Closets With 10+ Listings Earn More!

Did you know that closets with more than 10 listings sell more than those with less? That’s right! One of the secrets to being a successful seller on Poshmark lies in your very own closet.

A full closet is a trustworthy closet

Show potential buyers that you’re serious about Poshing! By regularly adding items to your closet, fellow Poshers will trust not only your style, but they’ll also see you’re active and mean serious fashion business!


Variety is key

Think of your Poshmark closet as a your virtual boutique. The more variety and types of merchandise you have, the likelihood that a potential buyer finds something they want to buy is much higher. Score!


72 thoughts on “Closets With 10+ Listings Earn More!

  1. Hi I have a closet with so many new items in it and no one seems to bite Is there anything I can do to get some buyers? Thanks for your help

  2. Hi there!

    Is there a way to respond to comments without having to remember/manually type the persons username? I’m thinking of how Instagram has the slide feature where you can reply and it automatically writes their name.

    1. Hi Amber, currently tagging the person with @ and their username is the best option. We are always looking for ways to improve the app, so we will be sure to pass along your feedback to our team. Thanks!

    2. I believe if you click on your “ my Poshmark tools” then onto my shoppers you can see every shopper that has liked one of your listings. From there chose the person & click on the comment. It sounds more complicated than it is 🤷‍♀️

    1. Hi Stephanie, there are many different photo editing apps available. We recommend searching through the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device, to find one that works for you.

  3. Hey! I was wondering exactly how the selling proccess works? I am planning on posting a few dresses on my closet to sell, & was wondering when people buy them, do I ship them directly to the buyers house or to a POSHMARK location? Will I have to pay shipping?

  4. Can I go back to something I listed & change what I wrote about it? I put that this skirt was ankle length & I don’t know WHAT I was thinking. With my shoes on it is floor length. I would also like to measure how long the skirt is & put that in too. Is this possible?

    1. Hi Terri, any unsold listings can be edited. Simply go to the app, select your listing and click “edit” in the upper right-hand corner. You can type in the length and any notes in the description field.

  5. hi! so I’m a little new at this so I have some questions. 1) when you sell something does the seller have to pay for shipping? and also can the seller just put the package in the mailbox if it’s small enough and not go to the post office? 2) how exactly does trading work? I know that like 2 people swap something, but do they still have to pay anything for the item or pay for shipping still? 3) for bundles some people post like a bundle post where it has both items and then tell no one to buy because it’s a bundle, couldn’t I just put sold on the 2 items that are being bundled so that people know that they are sold?4) when you sell something is the shipping lable emailed to you and you have to print it off? 5) how do you get your money in the end? is it put on a credit card or paypal or what? k sorry that was so long, I just had some questions that I need answered thanks!

    1. Hi Emma! The buyer pays for shipping, and it’s all automatically done within the purchase process. Yes, small packages should be able to be retrieved by your postal worker. We don’t currently encourage trading and note that any trades can’t be supported by our Posh Protect program. We recently launched a new bundle feature, which you can learn about here: Note that you can’t mark items as sold, but you can mark them as Not For Sale when you edit the listing. Yes, when you make a sale, you print the label and attach it to the package. You can use your earnings to shop on Poshmark or you can request a direct deposit to your bank or a check. For more, see our Posh Guide:

  6. It would be very helpful to search closets on size. I follow follow follow but id love to follow closets that sell my size not just random sizes. I love you all lady’s but being a L/XL I sure follow a lot of XS/S closets!

    1. Hi karen, if you update your poshmark app you are able to search for items in the “my size” option

    1. It’s really important to share each item in your closet at least once a day. This keeps your listings up near the top when someone searches for a similar item. If you don’t keep sharing them they fall further and further into obscurity and become less likely for potential buyers to find.

  7. Hi. I’ve been on Poshmark for about a week or so. I’ve listed a few items. I don’t have a whole lot to list because I don’t have a lot to sell, but I want others to see I’m a serious buyer and seller. What can I do?

    1. Hi, Sharlovesalex , you can gain more followers by following other users and sharing other’s closet listings if you do that it’s always a likely chase that someone will follow and share you listings.

    2. Share the items you do have multiple times a day, every day. This will keep your items near the top when someone searches for something similar.
      If you leave them and don’t share them out every day they fall further and further down the list and make it less likely that someone will find your items when searching for something specific.

  8. Hi everyone!!! I’m klockem!!! Look me up if you would like! I love this crazy little thing called Poshmark!!! Look forward to you following me, so I can follow you. Let’s get poshing!!!😍🎉💞🎁💃💃💃

  9. In a celebration of my closet reaching 1k followers. 🎊 Enjoy shopping 10% off my entire closet! 👠 and of course I offer BUNDLES ✔ 😉 Follow my closet! Username: ashleyjuarez 😘

  10. I’m looking for a POSH mentor. I do not have a cell phone, FB is only family, no Twitter or other social media. I’m disabled and work POSH on my IPad. I’ve had 3 brain surgeries and suffer most days But……..I’m thankful and blessed everyday. Thank you Amy

  11. Hello! I am new to PM and wonder if there is a way to delete items from my likes list that have been sold and also how to move an item I have sold to the bottom of my closet. Thanks!

    1. Hi GO, you can go to a liked item and click “liked” to unlike the item and remove it from your Likes list. To bring your available listings to the top of your closet, share them with your followers.

    2. Once an item sells it will automatically be sold by Poshmark. If you want to reserve an item temporarily or if you sell something cross listed on another platform, eBay for example, you can go into edit the listing and at the very bottom choose the option that marks it as, not for sale. You can always go in and mark it for sale again by turning this off in edit listing. Once something is marked, sold, by Poshmark you’re unable to change that.

  12. Hello fellow Poshmarkers……today is my 1st day on…. I love it…. I will put more things up I’m just learning how everything works…. I’m on. A massive shoe hunt for some reasonable Christian Louboutin size 10.5 or 40-41 been having a hard time….. but I have lots of items to list just have to get the time to post them… Wish me luck fam….

    1. Welcome to Poshmark, Tramaja! One helpful tip is to take photos of your items at once and then take the time to list later. Sometimes breaking up the steps can be helpful. Or even just adding one listing at a time is better than none!

    2. To further help yourself in finding what your on the hunt for you can search for your size specifically by filling out the my size info and selecting it when searching.
      You can all put up a listing saying you’re on the lookout for, or, OLO, __________. List it just like you would a listing of yours but put a price of $1 just cuz you must price it. Keep sharing this listing a few times a day along with your other items for sale. This way you’ll keep your listings near the top and easy to find for others who are searching & you’ll have a better chance of someone who has what you’re OLO or who’s seen what you’re OLO for, coming to you with whatever it is you seek.
      Good luck! I hope you find your dream shoes soon😊

  13. Hi, I’ve recently started selling on your site and I noticed there is no option to choose to allow, potential buyers to bid like most
    listings I’ve seen show. Would you be so kind as to show me (or explain) how to allow potential buyers to make an offer on my items for sale?
    Thank you so much!
    Tricia DeVingo

  14. Would Poshmark take into consideration a button that allows us to categorize our likes? As we weed out the ones we may be considering and the ones marking our favorite sellers closet,could there a be a button to favorite our likes????? So we know we don’t want to let them get lost I our feed but will be a positive future purchase as soon as we make our sales revenue to do so?? I’m constantly looking for a way to keep my most serious likes from getting lost at the bottom of my likes list where I forget about the things I really wanted,thank you for your consideration @Scarlettstained

    1. I really like that idea. It takes so long to go through and delete so they do get lost. Or if they could allow you to delete multiple items at a time would be nice too.

    2. I agree! That would make things much simpler when we are ready to purchase our likes! @amberwalker519

    3. Great idea. This would be so helpful. I have trouble keeping track of this as well and I think I end up not purchasing items once I’ve got the money for them because I’m overwhelmed by my likes, some of which are even made by accident, and I forget about things I loved from earlier on.
      Please consider doing something like this Poshmark, it would be such a great feature!

  15. In order to setup an account for my money to get deposited. Do I have to make a sell first? Also, the app keeps crashing and its very aggravating!!!

  16. Hi I’m new an learning, I posted one item and will post more in a few . When making purchases and paying inquiries is PayPal available here ?

    1. Hi Ana, currently PayPal is not a supported form of payment. Transactions that take place outside of our platform can’t be covered under Posh Protect and are against our terms of use.

  17. In the second paragraph above titled “Bundle this bundle that” It says shipping labels are only good for up to 2 lbs. Then I see in another answer to someone’s question you tell them it is 5lbs. Confused??!! Thanks.

    1. I agree 100%. It would be so much easier to buy things and I would probably bundle way more often and buy more things if I didn’t have to relook at the person’s closet each time. Please help us with this.

    2. Yes!!! I want this feature so badly. It would be great if we could see our likes organized by seller. Makes easier to bundle!

    1. Then they put the money back on your card. Its just like anything you return using your credit card. Posh is really safe to purchase. If you don’t get your item you will get your money back 100%

  18. I purchased a bundle yesterday and everytime I put my card in it kept saying zip code dosent match . I just looked at my account and it came out 4 times. How do I get refunded my money back. I ended up using a diffrent card for the purchase.

  19. I love Poshmark and I only signed up a week ago! My biggest problem is that you can only sell from the app, and out of all my devices the ap is only compatible with my ipad2 and my iPhone 4… Both have horrendous cameras and good pictures make the sale. You should make the app compatible on more devices or allow selling from the website so I could upload pics I’ve taken with my professional camera. Help!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the feedback. We’re always looking to improve Poshmark and will forward your note onto the team. In the meantime, you could consider taking images with another camera or device and save them to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Box. They both have apps that make getting images from your computer to your phone a breeze. Hope that helps!

    2. Hi Sarah,
      Welcome to Poshmark! I email the pictures from my computer to myself and then post those Amazing pictures 💋
      Happy Poshing,

      1. Hi I as well am new to the posh community, I just started today in the morning and I was wondering if anyone could help me understand how this works… So if I want to mail a product to a customer how do I ship it to them? ( I never really sold anything..well yet…still my first day) I just want to be prepared thanks.

      2. Hi Lovely, welcome to Poshmark! Be sure to check out our Posh Guide: and FAQs: for help with getting started. When you sell an item, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a shipping label attached. Simply package it up in a USPS Priority Mail (not flat rate) box or whatever sturdy packaging you have at home, attach the label and send it off in the mail. If you need more help, reach out to

    3. Hey. I use my instagrm camera to take pics. When I go to sell something, instead of taking a pic w poshmark camera, I click the little folder icon to get the insta pic i just took. also, sometimes i find the pic online from the original catalog.

    1. Hi Maria! You can update your settings for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr in the app. Go to your closet, then Sharing Settings. For Instagram and Pinterest, ensure that you’re logged into those apps and take the required steps to authenticate the sharing settings. If you’re still having trouble, email

  20. My user name is luvlabels and that suits me . I have so many things that are brand new or wore only once or twice . Please , if u see something you like I’m open to negotiate within reason. This is a great community . With good peeps !!

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