Posh Stories: Fran

We know how much our Community members mean to us but it’s always fun to learn more about our users and what Poshmark means to them! This week we reached out to Fran to find out when her Poshmark obsession began and meet her cute little listing helper, Finch.

How did you find Poshmark?

My amazing and tech-savvy sister-in-law told me about it. I signed up and was hooked.  Initially, I just needed to give my closet a good cleaning, but since then it has just evolved into another excuse to continue shopping excessively.

What’s your Poshmark routine?

Hmm, does obsession qualify as a routine?  Poshmark has become my relaxation, in between work and school. I love just browsing and sharing listings.  In the morning I start my day of with reading the news, coffee, and Poshmark, and then throughout the day Poshmark essentially fills the gaps.

Where do you like to shop, besides Poshmark? 

Zara is probably my fave right now, but I also love a good sale just about anywhere.  I am an equal opportunity shopper. I love shopping in any form — from clothes and shoes to grocery shopping!

Define your closet personal style. 

I think that my style is pretty casual, I love neutrals, skinny jeans, jackets, and I LOVE great accessories.  I am always on the hunt for my next great watch or pair of boots and truly believe that a girl can never have too many pairs of jeans or too many pairs of shoes.  I can be really picky so sometimes it takes me months and lots of shopping around to find just what I’m looking for. Right now it’s the perfect leather jacket.  Still hunting…

Where did you get your username? 

Highly uncreative, just my name, and I live in Portland, OR (PDX airport).  I tried to think of something that I wouldn’t be tired of in six months.

What was your best purchase on Poshmark? 

A pair of tall black leather Juicy Couture boots that I got for about 60% below retail! They are gorg and were brand new!

What makes a good buyer?

I appreciate promptness and follow through.  If you ask for a reserve, you actually buy.

Where do you take your cover shots? Does someone help you?

Usually at home in my closet and you’ll often catch a portion of one of my pugs in the photos also. I am in awe of the amazing cover photos that I see all over Poshmark; this is another of my Summer goals: up my cover shot photo taking game!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Fran! Happy Poshmarking!

2 thoughts on “Posh Stories: Fran

  1. Hi, I’m a Grandmother of 4 granddaughters! I left my career after 30 years due to back issues. I discovered Poshmark a few months ago. It was a changing time in my life. I now put all my engery towards building the best closet I can. I have already made some great Posh friends as well as extra money!Wow! Posh puts a smile on my face daily, it has given me a purpose again. Thank you Poshmark Fans & Family!😇

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