The Anatomy of a Great Listing Description

We all know about the importance of a great covershot, but some might say the description of a listing on Poshmark is just as essential as the photos. Buying an item without holding it in your hands can be tricky so it’s imperative as a seller to do your best to help potential buyers know precisely what they’re purchasing.

Read on as we breakdown the anatomy of a great Poshmark listing description!


Take a good look at the item and describe what you see. Closure type, tag locations, and fabric manipulation will all help your potential buyer get an idea of the item as a physical piece.


It may seem silly to point out the color when you have photos, but it’s important to include details about the coloring, as photographs can sometimes distort the color.


You have probably noticed that a frequent question from potential buyers is whether or not the fit is “true to size.” If you know something runs smaller or larger than the size listed on the tag, do everyone a favor by mentioning it in the description.


Whether the item is new with tags or well loved, full disclosure regarding the condition of the item is crucial. When listing, thoroughly inspect the item for any stains, snags, tears, or other details that potential buyers should know about. Remember, listing flaws on an item doesn’t mean it won’t sell!

Fabric Content

Listing the material is another key way to help your potential buyer learn more. Find the tag that lists what the material is made of and take some time to describe the way it behaves. Is it stretchy? Super stiff? Share it!


Grab a tape measurer and include a few important measurements of your piece. Buyers can compare your measurements against their own body or clothing to know if it’ll fit before they even buy the item.


Finally, have a little fun! Include a little bit of YOU in your description to make your item stand out from the rest!

Now it’s your turn! What do you look for in a great listing description? Let us know!

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  1. Hi there, is there a way to add search tags to listings? In other words, when users type in a word to search for items, will the search scan items descriptions to find all item that contain that word?

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