Shop Your Favorite Brands on Poshmark!

Did you know that you can shop all of your favorite brands on Poshmark? That’s right – Poshmark is your one-stop shop for amazing products at even more amazing prices (added bonus: you don’t even have to leave your house)!

To search for items by a specific brand:

  1. Click the “Search” tab at the top-right of your main Feed.
  2. Scroll down and either select one of the brands highlighted or click on ‘All Brands’ to find exactly the brand you’re looking for.


Filter search results
even further
Find products by the brand in a specific category, your sizes, price range, and new with tags. Simply click the ‘Filter’ button on the top right-hand corner and select what you’d like to see. To view the new results, click on the ‘Back’ button.


23 thoughts on “Shop Your Favorite Brands on Poshmark!

  1. I hit reply too soon. I know they take feedback and make changes as practical. But they do not control Poshers or the prices they set. And that’s a good thing! 😎 I am happy to be here! Thank you Poshmark!

  2. I love Poshmark. I think this is a much classier site on which to sell women’s clothing and accessories than any other sites out there. If you don’t like a price, make an offer. If you don’t like another Posher, block her. If you don’t like Posh, well, I can’t help you. I know they take

  3. I just started filling my closet I have a lot of low priced items and I’m hopeful. I do wish there was a section to write a little about yourself in your profile so if you want to tell people you will bundle or take offers or even just a little about the person your buying from that would be nice.

    1. Hi Julie, One option to consider is to create a listing to share information about you as well as photos. Be sure to mark it as not for sale.

  4. I have sold on other sites and the thing I noticed was my things were the first on the list say for instance it was a coach purse and someone pulled up coach category mine would be first then the next new person and so on but on yourz I was so far down the line I don’t see how they will find me on any of my items. I have some not so popular brands
    So they may not get seen at all. I really am not sure I like this site!

  5. For me the shipping cost plays a huge role! I would like to see when shipping price is lowered that it is for longer than an hour… all day….,and for everything……not just lowered prices!

    1. I agree, there’s so much I have in my likes just because shipping is as much, sometimes more than the item. It may be quite a bit less than in the store but adding S&H makes it cost close to, sometimes even more than at a store down the road. I’ve sold all my big ticket items and now my closet is stagnating because nobody wants to pay $5 to get a good deal on a used top.

  6. Please add the ability to save My Brands (similar to my sizes) so when I search for something, it will always choose just MY BRANDS so I don’t have to click brands on EVERY SINGLE SEARCH. Please.
    I’m starting to get annoyed with searching for things because of this hindrance. Thanks

  7. I completely agree with Sammy Jo! I wish there was a ‘like’ option at the top of each closet, which would save all our favorite closets in one place. A lot of times Poshers don’t have a “bookmark me” listing so it’s hard to tell what closets I love, based on the one item I ‘liked’ just so I could bookmark the closet. I either end up liking tons of listings so that I can remember I loved their whole closet which sends them a million like notifications from me, which can be annoying, or the item I liked, for bookmarking purposes, sells and I forget I liked it just to bookmark their closet and unlike the item bc it sold, and then I don’t remember who they were to go back and check for new stuff. I also think PM should add an option to the sharing feature where we can share an entire closet with our followers, not just with FB, Twitter, Tumbler, and IG. I end up sharing all their listings, which, again, is annoying because then the seller gets tons of share notifications from me, and it ties up their feed. Just some food for thought! Thx in advance 🙂 happy poshing ladies!!!

  8. Can antihero tell me what to expect after I order? Idk how to breach who I ordered my stuff crimson I have No way of Knowing where my stuff is or if it was sent. I haven’t received any messages or emails from Poshmark or the seller.

  9. I think you should add a favorites button for like your top 10 favorite closet. Because I’ll save something in someone’s closet just to save their closet on my likes haha.

  10. i absolutely love Posh! There have been numerous fantastic upgrades to the site since I joined the community, and they’ve been wonderful. The one thing that’s missing is the ability to search by description. For example, “black suede shoes “. Some sites will allow for this and shopping is made easier! Thx!

  11. If you’re trying to sell items that are used they should be cheap… Retail prices are for stores not here, especially on used items… There’s a lot of things I’d buy if they were cheaper, but with the quality provided and most people’s prices, I’d rather buy brand new from store.

    1. Sometimes you should ask for a better price for you and you will be surprised. Some closets will accommodate
      Your request if possible.

  12. I love Poshmark, I shop so much I overdraft, SMH. I no longer shop at a regular store or a goodwill store. Everything I want I get 9n poshmark. The vintage clothing is awesome. Thanks for having this great website.

  13. I think Posh is great . I agree with the last tweet , I think we need to make things more affordable then a retail store . Other then that , it’s fantastic to follow my favorite brands . Love it “!! Of course I shop too much !! Don’t we all ? Least I’m getting deals “!!! I call it Pish Poshing ;) you can sell , then buy again .. Lol it’s fun “!!!

  14. Poshmark is suppose to be an easier way to purchase items and sell items. I don’t understand why some people have items over priced ? Items should be an easy way to purchase 🙂 thank you for your time .

  15. Can you PLEASE add the ability to save your searches, so when something is listed with the criteria I’m searching for, I’m notified of the new listing? Thank you.

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