Posh Tip: How To Make Your First Sale

So you downloaded Poshmark, now what? Here are some easy ways to get your new listings marked with a SOLD banner and fast!

1. Style Your Covershot

Your Covershot is the very first photo of your listing and remember, first impressions count! Make sure your Covershot is well-lit and clear. Experiment between flatlays and modeled photos to give your potential buyers a clear idea of what they’re buying.


2. Describe Your Items Accurately

Take time to accurately describe the item you are listing. Include info such as the condition the item is in, if it runs true to size, and tips on what to pair it with. Answering your potential buyers’ questions up front will help them decide to hit that “Buy” button quicker.

3. Attend Posh Parties

Posh Parties are real-time virtual shopping events where fashion lovers (like you!) meet up in the Poshmark app to shop, share, and sell clothing and accessories.  Posh Parties


4. Be Responsive & Engage with Others

When someone posts a question about your listing, respond promptly. If you wait too long,  your potential buyer could lose interest. Remember, your Newsfeed is your friend!

Also, Poshmark is very much a social marketplace. Find others with the same shoe size and follow them. Share others’ listings that you think are fantastic. Trust us when we say that the love you help spread will get returned…and could result in a sale!



27 thoughts on “Posh Tip: How To Make Your First Sale

  1. If I buy from someone else, and as payment I use credit card, will the buyer receive my credit card info or will it just be processed through posh first and received by them only as currency? Also, as far as selling and buying in general goes, isn’t it a little dangerous to exchange address info between complete strangers?

    1. Hi Skyler, credit card information is processed through Poshmark and is not accessible by sellers. If you’re concerned about not sharing your address, you can consider using a business or PO box address.

    1. Hi Aisha, Shipping discounts are set by Poshmark, not sellers. Shipping discounts are often offered on Price Drop orders, within an hour of the price drop. You can also adjust the price for a buyer if you wanted to offer an additional discount. If you have any more questions, please reach out to support@poshmark.com.

    1. Hi Jessica, shipping is set by Poshmark at $5. On occasion, we’ll do promotions that reduce the fees. Be sure to stay tuned to the News Feed in the app where you can find out about promotions.

      1. I live in Alaska and the shipping can be more depending on the size of the item being sent. Does Poshmark adjust for area or do I adjust the price of the item to cover ?

    1. Hi Silvery_lady40, if an item says reserved, it would appear that someone has started the purchasing process. However, if they leave the item, the reserved tag will be removed. If a seller has manually reserved an item, it would appear as Not For Sale or say “reserved” in the listing title. If you have a specific question, reach out to support@poshmark.com.

    1. Poshmark receives $2.95 from each sale you make under $15 dollars, and for all sales $15 dollars or more, they keep 20% of the sales and you keep the rest. Shipping is usually $4.99 unless the item exceeds a certain weight limit. It is the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, to pay for shipping. Once your item is purchased they will send you a shipping label via email, and you use this for postage. Details are listed in either FAQs or another posh support system.

    1. Hi Krysi, bundling means you can sell multiple items in one listing. Usually this is a request from the seller. You can either create a new listing or modify and existing one on the agreed upon price, and the purchaser can buy that bundle. For any other items sold that had their own unique listing, mark those as not for sale and consider adding “Sold in a Bundle” to the listing title. Hope that helps!

  2. I have a lot of items that I am trying to sell. Most items I would like to sell $5 or under because they are basics or I have had them in my closet so long that they are of no real value to me anymore. I have noticed most items sold here are name brand and and least $20 or more for the most part. Would I still have and chance of selling my items or would it be best to try my luck elsewhere?

    1. Hi Stephanie! Gently worn items have the best success. For lower priced items, consider pre-bundling like pieces or complete outfits for more success. It also helps to model clothes and/or take stylized photos. Hope that helps!

  3. I’m new on here and I.no I have sum nice, namebrand, fashionable items in varies styles n categories! My things are in good to mint cond. And my prices are more than reasonable! I’m getting a lot of followers, but not one sale!”I’m not sure I understand the following ,sharing , concept!”honestly I’m a single mom n am selling my clothes for necessities!:I hardly have time to list my items, let alone shop!”I don’t want to b rude but I can’t buy anything anyway! Any suggestions for me ?

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