Sell to Buy!

At Poshmark, we’re all about helping you fall in love with your closet again. How? By selling the fashions you love, but no longer wear and using the money you make to buy what you really love today!

1. List an item for sale. It’s easy and fun! Snap photos of the item you want to sell with your phone, fill out basic information, and…voila! You’ve created a listing!


2. Your item sold! Now what? Print out the shipping label we send you via email, attach it to your package, and send it off USPS. Poshmark will handle everything else!


3. Poshmark will release your money to you once your buyer accepts your item (or 3 days have passed since she received the item)!


4. Take your earnings and use them to buy that designer handbag or gorgeous heels you “Liked” on Poshmark and can’t stop thinking about! Win-win!


82 thoughts on “Sell to Buy!

  1. I was adding listings to my closet earlier this week and suddenly all of my listings were gone from my closet and I can’t follow anyone, yet others continue following me! I’m so confused and can’t get an answer from Poshmark! Can ANYONE help! I’m so discouraged!

      1. All my items that was on my page are deleted and it won’t let me post nothing why?

  2. When or how offen does .99 shipping offered? And why can’t the shipping label weight and cost increase for the buyer? If bundles or encouraged and offered the shipping should correspond with that as well. Why can’t we have a reserve but for the seller? can we get an option to show more than 4 pictures. Possible a mini video like all other social media. Nothing long though.

    1. Hi KB, shipping promotions are set by Poshmark at various times. As for your other suggestions, thanks for your feedback! We are happy to pass them along to the appropriate teams.

  3. My question is. I bundled 28 items for a customer and she didn’t use the bundle feature. So I took pics of all items and made 3 listings. Should I delete the individual listings since there is a pic of the item in the bundle pics?
    Thanks Rhonda

    1. Hi Rhonda, it’s up to you whether you want to direct the buyer to the bundle feature or not. It’s still possible to do it the “old fashioned way.” Note that 23 items may require additional postage, which you can do within the app. If you need help, reach out to

  4. Hi! So a couple days ago I purchased shoes on posh and when buying I guess I pressed too quickly and posh used my earnings instead of my card on file, I was wondering is there any way I could reverse that? Like use my card instead of my credits? Please n thank you♡

  5. Whats the difference between “Credits” and “Redeemable”? Is credits how much money you’ve used from your credit card – and redeemable is how much money you have from your sales? I’m confused about the “Credits” part.

    1. Hi Glynis, credits are earned through referrals or other means outside of selling an item. Those credits are not redeemable as cash. Earnings are redeemable as cash and will be reflected as such.

  6. I would love to get started & start a closet no problems w taking pic w phone but how would I print labels from my phone to printer? Do I get wireless printer? I don’t know how that part works?

  7. Hello Poshmark, I absolutely love this app and I think that this question forum is a great idea. I have come across many different sellers that say they have the same item on another shopping app called Mercari. I’ve been told buy some sellers and have witnessed many sellers telling other people to buy the same item on the other app because they don’t take any money out of their sale, so it’s less money on the app called Mercari. I was just wondering of this was allowed? It seems to me like they should be condoning Poshmark as much apply owed possible, but if there’s a chance they’ll make a sale, they’ll tell you to use the other app. Let me know your thoughts regarding this matter. Thanks!! ♡

  8. I joined at the end of February and don’t list anything until about 3 weeks ago. I have already made 5 sales. One of them was a bundle of 2 pair of jeans. I am loving this app. Thank you!

  9. Hi I’m not sure about this do we need to put the earnings in my taxes at the end of the year. Thanks

  10. How do I trade?? Am I supposed to find out the persons email and get the address because idk how to get a shipping label if its not emailed to me!

  11. If you sell something can you only use the money from the sale to purchase other items here? Or will it be put into your bank account? I’m very confused on what happens.

  12. Hey posh admin!
    I referred a couple of my friends and wanted to use my earnings but can’t figure out how to use the “credit” help me out?

  13. Do I have to use my earnings on the app or can I direct deposit my earnings etc. If it’s only for the app I don’t know if I am interested in having the app anymore unfortunately..

  14. Good for you! Really. But there are those who are severely handicapped and can’t get out to run a boutique. And then you can think about the economy and the cost of living. I don’t have to pay for water, electricity, taxes, etc. that it takes to run a business. It’s the economy that has driven us to PoshMark in the first place. Were in the computer age for sure. There’s stay at home moms too! And the list goes on. I have my own boutique too. It’s right on PoshMark and they pay my bills. It doesn’t get any better then that!

  15. I deleted all my listings because I didn’t sell anything. My items were up for a very long time, but im thinking about giving it another try. Any advise?

    1. Absolutely!! I can’t emphasize any stronger then that. Read everything PoshMark has for you to read. It helps me tremendously. Also there are mentors on PoshMark who will spend as much time as you need and encourage and want you to succeed. I’m still learning myself and I haven’t been here that long and here I am giving advice of what I do know.

  16. When I sell an item then you send me the sticker to put on the package,where can I go print it at? Would cvs or walgreens be fine? Also when I sell something and keep my money on here rather than getting a credit card when I want to buy something can I use my money on here that I earned?

    1. You can print it on any printer, and it needs to be taped to the package. When you sell an item on Poshmark, you can keep it on your Poshmark account to shop or deposit the money into your bank account.

    2. Wherever a printer is. PoshMark suggests a good source. Try your local library. There is no charge, they have computers and if you have a iPad or telephone bring it with you, they also have WiFi. But you must have a library card. If you don’t it only takes a couple of minutes to set one up. If you have a good rapport with your bank, etc. they’ll do it for you also as customer service. Those are usually ma and pa banks though. I imagine there many other ways.

    1. Well for one it’s a less expensive way to go. Let me put it this way. If you were dealing with the whole of the U.S. and you offered shipping, which would be your method of choice? Would you choose to ship your items for $4.99 or let’s say $15.00. That’s a no brainer.

  17. Once you see someone has made an offer and you want to accept the offer, how do you do it? I see no button that says accept or deny. I edited item price to match offer but not sure what to do for buyer to know I accepted. Thanks.

    1. After 24 hours you no longer can accept the offer. That might be what happened if you don’t see an accept option. That happened to me before so I messaged the person and told them if they still wanted to make that offer I will accept it. Hope that helps!

  18. Is it true that not only do you take 20% off or sale but that the seller also gets charged the Pay Pal fee as well? If so…is there any way to decline pay pal payments & accept credit only? Just a lil confused on all this…….

    1. Purchasing or selling an item listed on Poshmark using PayPal or any means other than Poshmark checkout is called an “offline transaction” and is prohibited.

      When payment for the full value of the item is not exchanged through the Poshmark system, we cannot guarantee that both parties ship and transact as promised. If we don’t process payment, we aren’t able to refund the buyer if something goes wrong (for example, if the seller never ships your item or the item you receive is not as described in the listing). As a result, our Posh Protect buyer protection program does not cover offline transactions. In addition, if we don’t process payment, we can’t guarantee that the seller receives their earnings if they deliver the item as described.

      Taking transactions offline is harmful and hurts everyone who plays by the rules. Members who repeatedly take transactions offline will have their future buying and selling privileges restricted on Poshmark.

      If you are approached to take a transaction offline, please contact us immediately at

      1. If you make a sale through Poshmark, is it possible to deposit the funds you make into a Paypal account?

    2. PayPal will not be a issue. PoshMark themselves does all the billing for you. Some people do use PayPal and will ask you to also. Say no. Also create your own advertisement saying No PayPal. They won’t ask and if they do politely remind them that you don’t honor it.

  19. Can you please tell me how to get more followers. I have lots of amazing things and I believe I cant sell them because I don’t have the followers

    1. Share, Share, Share! By sharing most Poshers will share back their followers with you. And sit back and watch the sales take off. Always be polite and go out of your way. Mean what you say. Go to as many parties as possible. I pick up people by entering my items that I have listed into each and every party every single day if possible.

      All the Best,
      Shari. JewelryByShari

    2. Show love to others people closet, start following people closet, That help mw. made a screen shot with a hello message.

  20. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to use my resemble money to purchase something or if I have to use a credit card.. When I go to buy something it only gives me an option to enter credit card info I always thought I could just use the money I got right from there to purchase things ?

    1. Good morning! You absolutely can use your earnings on here. They need your cars on file but they use your earnings first. They will not charge your card unless you no longer have any money in your redeemable bank.

    1. Dear Lilianna,
      Poshmark is a great way to attain the items you have seen at stores or in catalogs, at deeply discounted prices! You had inquired of a “free” day/month, and actually that kind of happens already! You see, when someone let’s say orders a pair of jeans from me, after already showing or speaking of the things they like in my closet, I send, or INCLUDE, that cute wine colored Express top that they had so expressed that they loved! That’s why its so important to ask questions about individual closets, hit the “like” button for all your likes, and COMMUNICATE with each other!! You never know! You just might get those Aldo shoes you were drooling over, and just couldn’t afford at the moment! Remember, Poshmark is here so women may help other women look and thus feel the BEST they can!! This is just ONE of the AMAZING things about POSHMARK!!

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