Turn Your Closet Into Cash!

Let’s face it. We’ve all got some clothes, jewelry, and accessories that are collecting dust in our closets. List them on Poshmark, earn cash, and purchase items you’ll actually wear!

Top 10 items to list now!

  1. The designer jeans that don’t fit quite right
  2. Heels that are just a smidge too high
  3. The cocktail dress from last year’s holiday party
  4. Jewelry from an ex
  5. A gifted scarf you never wore
  6. A dress you bought for a wedding, were Instagrammed in, and never wore again
  7. Shoes purchased on sale that are too small, but were too good of a deal to pass up
  8. The blazer you bought for an interview
  9. A handbag that’s too big
  10. Sunglasses that don’t fit your face shape

So get to it! Make room—and money—for things you really love today!

52 thoughts on “Turn Your Closet Into Cash!

    1. Hi Yazmine, the attachment in the email confirmation is the shipping label from USPS. Just attach to the package and drop off at USPS or drop it in a USPS blue mailbox.

  1. How do taxes on items sold work for the seller? Does Poshmark send out a 1099?

    1. Hi Paulette, Poshmark does not send out 1099s. We recommend that you consult a tax professional for more information on your particular situation.

  2. Hi, I just started my account in May. However, I have not posted, as I need to change my name, get a printer(we need special “label” paper I assume?), and purchase a printer. How do I contact you regarding the name change? Iamastar1963 thank you bunches!!

  3. Yes my fingers hit the wrong key
    Plus its 3:43 am in the moring–can’t sleap
    Sorry for this mistake !!

  4. Would love to buy & sale
    Love everything –taking a while to be able to sit and see Idems for sale–like everyone else afraid to take the first step LOL !!

  5. Do you have to have a computer/laptop??? If i can print whatever from someone else printer… Id love to get some cash n clean my closet lol

      1. I thought i can use my desktop to better manage item pictures or have a big screen view of selling items.

  6. Due to my work hours, the only day I could make it to the post office would be on Saturday. Can we put our packages in the usps mail drop off boxes that you see around town?

  7. I would LOVE to sell my items here! I have a ton of nice things to list, however, it seems I cannot upload for sale items from my laptop? When is this going to become an option?

  8. I only get Internet on fone and tablet is it possible to complete sells on either and how would I get started I have so much needs to go

    1. Hi Kandi, you can have full functionality of Poshmark on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Download the app and then see our Posh Guide: poshmark.com/posh_guide.

  9. I have received purchase but when I go to NY purchases there is no accept button . Is this because I’m using app on phone?

  10. i am confused as to how it works. If someone buys from you how do you get the money? I’m so confused lol new to this app but I have a tendency to over buy and I’m moving and need to get rid of a lot !

  11. I am unable to sell because everything I purchase is literally something new added. My daughter and I moved from Georgia in December and somehow all our things were lost, we had one bag each. We’ve been blessed to start over with help from family and friends. Love to SHOP♥

  12. Is there a list somewhere that I can reference as to what we’re allowed to sell on Poshmark? Thanks so much!!

  13. The only reason I haven’t filled up my store yet is because my main computer is being repaired, along with my printer (I need to print out the postage stamp). As soon as I have done that, I will be on my way to a great store…..LindaK

    1. I would like to learn how to get on here to get into my closet to make some more room and some of the things I have still have the tags on them because I just never put them on, so I just wanted to see how to do this….

    2. I have a lot of clothes that do not fit
      that I would like to sell.
      I would like to know how to get started.

      1. Hi Violet, get started by downloading the app: poshmark.com/getapp. See the Posh Guide for more: poshmark.com/posh_guide.

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