Posh Protect. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Posh Protect

We understand safety and trust are important to you. With Poshmark’s Posh Protect, you are protected every time you place an order on Poshmark.

Refund Policy

When you purchase on Poshmark, we don’t release payment to the seller until you tell us that you’ve received your order and it’s as described in the listing. You have 3 days after delivery to inform us if the item has been misrepresented by reporting the problem in the Poshmark app or website with supporting photos. Only after you’ve marked your item as ‘received’ do we release your payment to the seller.

What is not covered

Item does not fit/changed mind: Unfortunately, if the item isn’t your style or doesn’t fit you, we cannot accept a return. You’re more than welcome to re-list the item on Poshmark!

Trades & Offline Transactions (i.e. PayPal): Posh Protect does not cover trades or any transaction completed off of the Poshmark platform (e.g. paid through PayPal). When payment for the full value of items is not exchanged through the Poshmark platform, we cannot and do not guarantee that both parties ship and transact as promised. You bear all risks associated with any such transaction.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check your purchase promptly (within 3 days) to make sure your new item was accurately described in the listing.
  • Mark your item as ‘received’ in the app if everything is okay.
  • Contact us by emailing support@poshmark.com immediately if there is a problem with your order.


  • Delay checking your item past 3 days.
  • Mark your item as received if there is a problem with your order.
  • Try to resolve any problems with your order yourself. Contact us first. We’re here to help.

Remember, if the item you received is not as it was described in the listing, then you are covered under Posh Protect.

Happy Poshing!

69 thoughts on “Posh Protect. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  1. reinstate my account refund my money on both orders .usps messed up ,soo if they seller’s keep my money AND products thats theft and fraud and scammers.like you poshmark .going to get my money back doing a chargeback ASAP.both orders ORDER DATE
    62361e784009772738c40cc4.ORDER DATE
    tracking numbers.9405511109349842065699.returned to seller received.no excuses.part2 on its way i dont have it,

  2. I have been unable to use the Poshmark app on my Samsung galaxy4 for months now. Ive deleted the app and downloaded again, reset my phone and tried to contact support.. is there an update I’m unaware of? or is there a setting I need to change?

    1. Hi Lorie, the best way that we can help you is to email support@poshmark.com so someone can assist you directly. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for our team to review your request and get back to you and multiple emails will actually cause a delay in response time. Thanks!

  3. I am new to this app and wanted to know how are taxes with the IRS handled in doing business with this site?

  4. If a buyer purchases an item from me and they feel it wasn’t as described and they open a case with poshmark and win their case do I get my item back? Because that would really suck for a buyer to get their money back AND get to keep my item

  5. Hi, I had 2 sales last week, or maybe two weeks ago, I was wondering how long it would take for the money to transfer to my card? I redeemed the money and transferred it to my card, but it has yet to make it to my card. How long does it usually take?

  6. I have ALOT of things that I want to buy from poshmark but it doesnt let me submit my card information. It says error! Is it because its a Chase Debit card?? Please let me know asap. Thanks!

  7. Will my card be charged before I confirm that I’ve recieved my product? Or is the payment taken at the time of purchase? I understand it’s not released to the seller until I confirm I’ve recieved the product but just want to know when my card is charged

    1. Hi Melissa, the credit card is charged at time of purchase. Funds are not released to the seller until the item is accepted or three days after delivery.

  8. When I buy and receive an item how do I mark it as received in the app? What are the steps?

  9. I’m new to this website I received my first order very happy with it but I don’t know how to let u know I received it.please let me know how, and the second pair of shoes have not been shipped yet can u look into it thank you Donna bent I

    1. Hi Donna, you can accept your purchase in the app. Simply go to your account and then My Purchases. Find the item and click “Accept Item.”

  10. The billing zip is invalid error keeps popping up when I try to buy something. This has happened to so many people and what/how can I fix it!?

  11. Have been with Posh now for awhile. I have to say really appreciate the posh staff, when I have had a problem I.e. something not authentic or as described there is always a quick resolution. For any “new” poshers I suggest asking LOTS of questions (how long, any_____?, whats this) before hitting buy it now. I do and have only had 3 purchases I’m not happy with. Its ok to ask!

  12. Hello my fellow friends!
    Im really considering selling on poshmark but my concern is: is it legit? Do u make money selling on this app? …. please id love some advice and please follow me i will be posting up soon! And i promise to be 100% honest with you guys on products n make sure ur experience is a good one 🙂

  13. I ordered a dress on May 18 it has not arrived and I can’t get anyone to let me know when it will be shipped.

  14. Will the money I received when I sell an item go straight to my bank account? This is my first time ever using this app and I would like more information on how it works.

  15. I would like to cancel an order. I ordered last Friday and my order still show in process after 7 days. How do I do that? Your site says what we can do, but I can’t find the option. The support center takes about 3/4 days to respond.

  16. Ive sent three emails since Monday to the support center and have not gotten any emails back about my problem with getting the “invalid billing zip ” prompt when I try to purchase something , what can I do ? I haven’t been able to purchase anything :/

    1. Hi Mariyah, please note that sending multiple emails actually slow down the response time. Due to the nature of needing to investigate each issue, it can take up to 48 hours for a response from our support team. Thank you for your patience!

  17. I’ve been waiting for six days to receive a conformation email that my package has been shipped even though your policy says two to five days and I’ve tried to contact your company previously but no one has answered. And if it doesn’t come soon I would like to get my money back so please respond soon.

  18. Hi I have a debit card visa . is this ok to purchase items with im new n first timer 🙂

  19. When I sell an item, am I making cash that I can spend on my own, or does it go towards a poshmark credit that can only be spent on other items on poshmark?

  20. What if the person who is buying my item gets it and doesn’t accept it on poshmark, and keeps my item and I don’t get my money. What happens then?

    1. Hi Victoria, both buyers and sellers are protected when shopping on Poshmark. If a buyer has an issue with the item, a case is opened and the team works on a resolution.

      1. I had a similar question in regards to a buyer receiving your item but never accepting it on PM. The response you gave really didn’t answer the question

      2. Hi Racine, items are automatically accepted three days after delivery. The exception would be if the buyer has an issue with the item and reached out to support.

  21. Hi, I need to update my credit card information. Could you please tell me how to do this? Thank you, Paula

  22. I’ve had a rash of non-responsive sellers lately. What is Posh doing about inactive sellers? If someone doesn’t ship their item in the 7 days, shouldn’t they get like an email or something where they have 30 days to respond or be deactivated? Something? Anything?

  23. I am new, and wanted to purchase, have quickly scanned for purchasing info (making payment) still have not found….above I have read and am skeptical…I still have unanswered questions in general….just not sure what to think….displays and site look really inviting….and I realize this is just a couple of say mix ups…mistakes ? will go back and try and figure out…purchase/payment? and input would be greatly appreciated….
    : )

  24. I’ve tried to make a payment on 2 items and my payment didn’t go thru. Said error message and there is money on there I have called 4 times and the debit card has a balance. Not fair to me or the seller. Not sure if I want to continue using this app

  25. I ordered a Bill Blass dress on Jan. 4 2015. It STILL has not been shipped by your listor “sunyssis. I read the reviews of POSHMARK after I ordered it. If I had read them first I would not have ordered it. I am beginning to have my doubts that I will ever see the dress.

  26. I had my first item arrive, but I am disappointed. The fabric is not as I had expected. How do I return my item?

      1. I did contact you and nothing has been done. My credit card was charged and the seller has blocked me. I should have NEVER been charged for something I did not like! The seller did NOT describe the fabric and when I received the item, it was totally different than all the other similar Items I own. I am frustrated.

  27. I tried to email you at your address but it is not valid. I believe I accepted an order I did not receive. I ordered 2 pair of jeans tar jeans and believe I accepted the wrong one. I received one pair and rated it but I haven’t received the second pair yet. So, I believe I rated and accepted the wrong pair. Again, why can’t we email you? I don’t even know if you will get this.

  28. Hi Darlene! Reserves are when someone is currently in the checkout page potentially ready to purchase an item. It will leave the yellow “reserved” banner on your listing until purchased, and if not it will disappear within 10 minutes.

  29. My first buying experience has also not gone well. The seller apparently still has not shipped the purchased merchandise. I have sent a last chance reminder and will cancel if it isn’t shipped by the end of the week, but what happens to the seller after something like this? I’m really aggravated, as my daughter had been looking for exactly these type of pants and we were both thrilled to see them on Poshmark. Having sellers who don’t deliver is a drag.

  30. I filed already with pictures, I wish sellers would check carefully before they list, I have purchased 5 other items, but I’m going to wait before I make anymore buys..until they arrive..

  31. How much fees do I pay to Postmark each time I shop? I’m a first time buyer here, but honestly, has not earned any confidence yet and make the first experience to buy. What do you suggest as first time buyer. Also, can I still change my ID or email identification for more privacy? Thanks so much –

  32. When i have money earned in the app, how do i know that When i order something it is using that money and not my personal money?

    1. Hi Autumn! You’ll still need to provide your credit card information, but any Posh credits you have in your account will be used toward your purchase automatically when you check out.

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