Save All of Your Favorites in One Place with My Likes!

With so many fabulous products that are being added to closets on Poshmark daily, it’s safe to say that one of the most-popular features on the app is the ‘My Likes’ section. Use ‘My Likes’ to keep track of all of your favorite listings and Poshmark stylemates!

To like an item, either click the ‘Like’ button at the bottom of a listing or double tap on any image within the listing.



Every time you ‘like’ an item on Poshmark, the item is placed in your ‘My Likes’ section, which can be found at the top of your main Feed.

Open up your ‘My Likes’ section when you’re ready to shop to find which products you’ve had your eyes on (and which ones belong in your closet ASAP!).


61 thoughts on “Save All of Your Favorites in One Place with My Likes!

  1. It will be really helpful to be able to “bulk-select-delete” likes… I have likes from 2015 that I am still getting notifications from, I also second the idea of being able to categorize the likes into folders

  2. Can other Poshers see your entire LIKES page? If so, I would LIKE a way to make it private. I add LIKES for my own reference, not for other people. I can understand letting a Seller know that I have LIKED one of their items, but that is the only LIKE they should see–not all the rest of them! And I don’t want Followers to see any of my private info–not my Likes, or what I’ve Bought, etc.
    Thank you.

  3. I would love a place to keep likes that perhaps doesn’t show to the seller. Why? Well a I put a lot of items on my like list that I don’t intend to buy right away, but that also tends to trigger an offered deal from that seller within 24 hours that I have to reject or let expire since I wasn’t planning on purchasing for a few weeks or something. Maybe have a like/love option? Like being only being able to be seen by you, but a love option is what the seller can see and can better time their deals. Just my thoughts anyways

    1. I agree 100% PLEASE DO THIS! I send out offers to every liker which are normally ignored. This happens when I am buying as well. Because I am a seller I rarely like things because I know a good seller will be on it and try to make a deal and if I am truly not going to buy at the time I pass over it. Instead if I could “love” something I am telling the seller lets make a deal I’m ready to buy and a like is synonymous to a Pinterest pin that I can come back to.

  4. I would love to be able to subcategorize my like into folders like (workout, weekend wear, work, dressy, seasonal, etc.)

    1. Great idea! Depop lets you name your Likes folder. It’s really cool because I can customize the likes and group them any way I like.

      Having a public/private option also a great idea.

  5. I can’t seem to figure out the “my likes” section on my desktop since i’m not using an app. Can you help?

    1. Hi Lindsay, you can locate your My Likes page by clicking your account in the upper right corner and selecting “My Likes” from the dropdown. To add or remove likes, simply click the “Like” button on the desired listing.

  6. I agree with Gisela we need an option to delete pictures that we have liked. I use the “like” to get my future purchases in one place, but if an item has been sold I would like to delete it since I will no longer be buying it.

  7. It would be great if you added the ability to sort by user in our likes. It would make bundling easier. Thanks.

  8. I have been have been using a kindle love poshmark but can’t get the app not android.. which means I can’t see my likes so I’d buy more if I could see what I wanted before now I just have to search and hope I find what I seen previously anything u recommend I can do please anyone?

  9. love the like option my only thing I would love even more is the option to delete several of the likes at one time for instance like stuff that already sold we can go back and delete all the items that have been sold and be able to have only current still avail items

  10. Dear Postmark:
    It would be utterly amazing if there was an audible notification on your app of when someone marked down one of your “likes”. That way I wouldn’t miss the discount shipping 5 hours later when I finally have time to acknowledge my messages in the app and my email…

  11. Is there anyway to identify the ‘Not For Sale’ or ‘Reserved’ items under your likes so you can remove them from the list without having to scroll through each post individually? That would help a lot and save a lot of my time. BTW, love all the people at PoshMark. You gals/guys are great!

  12. What I would love is a seperation of shoes, ie…; Sandals, Heels, Sneakers! That would help, cause I’m looking for the right sandal and have to look through boots, heels and all!

  13. I think what would be nice is, if your likes were itemized like the shopping closet. Go to likes and then you’d have a shoe button, dress button just like you do when you hit the shop button! It be like walking into a shoe store or dress shop, when you’re ready to buy!

  14. It would be so nice, for me, to be able to just go down my followings list and check all the gals/ladies I want to follow at one time ….my phone has that option for deleting unwanted messages….that would give me more time to come back and shop their closets…
    By the way their are some really nice one’s can’t wait to get mine up and running…. : )

  15. Oops ! there it is, “Follow Poshmark Blog” …..why is there only 291 followers ? says enter your email address, SIGN ME UP , Build a website with Word . Is that a free, comes with poshmark… ? where can I get answers to these type of questions….
    Will try and go to app on my comp since I cant dl to cell phone or tab…thanks wanna have more fun… !!!! : ) : )

  16. It would be nice to have some more specific directions…for me…I am unsure when asked to give my email address…which email address, some ladies have their own page…with separate addresses than they home address….???? I saw, (…) and then I have my home address…(in popup +Follow)
    must be a blonde thing…I am really struggling with this tech stuff….and also world press ? another thing to have to make an account…? some things you can’t do until another is accomplished…? can’t go to step 3 til pass 2….? thanks to all the ladies who have helped me so far…. xx

  17. I didn’t know where to ask this but what if you ship your item but you don’t get payed… What would you guys do in that case

  18. Birgit,
    I also had that same problem only mine was a tad bit worse. I sold a new dress to a very difficult customer. The dress wasn’t up to her standards so gave me a 3 star review. This devastated me. I have all 5 stars except that one. If she could have returned it, I could fixed the problem and made her happy and she had the option to change the review it would have saved my reputation. Now I have a less then perfect rating as a result of a difficult customer. It would also be nice to save all your customers in one place, and all your favorite shops with their Posh screen names in one place too.

    Shari. JewelryByShari

    1. I’m so feeling you on this, I had the same experience. I had pics of the shoes she bought, but when she got them she gave 2 stars and said they had glue on the outer sides, that was a right out blatant lie! Everyone else has given me 5stars. Really ticks me off off! But she did it because I wouldn’t except her offer of more then $20 off! We did however negotiate the price.

  19. I am very disappointed. Any buyer should be able to return an item if it is not what they expected. The seller also scolded me for wasting her time.

    1. Unless the item was falsely represented, like the size or it was damaged, you can’t just return something because you changed your mind or it doesn’t fit exactly right. That’s very unfair to the seller and it would be a huge waste of time and effort. Its not like we’re some big corporate store, we’re selling things out of our closets! Plus if poshmark did do that the would spend so much money on shipping it back to the seller and then not making any money off of it. Also there would be a huge problem of people taking advantage of that if they did allow returns. I’m sure many sellers wouldn’t get their items back in the same condition they sent it. So the seller would put time and money into sending an item, (packaging costs money and time is money), just to have the seller send it back because”it wasnt what they expected”. Thats not the sellers fault. Im sure many people, including me, wouldnt sell on here if buyers could just send things back for any reason.

      Ask a lot of questions before you purchase something, ask for more pictures, that was you can make sure your buying the item you are looking for.

      I hope this helps you understand what it’s like from the buyers side of this and what you can do to make sure you are buying the items you want!

  20. It sounds like many other “Poshers” have the same request that I do. A way to sort our “likes” by seller.
    Is this something that is at least being worked on at this time?

      1. From a seller’s point of view, sorting likes would be great as well! Currently there is not even a place I can click to see all the likes in my closet. I have people ask me all the time “can you bundle my likes” but if they didn’t like a bunch of my things in succession, it can be difficult not to miss something.

      2. Yes, please a way to organize our likes would be the priority in your endeavors to improve PM. And then a way to organize those we follow so we can easily go back to their closet when we’re ready to shop. It’s so difficult to scroll thru so many people and look for one person, especially if you can’t remember their screen name. And when I’m ready to shop it takes hours, literally, to figure out and sort what I can afford and what items I can bundle. Please work in making the app more shopper friendly, it is the shoppers who make posh after all isn’t it?

    1. Maria,

      I guess we just have to do this ourselves until Poshmark makes it easier. What I do is go thru all my likes and categorize them myself either by closet or by article. It’s very possible to do this but it will take a huge amount of your time, that is if your likes list is as huge as mine. For instance I haven’t gotten to the end yet. Lol but it can be done. Wonder who Poshmark hires to upgrade their system???


  21. I wish we could organize our likes as well as Our fav/PFF’s in one spot that is only disclosed to the closet owner. That would be awesome!!!

    1. I agree Rachel, it would be very nice to be able to have our fav/PFF saved in one place. It would probably be ideal to be able to be able to mark them in some way in our Followers. That way our likes are saved for the items that we are interested in.

  22. Hello PM !!!….It would be most helpful to have the ability to remove SOLD items from My Likes…not necessarily the items I have purchased..but Items I Liked ‘just because’ !!…..Thank You!!!

      1. Thank You Sunburst!!!….At that time I was still so New to PM I didn’t know that’s how you remove all those SOLD items from Your “Likes”…I surely do Now!!!

      1. Hi Mona! I just go to the item and unlike something in my (Likes) closet if I see it’s been sold! I mean for me it’s easier then to have a closet full of sold Likes! Hope that helps!

  23. Can u please make a way to sort ur likes? By both seller, type of item (e.g. Sweaters) and price? It would be helpful because it’s hard to see what items u really want to get or if u should bundle items that u liked because a lot are from one closet. Sorting would also be helpful when looking for specific items to purchase. Thanks!


    1. I have wanted that for a long time. Sometimes I am looking for a specific item in my likes and I know the category but can’t find it in my likes because I have so many likes. I really hope they put away to sort it.

      1. I agree! I have many likes as well it would be really helpful to figure out a way to sort it out especially by closets, because when I too really like an item I try to look at other items in the users closet to get a better deal!

  24. Thats so convenient n easy my mom and I love it. Thank you for making shopping so easy and fun

      1. Yes I would like to know is when you want to share your closet to a friend or a sister what site do you tell them to get on if I’m trying to sell something from my closet

      2. Hi Carmella! You can share listings to your friends via text or email. Simply go to the listing and click share, then you’ll find the option to send via text or email. You can also share your closet by clicking the share icon in the top left corner of your closet page on the app. Hope that helps!

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