in exc condition which is very cheap and often I have major sales

  15. Hola! I am new…so excited to be part of the Posh family. I love the creativity and enthusiasm this brings. I am looking forward to making my first sale. However, I am still learning the ropes, so all suggestion are welcomed.

    1. Me too! I’m new also . II was wondering how joining the Party,s work? I’ve joined some and share other’s items so far. Do they see any of mine? Not sure what is going on lol thx for any help

  16. thank you for the tips! I’m loving the site:) made my first sale the same day I joined! Thanks Poshmark

    1. Go to Staples. It’s 11 cents to have them print a shipping label. If you don’t have a staples find another copy/print store or go to your local library.

    2. Would be nice to be able to delete the thousands of messages I have taking up space on my phone.

  17. you need a feature to tag users in your blogs. Many people miss them or don’t know where to find them. It is an easy way to mentor newbies. Just let us tag them on your articles/tips

    1. Cathy, I couldn’t agree more! I’m new and seeking advice, but other than this I can’t figure out who to ask that are “real” poshers.. do you mind me asking how to find your blog?

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