Friday Five: Festival Fun, Posh Party Announcements, and More!

1. Are you Coachella-bound? Spend a few moments Coachillin’ with PM and check out our “Festival of Fashion” style board on Pinterest for a few outfit ideas. With the hot hot heat, you’re bound to have a few wardrobe changes.


2. Poshmark is taking over the East Coast in Philly and DC for our next LIVE Posh Parties. Save the date for April 23rd (for Philly) or April 25th (for DC)! Get ready to mingle with our fabulous co-hosts, dress to the nines with some wines, and make a network of Posh sisters. Stay tuned to the blog for details next week!


3. Recently, we’ve been noticing all the too-cute-to-quit packaging from our Posh sellers on social media, and we wanted to send you all some sweet kudos for sending your buyers some extra love. If you have some cute packaging for display, send us a hashtag (#poshpackages) on Twitter and Instagram!


4. Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean that Posh Partying ends! Join us throughout the weekend for our Fresh Fashion party on Saturday, Ladylike Luxe on Sunday, and all our other parties.

5. From Poshmark with love, have a fabulous Friday! Listen to music outside and have a dance party on your lawn, indulge in a little DIY, or have a Ryan Gosling movie marathon. It’s your Friday!


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