Guest Post: Photo Tips From Power Poshmarker, Simonett


Hi Poshmakers!

My name is Simonett and I’m the co-founder of Miami Style Mafia, a directory and guild for Miami’s top tier fashion creatives and influencers to connect and collaborate. The blog portion of MSM documents the latest characters, happenings, and settings in our city, and our store (coming soon!) will provide a selection of items reflecting the latest trends and innovation in design curated by yours truly!

Six months ago, I hosted a live Miami Posh Party, and since then, I’ve gained over 100,000 Poshmark followers, and I’ve been able to sell close to 400 items in my closet! Not only has this generated a new form of monetary income for me (woot, woot) but it has changed the way I shop, act, and even think!

After Poshmark, I allow myself to buy those expensive luxury pieces, wear it once, and then sell it to someone who will practically be getting a brand new dress for a fraction of the original cost AND I only paid the difference between what I bought and sold it for. This way, I’m always recycling my closet and have new stuff to wear all the time (very convenient when you are a blogger and have 2-5 events to host and attend on a weekly basis).

But enough on my success story and ardent love story with Poshmark. You’re here to learn how you can increase your sales and become just as successful at getting rid of all those items that haven’t seen the light of day.

Presentation is one of the (if not THE) most important factors in being successful at making sales. In this post, I’m going to tell you about a few tips and tricks that have helped me to sell up to 50 items in my Poshmark closet on a weekly basis.

Tip 1: Setting


As a seller, it’s important to keep in mind your own personal behavior as a buyer. Ask yourself this question: “Would you be more inclined to purchase an item displayed at a beautiful, well lit, clean environment or at an unpleasant, dark and messy space?” Odds are the answer to that question is the first option. If you are taking your photos at home, pick the area of your house that you are most proud of in terms of ambiance and design.

For me, this area is my living room. The white walls, furniture and floor to ceiling windows allow for natural lighting (which in my opinion is optimal) and contrast between the background and the items I am modeling.


Tip 2: Photo Variety


Always try to include as many photos of the item you are trying to sell as possible. Remember, she isn’t there to try the item on or see it for themselves in person, so the more photos you provide of the item will give the user a better idea of what the item really looks like.

I always try to include (1) a full front shot of the product on, (2) a full back shot of the product on, (3) a full front shot of the product flat and (4) a detail shot of the product flat. This way, the user has a good visual of item in several different angles and dimensions.

For the cover photo, I recommend always picking a shot of the item on. I take most of my cover photos by myself in the mirror. If you are not comfortable with trying the items on for the photo, then place the item on a mannequin. You can find very affordable plastic ones online that can conveniently hang on a wall or door for you to snap the photo.

The flat item photos look best when hung on a wall or laid on a flat surface (preferably white or a light color to contrast with the item).

Tip 3: Editing


I take most of my Poshmark listing photos on my iPhone. The camera on it is pretty amazing but sometimes the lighting and coloring of the photos can be less than great depending on the environment in which the photos were taken.

Considering the fact that I take my photos using natural lighting, if I take a photo past 4 PM – it sometimes may appear dark and with a greenish tone to it. For correcting these issues, I recommend using apps like Snapseed and Photoshop Express. These apps have tools that can modify the exposure and tonality of your iPhone photos.

I really hope that these tips result to be helpful for all of you here at the Poshmark community! If you want to see more examples of how I’ve put these techniques into practice in my listings, check out my closet at:



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