Great Photos = More Sales.

Having amazing pictures in your Poshmark listings is one of the most important parts of creating a great listing. But don’t fret – read these simple tips to make the most out of your photos!

1. Style your Covershot

Your Covershot is the very first photo in your listing – and first impressions definitely count, so be sure to wow potential buyers by including a gorgeous Covershot in your listings! We find that if you wear your item in your Covershot to show how you would style it, the chances of selling your item are much greater.


2. Pick the right setting

Where you take your pictures is as equally important when creating a listing. You want to be sure that what you’re trying to sell is what stands out – not the pile of clothes sitting on your bed in the background!

If you’re taking your photos at home, we suggest picking an area of your house that’s clean, free of clutter, and has natural light beaming through.


3. Take clear, bright photos

One of the most-convenient things about Poshmark is that you can snap the photos for your listing using your phone (easy-breezy!). And while the camera on the phone is pretty amazing, the lighting and coloring of the photos can sometimes be less-than-ideal depending on the environment in which the photos are taken.

This is why snapping your photos in natural lighting is preferred, but we know that’s not always possible. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that will quickly correct the exposure and tone of your pictures, such as Snapseed, Photoshop Express and VSCO Cam.

4. Include a variety of photos

We strongly encourage including as many photos of the item you are trying to sell to give potential buyers a better idea of what the item really looks like from multiple angles. Some ideas of the photos to include in your listings are:

  1. A clear styled shot of the product on you.
  2. A full front shot of the product lying flat or against a clean, contrasting surface.
  3. A full back shot of the product lying flat or against a clean, contrasting surface.
  4. A detail shot of the product, showing any special details or pointing out any possible minor defects or wear.

52 thoughts on “Great Photos = More Sales.

  1. I just LOVE when i run into styled poppin closets that keep me sharing…. listing by listing & i just can’t stop! SO much creativity & Poshness……SO little time!
    formerly Partymk999

    1. I’ve thought this SO many times!! ZOOM is needed very much!! There are other ways to get this but it needs to be handy & quick right when you load the photo & edit it. One easy step!

  2. Something I would like to see is a Zoom option. Being able to click on the photo and zoom in for a better look would help tremendously. One more thing that I think should really be added is at least one or two more picture spaces. It’s sort of difficult to represent an item accurately at times bc of the limit, resulting in the deletion of pictures in order to upload more. Otherwise, I love this’s genius!

    1. Hi Brittney! Thanks for your tips, we’ll be sure to pass them along to the team. Also note that you can create an additional listing with more photos and mark the item as Not For Sale.

  3. it would also be nice if there was a way we could post a video in the listing of our item and talk about it or just show someone walking in it like a 20 sec limit or so .

  4. I have a problem where I take photos and store them in my gallery and they end up sideways. I use the editor in my gallery to rotate them but when I upload those rotated pics to Posh, they turn to a different direction? This is the only app I’ve had any issues with this on. Every time I try to reupload them, it does the same thing.

  5. It would be helpful to know how many times an item has been shared. It would give me a better idea of what buyers are looking for. Also a DM option as well since I share for others . Sometimes a quick ? about a share does come up . Thanks 🙂

  6. What do u do if the majority of the items you’re trying to sell don’t fit you? (And by don’t fit you, i mean you would do the item injustice and it would make the item unappealing to potential buyers) Or you don’t own anything that goes well with what you’re selling?

    1. A mannequin is very helpful for that. It’s always best on a person but a mannequin works too. Also it’s good your not wearing items that don’t fit you. I see women squeeze into clothes or drowning in fabric and it looks so bad. It definitely won’t make someone want to buy it. Also try seeing if there is a stock photo for you’re item. Just make sure you add a picture of the actual item too.

    2. To Lindsay’s comment. You can purchase a mannequin form at Home Goods, TJMaxx or Marshalls. They usually have them in stock. I use this option often and the pics come out great.

  7. My problem is that I have absolutely no place in my house with good lighting due to the way our house faces. I also don’t have anyone to take photos of me. I use a mannequin and do it in front of a brick wall, outside, and do the pictures at an angle to give it some interest. I’d love if someone could take a look at my closet and give me tips, if needed.

    1. I forgot to add that I don’t have any mirrors large enough to take a full body picture in. Do the people that take awesome pics in their mirrors use huge mirrors?

      1. Hi I just wanted to make a comment on how to take a selfie on a full body. If you have an iPhone just program your phone to take a 3 or 10 second picture facing you! You can see my selfies in my closet with a tulle skirt and on the Polkadot dress I’m selling in my closet @barby619

  8. The updates, have not addressed the bottom of the clothing from being cut off. This is still happening. Also, there should be more than 4 pictures allowed to show an item

    1. If you go to my closet, there is a post on how to get your full picture in the square. Its the listing with the purple dress. I agree about more than 4 photos. Six would be good.

    2. Hi Jen! Idk if u have an iPhone but there is an option in ur camera that u choose “square”. . It’s where u choose video, photo, panaramic, or SQUARE! It takes photos the exact size that posh allows for photos! It saved my life lol. Lmk If u need any help

  9. i use a combination of stock and personal photos. I have terrible light in my house and the colors and patterns are often much more accurate with the stock photos. Some items show better detail of how they drape or look on. I am terrible at selfies and could use a lesson. I’ll look at the apps that correct color- thanks for the tip. I would love to be able to more easily move photos around or substitute just one where I want in the listing. If something isn’t moving I often look to changing up the photos. I agree a zooming feature would be nice.Finally, if I take photos on my phone, not in the app, in order to edit, they end up with the top and bottom cut off to the point that I have to discard too many and it’s just not worth the effort. Is there any way to fix that?

    1. I have the same problem. I take my pictures with my phone so that I can edit them…..then when I’m posting on the app, the picture gets cropped on top, bottom and sides. Never can get the picture to fit accurately. Frustrating and VERY time consuming.

      1. Hi Cheri, sorry to hear you’re having issues. We recommend taking photos on your phone in square mode when possible. If you’re still having trouble, please reach out to and we can look into the issue.

  10. I wish that we were able to arrange the listing photos after they’ve been taken. Many times I find that the last photo I took is the best and would like to feature it as the cover shot, but I have to delete all the others to do so. It would be very convenient if this was available.

  11. You can take a screenshot of the items with a smartphone and then go to your pictures and it will let you zoom in on the items

    1. Why didn’t I think of that? It’s smart, It’s not quite clear enough to see fabric or flaws or read tags, but it’s good enough until the app software is upgraded. Thanks!

  12. I would love to see a “Zoom” option in the next app software update. Something that is compatible with smartphones as well as tablets and laptops. A good example is Zulily. You can enlarge it as much as necessary to see the fabric or pattern, details on jewelry, hardware on handbags, sometimes even ingredients or

    1. Oops! or care instructions on a tag.

      I requested a zoom option in my review of the Poshmark app and they said they would consider it. If more people requested it, maybe they would add it.

      Zoom capability is essential, not only to the buyer, but also a huge cost savings on potential return costs due to
      not being able to see close up details of any wear and tear and/or defects.

    3. I agree with wanting a zoom option. I think it would help tremendously with shopping and making wise choices… Please try to get that option available to us!! Thanks

  13. Stock photos are just wrong……as in selling Vera Bradley, pattern placement is important and vera buyers expect to get exactly what they see in the picture- I would never use a stock photo!!
    And I agree about clutter, no one wants to see kitchen items or clothes all over 🙂

    1. It’s not just typical house clutter, it’s when they try to “pose” a necklace draped over a pair of sunglasses on a pile of rocks in a brightly colored jewelry box surrounded by a zebra-printed scarf. It’s distracting, and an offense to the eyes. It’s just not pleasing to me. On the other hand, placing that same necklace on top of a solid-colored shirt is enticing.
      My biggest pet peeve is still photographing a dark-colored item in a dark room. Surely they can tell it’s not visible!

  14. Please, if your item is black or even dark blue, PLEASE photograph it in the light. Before you hit the “List” button, look at your photos. If they look dark to you, they will look dark to everyone! And if you’re going to “dress up” your item, please do it simply. Too much clutter in, on, under or around the item is so distracting, and it’s frustrating when you can’t actually see the item. .

  15. This is all great information, however, it’s a a bit disconcerting when too many stock images/photos are being used more & more as one’s covershots😁I want to see EXACTLY what I’m buying as well as giving an honest representation of what I’m also selling to a potential customer 🙂

    1. I use stock photos all the time, because it is EXACTLY what your buying. Retailers are much better at taking photos of new product than any of us are.

      1. I understand that most of us aren’t professional photographers, but I’d like to see exactly what I’m buying, as it is, not how it looks in the store or catalogue. Maybe it’s just me, but it makes me think the item isn’t nice enough to photograph, or the seller isn’t quite being honest.

      2. I prefer stock photos IF the item is NEW! If the item is new, it should still look just like the beautifully taken stock photo unless the item is being misrepresented, and no longer looks brand new. If the item has been used and has normal wear, I prefer to use photos that I have taken. It better represents the item and gives the buyer a better idea of what they will be getting -physical appearance of the item they are looking at and might purchase.

      3. No I agree stock photos are not what we are buying. They are the perfect item which we are not buying. I would not purchase without the actual item being shown. Fortunately most sellers use both

    2. Sometimes I use stock photos. It helps to show what it looks like on. Some items don’t fit me, either too big or too small and wouldn’t be flattering on me. But I always take multiple pictures of the actual item as well. I think using stock photos are great as long as you add actual pictures as well!

      1. Hi Writeaway18, we don’t typically recommend uploading stock photos, but real, styled photos of the item you are selling. Note that uploading photos is only supported via iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

  16. Honestly, your emphasis on using the phone for colors should include making sure the color of the item in the picture is the same as the color it has in real life. I love Poshmark. But twice now I’ve bought an item and been stumped by flash and filters into thinking an item looks like something it’s not. You guys provide photo filters when you post an item so maybe you approve of this practice but a nice thing in your criteria selections along with size, brand, tag should be color.

    1. Hi Monique! Thanks for your feedback, we will be sure to pass it along to the team. One way to help is to ask the seller questions if the color is not clear. Hope that helps!

      1. I also love Posh and the ability to buy and sell online in such a wonderful community! I also believe that color options should be a manual button adjusted by the seller. I noticed on my desktop that my item color was labeled “color:pink” under the listing (this was an automated feature), when in fact, it was blue, and PINK was the brand name. I would love to see this option available to be edited so the buyer does not get confused. I also have learned to include color detail in the description to help with understanding! Thank you, Poshmark team, for making PM the best app to buy and sell great fashions!

      2. Hi Poshmark members, I joined yesterday. Thanks for this app. I have many questions, since I’m new in all of this… How do you guys work? What is the way of charging? For example, if I sell something, how I can get the money of the purchase? Or where should I ship the item?? Thanks for the time you take to help me out. Have a great day!

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