The Posh Glossary: Common Abbreviations and Phrases

Below are common abbreviations and phrases found on Poshmark:

  1. Posher: A member of the Poshmark community. They most-likely have an addiction and/or obsession to Poshmark, opening the app and attending Posh Parties multiple times a day.
      • Seller Stylist: Every seller on Poshmark is a Seller Stylist, not only selling their personal style, but also curating looks for their customers
  2. Feed: Your Feed is the first tab in the Poshmark app that allows you to see the activity for the people you follow, including new listings and listings they share. 
  3. Following: Following another person on Poshmark means that you love their style and want to see their new listings, as well as the listings they share on your main Feed. To follow someone, click the blue ‘Follow’ button at the top-right hand corner of a closet. You can keep track of who you’re following at the top of your Poshmark closet. 
  4. Followers: Followers are the people on Poshmark who love your style and are keeping track of your closet. Every time you add something new to your closet or share a listing, your followers will see this activity on their main Feed. You can see your follower count and who they are at the top of your Poshmark closet.

  5. Covershot: A Covershot is the very first photo in a listing – and first impressions definitely count, so be sure to wow potential buyers by including a gorgeous Covershot in your listings! We find that if you wear your item in your Covershot to show how you would style it, the chances of selling your item are much greater.Posh-Glossary-Covershot 
  6. Posh Party: Posh Parties are virtual shopping parties that happen in the Poshmark app four times a day. Join the Team Posh and Seller Stylists across the country for a Party where you can share your listings to all Party goers, shop other Party goers’ listings, and discover new people (and their closets) to follow. We have brand-themed and category-specific Parties during the day, and trend-themed Parties in the evening.Posh-Glossary-Parties
  7. Posh Party Showrooms: Curated collections of products that are added to or shared to a Posh Party, making it easier for you to discover and shop for new fashions and trends. 
  8. Host Picks: A special Showroom in our evening Posh Parties where bloggers, rockstar community members, the Poshmark Team, and other style addicts are hand-selected to scout listings throughout Poshmark that are relevant to the Parties’ themes and curate them for you to shop in place. 
  9. PFF: Posh Friend Forever. There’s nothing quite like the friendships made on Poshmark! 
  10. Bundle: When a buyer wants to purchase a few items from one particular seller, the buyer can ask the seller to create a bundle. The new bundled listing will be priced to include multiple items, but the buyer only has to hit the buy button (and pay for shipping) once. Learn more about Posh Bundle. 
  11. Reserve: The yellow ‘Reserve’ flag automatically appears on a listing when a buyer clicks on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the listing. It remains there for 10 minutes while they enter their information and complete the purchase. 
  12. BOGO: Buy one, get one. Example uses: “Buy one, get one 50% off!” and “Buy one, get one free!” 
  13. NIB: New in box. 
  14. NWT: New with tags. 
  15. Boutique: An item that has been purchased directly from a brand or distributor and is being sold for the first time. 
  16. NWOT: New without tags. 
  17. TTS: True to size. 
  18. OBO: Or best offer. 
  19. OS: One size. 
  20. EUC: Excellent used condition. 
  21. ISO: In search of. 
  22. CCO: Closet Clear Out. Special promotions that happen for a limited time only. When Closet Clear Out is happening, head to your Poshmark closet and drop the price of your items by at least 10% of the lowest historical price. This will send a six-hour-long shipping discount to all your Likers! 
  23. MDD: Make a Deal Day. Special promotions that happen for a limited time. To participate, tap the Price Drop button on any listing and select Offer to Likers. Next, drop the price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing. Plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win prizes! 
  24. LLC: Love or List Challenge.  Special promotions that happen for a limited time. Create a new listing to be automatically entered to win prizes. Earn an additional entry for every item you list—the more you list, the better your chances of winning! 
  25. OTL: Offer to Likers. An awesome Poshmark seller tool: start with the Price Drop button on any listing and select Offer to Likers. Next, you’ll need to drop the price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing.

174 thoughts on “The Posh Glossary: Common Abbreviations and Phrases

  1. When sharing I wish I didnt have to click on the picture and scroll all the way down to share,I wish it was easier and quickly so I may be able to share more!its a hasle when you have to do multiple steps

      1. Hi Ela, when on a listing, try clicking the action icon on the top right corner of the screen. You can find a link to share there. Hope that helps!

  2. Please add “EUC”and “PFF” to your glossary – it will help new people.
    Also if you could direct me to the specs for a “suggested user” and a party “co-host” I would appreciate it. Or add it if it’s not there but I’m sure it must be – I just can’t find it. I am Posh compliant, I do understand that’s the main thing. Thanks so much!

  3. Poshmark, please, please consider lowering your commission fees. 20% is quite high, as I’m sure the higher-ups can afford their new Mercedes now. Be kind & lower yor fees. This would exponentially boost ratings and users. Poshmark may even end up being bigger than eBay if this was done.

  4. It would be convenient to be able to view your comments(an item you’ve commented on in one place). There’s often times when I comment on an item then forget about it and purchase another

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for the suggestion. We will pass it along to the team. In the meantime, you can always like an item and it will be saved under My Likes so you can keep track of them. Plus, you can also get a notification if the seller drops the price of the item.

  5. Hi. I keep getting notifications that people are following me, but I don’t have any listings…can you explain this? Thanks.

  6. What is OS? I have noticed this is in the place of size which is telling me nothing because I do not know what this abbreviates. I was hoping I would find it in the Posh Glossary. If it is there, I am not seeing it.

    Thank you

  7. Doesn’t OBO stand for “Or Best Offer”? “Or Better Offer” sounds like the buyer would offer more, and I don’t know anyone in their mind who would offer more than what the seller is asking.

  8. I recently joined Poshmark and love looking at all the items. Is there any other way to make contact with a seller other than the comment section? I have left two comments over the last 8 hours and have not gotten a return comment. I am very interested in the item and want to buy it – but I also need to know how soon I will get the item.

      1. Hi Cheryl, it can be frustrating waiting for them to get back to you! Has far has how long it takes to receive an item, really depends on when it was shipped and the Postal service. but it gives you a tracking number. I received items in about 4-5 days after shipment! My buyer experience the same when purchasing from me! Hope this helps! 😊👠👜 happy Poshing!

  9. hello : )
    Wanted to start off by saying “I LOVE POSH”. I have only been on posh for a week now if that, and I am absolutely excited to sign in and see what all my fellow posh friends are sharing and selling : )
    Recently I have switched phones and to my disbelief POSHMARK wasn’t an option on amazon shop? Is there a way POSH could fix that? : ) I want my posh app back lol

  10. I have had two different individuals cancel purchases the following day. I have already boxed up their purchases and printed out the labels. It is just by luck that I haven’t mailed them off. What happens if I have sent it off and then the buyer wants to cancel? I really don’t think it is fair to have people keep backing out of sales after the three hour mark, but one told me she would have sent it back anyway.

  11. Hi,
    I really wish “Sold” items could be marked as such or removed – as to not clog up the searching etc. I know you can filter “Available” or “Sold”, but there are MANY listing that just say “sold” or “not available” within the title. OR the MANY items that have been sold, but are not labeled at all. It’s frustrating to have to ask seller’s if the item is still available before an offer or purchase. Many times there is never a reply. Just seems like there might be a much better way.

    1. Hi there, Thanks for sharing your feedback. We always appreciate input from the Poshmark community. Rest assured that you can cancel any purchase after 7 days without shipment and you will receive a full refund.

      1. Understood, but having your money tied up for 7 days is unnecessary and inconvenient. There just seems like Poshmark can introduce an improved method for active listings.

  12. I find it confusing when clicking on an item under a searched designer/brand, the lister is posting in comments that in fact this item is not by that designer but listed as such “for visibility.” That seems misleading. If I purchased such an item and then wanted to return it, would that be accepted by Postmark?

    1. Hi Rina, These types of descriptions are not supported by Poshmark, and you can read more about them here: It’s always helpful for us if you report these listings. As a buyer, it’s good to ask in advance to make sure it’s actually the brand you want. You can also read more about our Posh Protect program here:

    2. I am so sick of sellers doing that! Listing items under a false brand “for visibility”. Not only is it against the rules but it’s a pain in the butt for buyers who are looking for a specific brand. Guess what I don’t want your item to be visible when I’m shopping for free people and your item “reminds you of free people and you want visibility”. Second it’s not fair to the sellers who follow the rules! Don’t you think we all want visibility on all our items? But guess what if we did that than it would be pointless to even search by brand! Stop doing this!!! I report you everytime and I wish poshmark would start actually doing something about it. I’ve emailed them twice about a certain closet and nothing is done about it!

  13. I often look for jewelry to purchase on the site. I would love the Jewelry Category to give you further choices; such as Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, and Pins. It would certainly cut down on the amount of listings one has to look through in order to find what type of Jewelry the buyer is looking to purchase.

    1. Hi Lynda, if your looking for costume jewelry, I have plenty on my page. Laurentrue61 . All are made by me, smokefree invironment. All bracelets are 925 Silver, and in the style of Pandora. Please look me up! I give great discounts on bundles and my jewelry are in many styles and colors. Happy Poshing!

  14. I always want to follow #rules. I am new to this site and people want to trade with me. I have done it once. Is that allowed? Some people say it is allowed and some people say it is not. Can you clarify?

    1. Hi Candace! Thanks for the feedback! We will pass it along to the team as we strive to continuously improve the Poshmark shopping experience.

    1. Hi Sharon, it usually means One Size. If it’s on an item that you are considering buying, it always helps to ask the seller just in case.

  15. There is a term or abbreviation I coined and used when I posted my notice for my first time Co-Hosting a Poshmark Party (March 13, 2015) and that is a P.R.O. (Posh Rules Only). The only way you were going to get chosen for a Host Pick by me was if you were a PRO!! 🙂

  16. I am very surprised that Poshmark has not changed the definition for “poshmarker”! Your definition has a very negative connotation, and make us “poshers” not want to use the app as much. I would think, because of the amount of money your company makes off of each sale, that you would want your users to be utilizing the app as much as possible. Putting them down by saying they have an “addiction” makes a lot of us not respect the integrity of this company.

    1. Hi Jamie, I say “speak for yourself” the term “Poshmarker” doesn’t bother me in the least! It’s not who they call, it’s what you respond to that matters!

      1. I’m new but I agree. Why does everyone have to be so sensitive to simple words. When my husband ask what I am looking at, or doing I say I’m poshing! He has never been happy if I garage sale or thrift shop, but that came in handy fot the 18 yrs I was a single mom. Don’t be so sensative or embarrassed by words.

      2. Yes I agree, ” Poshmarker” is not dorragatory at all to me! Would you not call a person who jogs a ” Jogger” or a person who watches birds a ” Birdwatcher”? So what’s wrong with calling a person who enjoys this site a ” Poshmarker”? If the site is bad, then I could understand, but this is a wonderful site and I’m glad to be here’s! Just call me a ” Poshmarker”!

  17. can you add a “hide from feed” feature? I love most things that are posted, but there are a few “over posts” of certain items that have made me actually quit following a person.

  18. Hello! I am new to Posh Mark and trying to learn quickly how to buy and how to sell. I thought that I read somewhere that only authentic items are allowed? If so, why are there counterfeit items being sold? I have seen in many of the Gucci/Louie closets people asking if these items are authentic and the seller replies no. Could you please explain the protocol for this. Is there a way to report someone if the item that they are selling is fake? Thank you!

    1. Hi Crystal, there is a report feature on each listing. While we diligently wori to ensure only authentic items are on Poshmark, we rely on the community’s help in reporting inauthentic items. In the app, the button is in the top right corner.

  19. Hi, I love poshmark! .. just wish there were more we could do with our page such as edit our layout by dragging the sold items or gathering to sort the items by categorizing on the page to be more presentable or appealing to other poshnista’s… By doing this through the actual computer! Also removing the likes once there sold to be more organized not a reminder of something we liked sold already I know you can do one by one but really that takes all day.. One last suggestion to be able to like images by double tapping is easier and cool or even hovering over image with options to comment or like without having to go in to click image and deleting or editing comments people make errors all the time! All these would be Great to pass down to you guys team! 👌🙏😊☺
    -speaking for me and my fellow poshsisters/friends out there! 🙌😉😎

  20. Maybe removing our “liked” items when it’s sold. That way the item(s) that we have liked aren’t just taking up room, and it will be easier and faster for us to scroll through. ….Something to consider?

    1. Hi Poshers! Someone mentioned removing sold items from our closet, I don’t think that’s a good idea! I like being able to see the many items that a fellow Posher has sold! I also like for my perspective buyers to see what I’ve have sold!

  21. I made and offer and it was accepted so where do I go pay for it??? There is no direction on where to go to pay!!! HELP it’s very confusing!!!

  22. I would like to be considered to host a party. What process does poshmark use to pick hosts for parties? I’ve seen the same people host multiple times. I don’t feel it’s an shared opportunity!

    1. Thank you!! I’ve wondered this for a long time, myself…. Why isn’t there any info on HOW to host the parties? 😕 ? Can only certain people host the parties? It would be great to understand how this process works… 👍😉

  23. Why does poshmark not accept paypal? I feel it is more secure than entering credit card numbers not knowing who is on the receiving end of them

    1. I also agree with this too why not PayPal and why should we pay so much for shipping even when the weight is so low . I get this from the post office all the time that we are over paying with the shipping . Some packages are not even a lb and we still paying too much

      1. On top of posh getting 20% which I seriously think it’s too much . The only thing I like about this is that there no problem with the labels . All we do is print them😉

  24. IT Wish List – I did turn my device off & back on (haha)…
    – I have an andriod phone (HTC ONE) & can’t seem to use any of my emoticons (SP?) (like the US flag if something is made in America or a bottle / baby if something is for nursing or maternity).
    – I would like the ability to ‘like’ someone’s comment & the ability to edit a comment I have made (like forgetting to add a ‘thank you’ or something).
    – I would like for the POSH camera to be more user friendly (close-up, size, etc).
    – More space for blah blah when describing a product.

    Non IT related:

    Are wholesalers allowed? It seems like there are a lot of ‘people’ who sell mass sizes of the same product.

    Love this site! Thank you!

  25. I think Poshmark should take the time to not post things so quickly, but to check to see if they are within the Guidelines. This way things that are not allowed, used bathing suits….ewww……used make-up…..eww………. would be rejected and other things too.

    1. Hello, We do our best to moderate those items that don’t follow guidelines, but don’t currently have a pre-moderation system. Once a user uploads an item, it’s live. We appreciate the help of the community to report listings.

  26. To begin with, I LOVE POSH! I have been Poshing since October 2014 and have NOT been disappointed AT ALL.
    Here is my “wish list” for your IT-Posh-Staff to consider to help make it easier for me to POSH on.
    A. I wish, the camera you currently have for POSH would enable me to turn the picture around vertically and horizontally. Also be able to bring closer or farther away.
    I usually end up using my own picture, but I still run into problems fitting MY picture into your picture app. What settings should I be using to fit my picture into your picture app? The option of Text to the pictures would be nice also.

    B. I wish, your IT-Posh-Staff could design our pages so that I would not have to go through each picture to place it exactly where I want it. I guess I am very particular how I want to present my page, and when I add a new item(s) it messes up my page layout to enter the item(s) exactly where I want them.

    C. I wish, your IT-Posh-Staff could take out their magic wands and also make it possible for me to share my whole page at one time, or not.

    Your IT Staff, I know are probably already thinking, collaborating on these ideas. I wanted to relay my ideas to you because I truly feel this would enable me to add more items quicker and easier. I know you want all of us to be happy Poshers and you can’t please us all…LOL. I appreciate you, I really do!

    Thank you for this forum which allows me to express what I am thinking and/or needing to make my closet better. Thank you for creating this concept, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of

  27. I totally agree with Chrystal Belle on this, It takes so much work to share your closet to a party imagine if you have 500 post items which means you have to individually shares what you have on your closet 500 times…I think the apps should have that options maybe like next to your closet to have a tab on each of the items to check all and uncheck what you want to sell or not or a dropdown list or something vs sharing it individually. I think it would be nice to have that options. It takes so much work to share your closet one at the time.

  28. I think it would be nice if we could be able to click one button to share all items at one time, then unclick what we don’t want to share. Maybe when you get better with the app, we can remotely share items when clicking into parties and the app would automatically not share our sold items.

  29. I think there needs to be a rule that only actual photos of the item to be sold can be uploaded. So many people on here use professional advertising photos rather than what they have in their closet. I find this to be very misleading. A professional photo does not show rips, holes,pilling, wear etc. I want to see EXACTLY what the seller is selling not a company photo. Thanks

    1. I agree if it is a used item, however I own a boutique and so have prof images to use so would not want to not be able to use those for a brand new item 🙂

    2. Yes, yes I agree! I can’t stand when a seller uses different pics than what they are selling, it’s Soo misleading!

      1. Can’t agree more-I see a huge problem with a cover photo being of a “like” or “similar” item, but not actually the same designer or even the same style listed in pics below..for example, the cover photo is of a tan colored blazer in a different designer and different style than the one actually being sold…that’s the worst! It shouldn’t be allowed & is a prime example of wasting a shoppers time. Poshmark should make a post and be much more thorough in explaining this-it’s false advertising.

    3. That’s my only real problem. The site gives you access to find gems you can’t really find otherwise but some of these sellers are blatantly misrepresenting their items because it’s harder for the buyer to get a refund. Now I know to ask thorough questions – and get more pics.

    4. As long as the actual stock photo of the item is being used, I see no problem. I always add a picture of the actual item as well. Stock photos are what get people interested in the item. You need to check out your seller before you buy. If they have a bunch of love notes and seem like they have been doing this for awhile, there most likely not going to miss represent what they are selling. Always ask questions and if your are uncomfortable ask for extra pictures but don’t request that sellers shouldn’t be able to use stock photos. That’s not fair to the seller. Thanks

    1. Hi DiaMarie, when bundling an item, typically you create a new listing with the images of both items and say in the title that it’s a bundle for a specific person. Once the bundle has sold, you change the original listings as Not for Sale. You can also mark items as Not for Sale and add “hold” to the listing title when holding an item for someone. If you need any further help, please reach out to

  30. It would be nice to have a share all button, instead of one item at a time. I believe sharing your whole closet and other closets would be an asset. More out there more often. Thanks

    1. There is! while looking through a closet, pull the right side border to ward the middle. there will be options there to share a whole closet.

      1. @emt123, I’ve tried that and nothing happens. I’m using an iPhone 4s. You’re pulling the right side of the screen?

  31. Hi!! I’ve noticed people making “offers” on items in my closet. Is there an option to turn off offers? Thank you! Love Yall Poshmark! Krestyn Blair

  32. It would be great to spell check listings, or sort items under colors, fabric, sleeve length etc.. Currently we have to rely on the seller to adequately describe (and correctly spell said description) the item so it shows up in our search. This required me to dredge through every listing of brand XYZ to find what I’m looking for, which is seriously unnecessary. Common: “sequenced” instead of sequin, faux leather vs real leather, “razor back” instead of racer back, plaid vs gingham vs checked vs houndstooth vs tweed, grey vs gray, beige vs camel vs taupe vs tan, etc..

    1. I totally agree, especially with the colors. There have been several times where I was looking for a certain color shirt and had to scroll through dozens of listing.

  33. Thank you so much for this guide. I’m pretty new to this and there were things you cleared up for me. 😀

  34. Hello Poshmark!
    I cannot upload the pics from the website? Sometimes I rather use my laptop instead of my phone and it does not allow me to upload the pics from the website. I have tried in several occasions and it doesn’t work.
    Please help.
    Thank you

      1. For myself it gets hard to see very well on my phone or tablet. I would LOVE to be able to have the larger computer screen to edit my listings ect. I know other ladies have trouble seeing items on the phone too as I’ve been asked to make larger photos ect.

      2. Thanks for the feedback! We will pass it along to the team. Stay tuned as we’re always trying to improve the Poshmark experience.

      3. I just joined recently, and have found out my phone is not compatible with Poshmark
        : ( what phone besides I-phone works….can someone please help….any suggestions..?

      1. Julie,

        Any iPhone’s or Android’s should work just fine. I believe you need a smartphone in order to use Poshmark on your phone properly.

      2. Yes, I totally agree with the cell phone vs. computer deal. I too have pretty poor vision-that’s one issue. And yes, another big one is the typing. I don’ t mind typing a text or an occasional something short but when I sit down to list twenty items or edit twenty items weekly for a sale or whatever, it gets kinda frustrating. It really just seems pretty _ _ _ backwards to me from the “get go”. Normally it seems all/most things are on computer and then people ask “when you gonna bring it to phone”? Phone option is nice sometimes…sitting in doctor office-sure! Edit those 20 items now! Again wish it was for my computer and phone was just that….AN OPTION.

      3. I list on my laptop using blue stacks. It’s a program you go through which makes your laptop think it’s a smartphone. Works well. Works a little different but I get much more done using it. It works for other sites as well that will only go through apps on smartphones/devices. You download it then download apps on to it

  35. I didn’t see an answer to the question as to how to clear our “likes” page. Any explanations? thank you, Kalle

    1. reclick on the liked items till they are unhearted, then click on the top end right hand side of your search bar at the end where the arrow is turning to the right in a circular motion, That should refresh your page and only the ones that you didn’t unlike will remain. Any time you ‘UNHEART’ any item it will go away after you leave the page.

      1. FINALLY!! THE ANSWER TO UNLIKING multiple items.
        THANK YOU!
        THANK YOU!
        THANK YOU!
        What about automatic UNLIKING when item is Sold?

      2. I personally wouldn’t want an item to automatically be deleted from my like after it’s sold. Often I will keep sold items in my likes for styling purposes, to find it in the future, price comparison, etc.

  36. I don’t understand why a return takes so long to be approve? when we make a purchase our money is taken right away! I make a purchase of 2 pairs of sunglasses that are clearly replicas, very good replicas, but nothing compares to the real thing…still hasn’t receive the return label…it sucks!!!

    1. My suggestions:
      1. Require sellers to list item condition, flaws- if any, and at least 4 of their OWN photos (not stock photos)
      It’s really upsetting when half my orders end up being returns because the seller lies about the condition of the items. Or just “forgets” to mention any stains,rips, etc.
      Then I have to worry if my return will be approved or not and if I’ll be stuck with an item that’s gross.

      2. PLEASE make Item condition a must! That way people CAN’T list pre-owned underwear! That’s really unhygienic.. If they list pre-owned then list in the underwear category couldn’t posh give them an instant automated error message stating that those listing are not allowed?
      3. Sub categories. If I want to look at jewelry can I just check a little box saying if I want rings, earrings, etc? There needs to be more advanced searching or it takes forever to find anything.
      4. Customer Service. The emailing takes forever and sometimes you’re lucky if you even get someone to respond to you. Live chat would be much faster and could deal with problems/concerns in minutes instead of days/weeks. And maybe a phone number later down the road?
      Last but not least let me turn off notifications for pm editors. Thanks.

      1. Poshmark needs to upgrade it’s services for SURE! with the kind of money they are making they should at least have the common courtesy to invest in a real CUSTOMER SERVICE either through a live chat or TO ANSWER THE PHONE which they never do even if you do find a so call ‘Posh Mark’ contact phone number and since they really don’t have a ligit one many sellers have lost lots of money by buyers lying about the items they received etc, so Posh Mark they get to keep THEIR 20% cut and the buyer keeps the item while the sellers losses all that money+the muchandise!!! great INJUSTICE something is very wrong with this picture here. Everyone should DEMAND accurate and responsible customer service from this growing company.

      2. I agree with fully with your #1!! I feel it would be so much easier if there was another option when listing your item for the condition description, like you put the category, size, brand, NWT, and then another option for condition out of 10, something new would be 10/10 something worn once 9/10..ect…ect…ect! also yeah I understand people like stock photos to see what it looks like on but to be completely honest I hate it, using 1 stock photo and 3 of your own photos is fine but when they’re all stock photos the first thing that comes to mind is 1.) what are they hiding about the item or 2.) they don’t even have it……

        also I’m getting really sick of seeing people buy stuff off of amazon or online for sale and then they turn around and sell it for 3-4 times the amount they paid…I asked a lady if she’d take $20 for a pair of leggings that she had listed for $60…she got upset with me and called me a “low baller”…I got so mad that I went on Amazon and found the exact same leggings she was selling and they were priced at $8.99 and free 2 day shipping(I pay for Amazon Prime every year), she also used the Amazon stock photos. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to take a couple of your own pictures, I really don’t think anyone should be allowed to use stock photos unless it’s just one photo, and 3 of their own photos

  37. I absolutely agree !!! It is quite the task to try and rove items from your “likes”. Once you remove an item you’re automatically returned to the top every single time. Then you have to go back, all the way through, and try to find where you left off !! It is so annoying and time consuming !!! You should be able to remove an item without loosing your place !!!

      1. Hi Poshers and Poshmark!
        First I think it’s rude that Poshmark didn’t reply to my January 17th blog! But I think too that it would be nice if we could like a poshers items without having to click into it. When we see the item, the like button should be there and we can just like it!

      2. …..just wondering, would the back button (I’m on a laptop) do anything to put you back to where you were? I have found that though I can only edit with my cell, it is easier and faster to join–share– parties with a laptop. I haven’t seen anywhere else give this recommendation

      3. Hi Teri, thanks for the feedback! We will pass it along to our team. One thing we recommend if you’d like to keep your place is to open a link in a new tab within your browser. This can easily be done by right clicking on the link.

    1. I really would love to sort or filter my likes according to seller. It is there a way? Also, how can I organize my closet by groupings such as: SOLD ITEMS or a y group name a seller chooses.

  38. Poshmark is a great app to have. But, as a new member, it might be helpful to have a clearer explanation a “Host Pick”, how to get one, or rather how it begins, and what is required from one that is chosen as a “Host Pick”. It still doesn’t explain what the invited “Host Pick” is supposed to do. Do they have to be active on the app during the time of the “evening party”? I can’t find this information anywhere.

    1. Hi CC. Each evening party has hosts and when they share items to the party, it goes into the Host Pick Showroom. Thus, it is designated as a host pick. Hope that helps.

  39. Need a better way to clear my likes.. Have to many. When I unlike a listing that had Been sold it takes me to the top.

    1. I agree, the “likes” should at least include all the available filtering criteria we have to sort through closets. It’s very cumbersome to go through them all and unlike sold items, especially when it takes you all the way fo the top of the “likes” page again. If I’m also looking for a specific jacket or top I’ve liked, I would like to be able to easily find it instead of sorting through page upon page.

    2. What I do is get on a computer and go to the website it will show all your likes at once and unlike them easily!

      1. When you get to your likes page you can filter it to only show available listings.

    1. Hi Cynthia, You’ll likely need to rotate your image through another application, as Poshmark doesn’t currently allow image rotation edits when uploading profile images.

      1. When will you fix this? It’s a huge drag. Photos that are upright in phone come up upside down in Poshmark app. Rotating them in phone gallery does not fix problem. Please add a rotate feature ASAP.

  40. Terms like addiction signify a clinical condition. It may be offensive to some to use them so loosely as to imply that attending posh parties would meet criteria as such.
    It may be more respectful of those who truly do suffer to refrain from using the terms as cute endearments.

    1. ITA. The definition for the term “Poshmarker” sounds like a negative thing… and now I feel guilty for frequently using the app.

    2. I work in the field so can speak from experience when I say I don’t know anyone who suffers from addictions who would be so sensitive as to find the word’s use here offensive. These brave souls have struggled in life & death situations & look for light & humor in whatever they can. I actually brought this up in group, out of curiosity. I can honestly say none could have cared less. As one young lady put it, “Lots of people are addicted to something. I wish mine was shopping”.

      1. I agree with you. I never thought anything of the catch word addict related to fashion. And real addiction is a long road and struggle. We don’t discuss it as this is not really the place.

      2. Well said. And I agree. I love to shop. And the word addiction doesn’t offend me.

      3. As a recovering addict myself I do not find any of the word use offensive in any way.

      4. I agree with Tankar… Except, I’m afraid my “addiction” would most likely be “shopping!” Love fashions, shoes, hand bags!!!!! Oh yes!!!

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