Posh Tip: Get Ideas for Listings by Checking Out Posh Parties!


Finding that first item to list may be the biggest challenge you’ll come across when using Poshmark, but trust us when we say that it’s a hurdle you’ll cross in no time (and with very little effort!). Check out our daily Posh Parties and see what our amazing community is selling to get inspiration on what you should list.


Branded Posh Parties. Our first Posh Party every day is focused on a particular set of designers, which vary from day-to-day. Check out what designer parties are coming up in the app or desktop. Then, open your closet and find those brand-name goodies you love, but no longer wear, and list away!


Category-specific Posh Parties. Another way to browse your closet for pieces to sell is by using our category-themed Posh Parties. Is there a “Jewelry & Accessories Party” coming up? Open up your jewelry case to see what pieces you no longer wear. Or, is there a jackets party happening tomorrow? Reach into your coat closet and pull out last season’s blazers to list.


Style-focused Posh Parties. Our daily Posh Party fun always ends with a party focused on a particular style or trend, such as ‘Work Week Chic’ and ‘Jetset Glamour.’ Use these themes to go through your closet and pull out those items that you feel fit the themes best!

For example, if it’s a spring-focused party, then floral skirts, sandals, and sunglasses work. If it’s a date night party, then go through your cocktail dresses or suits to see which ones need to find a new home.

Combing through your closet for items to sell has never been this easy (and fun)! Head over to the Posh Party Line-Up to know what parties not to miss out on.

Happy Poshing!

63 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Get Ideas for Listings by Checking Out Posh Parties!

  1. Please make it so that we can offer first class mail. This would save buyers money & increase sales.

    1. So far there hasn’t been a way to do that if we want to keep our current discount which is a really good price. We are allowed up to 5 pounds for that $7.85 or whatever it is so maybe what we should really be pushing instead of first class mail, is encouraging people to bundle! That way they get more items for that same price shipping.

  2. How about posh parties that are by size (e.g. size XS/S party. Medium party, & large party)?

  3. Maybe I’m lost but I thought when you add several items to a bundle it calculates cost and gives any seller discount for you. I don’t understand why people have to make separate listings. Any insight is appreciated! Thank you.

    1. Hi Gee, Thanks for your feedback! Currently Poshmark is a platform for women’s fashion, and therefore our community guidelines don’t support the sales of men’s and children’s items.

  4. I have been waiting to become a suggested user for so long. They wouldn’t let me because of one item that they considered lingerie that was new without tags. That’s no longer even against the rules! That was months and months ago! I see all my posh friends becoming suggested users around me and I’m doing everything they are. I spend hours doing shares and working on my listings. I get all five stars. I follow the rules and have for a while. I just don’t get how they pick
    And choose who can become a suggested user. Honestly I’m starting to feel like it’s because my items are not as expensive as others. I love poshmark and I’ve gotten so many people to join. I’ve been on here for two years! I just don’t get how someone who puts so much effort in time in poshmark, is somehow not good enough because of one item months ago, that I immediately erased and is no longer even against the rules! I’m starting to just feel like giving up and trying so hard to be a part of the poshmark community! It’s kind of messed up. I feel left out and it’s like poshmark is saying my closet isn’t good enough to be a suggested user. I get there is a wait list but this is ridiculous. I saw someone who had only 2k followers become a suggested user. She had been on poshmark for 7 months. I feel like I’ve almost been waiting that long!

  5. For the new bundle feature, it would be so nice to be able to exclude items. I want to have a bigger discount but don’t want a very expensive item bundled with a $5 item for 20% off. Also I would like to give more of a discount on the more they buy for example 10% off 2, and 20% 4. It would be great for an updated bundle feature in the future ❤️❤️

    1. I agree. For 3 or more I would offer a larger discount than just 2 items. And it depends on the items. It might get too confusing though.

  6. Would be great to have the ability to multi-select listings to share or delete. As it is now, we can only go into each listing to separately share items. Also if we had the ability to bookmark closets as closet crushes under its own category; this ability allows users to highlight those closets we frequent.

    Ty! Posh addict!

  7. There are times that I would love to share at a party, but it REALLY messes up the order of my listings. For example: I shared the other night to a very broad topic party. I had some out of each of my catagories that I shared. Well, no sales yet from that, but now my closet is all out of order bc i haven’t had a spare hour to reassemble stuff! Really, it takes me abt an hr to get it back in catagories, the way I prefer to display my items. Suggest a drag and drop, or something easier and faster than selecting each and every item, one at a time, hitting edit, next, list, return and repeat! This is so tedious. I hope that you guys agree that the current way of organizing listings is a bit slow. TY

    1. Yes completely!!! I have my closet in a specific order and I hate when I need to share to parties and it messes it all up. I have almost 400 listings!

  8. There shoild be a thing where we can see other sellers ratings so if we were to buy from them we can look at their ratings/comments. Also we should be able to delete rude comments. And for parties id love a back to school party 🙂

  9. Would like to suggest a more efficient way to follow your followers (possibly a separate category so you may just click on all names you wish to follow that are following you). This would be something similar to Instagram. 🙂

      1. Hi- I love this blog venue, it is very helpful and provides amazing tips and feedback… I wanted to suggest a feature I’m hoping may be incorporated in the near future… suggestion is there are plenty of times I list items (e.g., shoes, dresses, accessories, tops, etc.) and noticed numerous times there are other listings from other closets that would compliment the look. For example I’m selling some sexy red heels and notice a gorgeous statement necklace or dress in other Poshers’ closets, I would love a way we may select their item as a suggested look which will allow more exposure and helps us “not so fashion forward” Poshers put a look together. It also enables us to build a more robust, supportive Posh family

      2. Thanks for your suggestion! We are glad you’re finding the blog to be a good resource. We will definitely pass your idea along to the appropriate team.

  10. How do I host a posh party or suggest one. Lie a summer beach wear party. I have loaded about a good 20-30 items and I’d like to share Thanks

  11. I’ve never seen a beach party or casual party maybe there has been one but I don’t remember it

  12. • A minimalist party • From basic jeans and minimal heels to white tshirts and leather jackets!

  13. I think being able to delete our ‘likes’ would be helpful just like we can delete listings. This would free up space on our electronics (& Posh App) this will also streamline what we have decided to buy already and what we have decided not to purchase. Then our ‘likes’ list page wouldn’t be so long and cumbersome when trying to scroll through everything to find that ONE or more we are ready to buy! Just a thought. Ty: PoshMark Lover

  14. I appreciate mass tags of party announcements and themes; however, I truly wish that these weren’t done in the middle of a current evening party, as it sometimes will lock up my iPad, or cause the application to reboot. Perhaps, a designated time slot for these announcements??

  15. I wish there was a place I could put my favorite “sellers” not just my “likes” ..maybe be able to push on a star near there name and it puts them in your “favorite sellers” category?

    1. Yes I agree also on items that are not for sell a highlighter sign that says not available and a place four our favorite closets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  16. it would be very helpful to be able to bundle items in your closet without having to make an entirely new listing! Picking 2+ items in your closet to bundle and automatically adds prices together that seller can go change. Just an idea 🙂

  17. Transforming Vintage into Modern, Hot Trends! –Showing hot vintage items can be the best finds! Displaying quality vintage of all past decades that will spice up any wardrobe for 2015 🙂

      1. I wish poshmark would do more to enforce this rule…I recently purchased a pair of shorts which were supposed to be my size…turned out to be a kids size…posh authorized a return but it’s frustrating to search for an item and see kids and garage sale items

    1. Party Suggestion: Plus Size clothes, Shoes: 10 and up and Plus Size Outerwear.I think there are enough members to have a successful party.

      1. Yes I agree a Voluptuous Vixen Party….Im in ….almost all of my items are plus size and I have more to add.

      2. I agree. That would be a great party idea. I can get rid of lots of stuff! I’m sure, so could many other ladies.

      3. The parties are suppose to be for everyone. I don’t think it would be fair if we had a non-plus size party, so why would it be fair to do one for only plus sizes?

      4. I think plus size parties would work. Its frustrating seeing the perfect shirt in a size medium when you actually wear a 1X. This would save time as well as disappointment when shopping. Also it is probably discouraging for those who are plus size that go into these parties and look through the post and dont find their size from shopping posh again. Plus size parties would help in narrowing down your search. Is it unfair that stores like Torrid, Lane Bryant and The Avenue only carry plus size?

      5. You can always search for items your size. In poshmark app when you save your profile you have options to choose your favorite brands and then your size for shoes, tops and bottoms. Once your profile is created and saved , when you search for example for Kate Spade shirt it will show all the Kate Spade shirts in your size. Same with shoes or other items.

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