Posh Tip: Shop the Best Items First!

The secret to finding the best items on Poshmark is to find people who share a similar style (and size) to you! Here are some tips and tricks to finding your stylemate and scoring the best deals that Poshmark has to offer!

Follow People
Your feed is an ever-changing collection of listings shared by the people you are following. A new user’s listing will show up in your feed if someone you are following thought this listing was awesome and wanted to share it with you.

If you like what you see, click through and follow them! This way, every time they add a new listing from their closet, you’ll see it pop up in your feed.  Score!

You can also find people by tapping the IMG_8050 icon on the top right corner of your feed. You can follow people based on Brands, Cities, and Colleges you have in common.


Bookmark Your Likes
As you are shopping on Poshmark, go ahead and “like” items you want to come back to later (and possibly buy!). All your likes will be saved in “My Likes.”

“My Likes”  can be found at the top navigation bar on your main Feed in the app.


Shop Posh Parties & Showrooms
Love Michael Kors, Coach, Louis Vuitton, and other designer names? Keep an eye out for our daily brand-themed Posh Parties. If you miss a party you can always shop past parties and browse through hundreds of brand name items – all at a discount!

If you are looking to shop for items that are brand new, check out the NWT (new with tags) showrooms at our Posh Parties. Learn more about Parties and Showrooms here.



Utilize Search
Explore items by specific brands or categories (such as dresses or shoes) with Poshmark’s search functionality. You can even filter search results by your sizes, just in, and more!

Access Search at the top navigation bar on your main Feed in the app. To filter your initial search results, click the “Filter” button at the top right of the screen in the next window.



82 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Shop the Best Items First!

  1. I joined about a month ago, I was skeptical until I bought my first item. Then I realized posh was life, I started selling my own items and now I’m making easy money. Only downfall is that all you want to do is SPEND lol.

    1. It’s so amazing how easy it can be once you get a hang of it. Please check out my closet @lizzyceo for great deals. Use my code LIZZYCEO for $10 off your first order.

  2. How buyers pay?
    Just listed my first listings and trying to figure it out.
    I haven’t set up any payment option…

  3. i love this app!! but sadly im confused on how to ship things like what do we use if we can ship it in certain things? i just dont want someone buying something of mine and im still confused on how to ship it. and what to use.

    1. Hi Alissa, Go to store.usps.com and click on supplies. You will have to scroll until you see Priority Mail boxes. You don’t want flat rate boxes, just those listed as priority mail. They come in all different sizes and they are FREE. Just order a supply of different sizes and you just tape your label on the box and ship. Easy peasy.

  4. Does it have to be a credit card ? Can you use a debit card like to receive the money instead of a credit card

  5. I just downloaded this app yesterday and I found some stuff that I already want to buy. I wish I had downloaded this app sooner. Love it!

  6. I’m trying all the tips I’ve been given but none of my items are selling. I’m having issues with the fees being taken out because it causes me and others to sell our items higher taking longer. I think my items are priced fairly and I am offering a 20% off discount which doesn’t leave me making much at all. I’m open to suggestions. Thank you

  7. I was wondering how long does it take to sell something. On other site it didn’t take long. Are people looking for what. I think my things are inexpensive and are Very nice.

  8. Why do I feel like im being hated by many women since I have posted a few bags I dont understand im new to this site and they r going wide and they sell bags as I do

  9. I’m new to this app just downloaded the app the day before yesterday and I am really interested into an item on here and I was gonna purchase it tomorrow but I am really scared about the what ifs?What if it dont come to me,what if I can’t get a refund?I’m just doubting it and I am really into this one item but what is the policy if I dnt get my item will I get my refund

  10. How do you bundle? And i see some people have personalized pic on ther profile background how do you do that? Also my kid accidentally ordered on my phone one lady was understandig and canceled it,on the other hand another lady and posh costmer service say its cancled cuz she made 2 orders on Bras that arnt even my size. So one it says cancled and the other one says process and has for three days since she did it i have other stuff that i did order but scared if i put money it will process that order please help????

      1. I have iv written 2 emails to costumer service no help except that its cancled but yet its still awaiting payment please help,i need to pay for other stuff iv purchased but i wont tell this gets taken care of,because im scared it will charge my card before i can buy my other stuff please help the bras are a C all the others im buying???????

      2. We apologize for the delay but please note that emailing once is sufficient and that emailing multiple times actually causes a delay in response time because we respond to emails in the order that they were received and when you send additional emails, your email is pushed down to the bottom of the pile; this may be the reason for the delay you experienced. Thanks for your patience!

  11. New to this. I have made one purchase tho. 😀 yay!! Wondering how u separate your listings into categories like I see some doing? Also do you have to share your items daily with your followers so they’ll be seen? And when u load a new listing is it automatically added to the feed or must u share it first? Sorry for all the questions☺️ Thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer, some Poshers like to create listings that aren’t for sale to visually separate the categories. This is just for aesthetics, as shoppers can filter by category in each closet. We recommend sharing your items daily, if not more, so they’ll be seen in the home feed. New listings or edited listings are automatically shared, and therefore pushed to the feed.

  12. I just joined today and I am addicted already! I have 28 items in my closet. Please stop by and take a look and send me your closets as well! 🙂

  13. I have yet to make my first sale but I love this app already! Gaining followers was rather easy for me and I like that people can share each others listings. Feel free to follow me @babyazn213

  14. I just joined and I’m still confused on the part where if I sell it how I’m suppose to deliver the item but besides that I got the app today and I absolutely love it

    1. Hi Liyah! Welcome to Poshmark! Once an item sells, you’ll receive a USPS Priority Mail shipping label in the sale confirmation email. Just package up the item carefully, affix the label and send it off via USPS. You’ll receive payment upon delivery and acceptance by the buyer. You can refer to the Posh Guide for help in getting started: https://poshmark.com/posh_guide. For any other specific questions, you can always reach out to support@poshmark.com.

  15. Poshmark has a clear-cut list of what a seller can list and what they cannot list. Why then are there thousands of sellers who are listing food products, DVD’s, CD’s, toys, electronics, pepper spray, books, kitchen utensils, etc.? If this is a garage sale site, I get it, but this is a fashion only site. Has Poshmark become so big with member base that they cannot keep up with these sellers who are listing items that are against the rules? Those of us who are following the rules to the letter are getting hurt by this. These sellers are ruining Poshmark for the rest of us!

    1. Hi Renee, thanks for sharing your concerns. Please continue to report listings with unsupported items through the reporting feature. We are actively educating as well as policing unsupported listings.

      1. I wish that were true. I have reported many of the same listings for used cosmetics and skincare over and over and over again, but they are still here. I even emailed Poshmark Support about two particularly egregious offenders who are Posh Ambassadors and both emails were ignored. Failure to enforce your own guidelines places those of us who follow the rules at a disadvantage. I believe this lack of accountability is the main reason for the decline in the Poshmark experience over the years. I’m so sick of receiving worn garments that have not been cleaned prior to shipping 🤢. When is the last time your order was wrapped in tissue paper and included a note? The touches that separated Poshmark from eBay are eroding and the experience no longer justifies the exorbitant fees and shipping costs which continue to rise…

    2. I completely agree. There seems to be so many people not following the rules. I saw a closet with almost 20k followers and half the closet was home goods, perfumes, etc. I report all the time but poshmark doesn’t seem to be doing anything about that anymore. It’s not fair to the people who do follow posh rules. I wish poshmark would doing something about this!

  16. I just joined but don’t know really how to put my pictures together with separate prices. Not very good at this

    1. Hi Peggy, for separate items that you want to sell, you’ll need to create a single listing for each item. If you wanted to bundle items together, they would all be sold for that price reflected in the single listing.

  17. I just found about you guys yesterday. I shared with my 3 sister’s, daughter and my niece. they couldn’t thank me enough!!

  18. I just started yesterday getting familiar with this app, so far I love it I can wait to sale my first Item.

  19. I just found this app tonight hoping to make money to support my kid and give to the two charities I give to. So far I like it time will tell.

  20. This app seems really cool; however, I just listed a bunch of things to sell and when I go to search a brand I posted to make sure it’s visible, it doesn’t show. Even when I search the exact title of what I listed, nothing comes up. Do I have some sort of privacy setting on?

  21. Hey I love this app!! I just don’t know what are the steps are for me to sell something! If anyone can let me know will be awesome😆😆😆

    1. Hi Nicoletta, you click on sell, take a photo of something in your closet you want to sell, then you just fill in the blanks i.e. describe your item, price etc. the app is very user friendly. If someone purchases your item Poshmark will send you a notification in the app as well as an e-mail with a postal label, all you have to do is package it up, affix the label and drop it in the mail. Hope that helps, happy poshing, Danaloo

      1. Nikoleta, I am so sorry I misspelled your name above👆, I’m doing this on my phone and it auto-corrected me.

  22. I started buying things on Posh in 2012 , now I have a full closet . I love Posh . I’ve met and continue to meet some of the nicest people ! I’ve always been passionate about fashion . Now , I get to combine my passion “! Try it , I promise , you be never turn back ! # @luvlabels

  23. I just found this app yesterday, so I’m still trying to figure it out! But I have found so many cute items and awesome closets and I am so ready to start buying and selling!!!

    1. I just found this app yesterday and I’m still trying to learn it but its awesome I see some wonderful things on here so I can’t wait to sell and buy .. !! 😂💳💰💋

  24. I love this app!! Found it a couple days ago.. and now i cant stay off.. its official im obsessed 😄

    GLAD OR SAD…..😀

      1. Hi NADIA! What is your closet name? Feel free to check out my closet @ dejc67.

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